Fictional Characters from Television

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional television shows.
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John6 characters, 1 hero, 1 villain8
Ben5 characters5
Grace5 characters5
Michael5 characters5
George4 characters4
Kyle4 characters4
Maggie4 characters4
Alex3 characters3
Alice3 characters3
Andy3 characters3
Billie3 characters3
Claire3 characters3
Fred3 characters3
Harold3 characters3
Jake3 characters3
Jason3 characters3
Jesse3 characters3
Liz2 characters, 1 hero3
Luke3 characters3
Max2 characters, 1 hero3
Mike3 characters3
Nina3 characters3
Richard3 characters3
Sam3 characters3
Sarah2 characters, 1 hero3
Susan3 characters3
Will3 characters3
Zoe3 characters3
Abe2 characters2
Alan2 characters2
Amy2 characters2
Anna2 characters2
Barney2 characters2
Betty2 characters2
Bo2 characters2
Brandon2 characters2
Cameron1 character, 1 hero2
Carol2 characters2
Chad2 characters2
Charles2 characters2
Charlie2 characters2
Christy1 character, 1 villain2
Cole2 characters2
Cordelia2 characters2
Daphne2 characters2
Dave2 characters2
David2 characters2
Dean2 characters2
Doug1 character, 1 villain2
Edna2 characters2
Eli1 character, 1 villain2
Emily2 characters2
Eric2 characters2
Eugene2 characters2
Helen2 characters2
Henry2 characters2
Jack2 characters2
James2 characters2
Jenny2 characters2
Joey2 characters2
Joss2 characters2
Judy2 characters2
Justin2 characters2
Kate2 characters2
Larry1 character, 1 villain2
Laura2 characters2
Leo1 character, 1 hero2
Lindsay2 characters2
Lucille2 characters2
Lucy2 characters2
Madison2 characters2
Mary2 characters2
Miles2 characters2
Misty2 characters2
Nathan2 characters2
Ned2 characters2
Neil2 characters2
Oscar2 characters2
Paul2 characters2
Philip2 characters2
Phoebe1 character, 1 hero2
Ralph2 characters2
Riley2 characters2
Rose2 characters2
Ross2 characters2
Shawn2 characters2
Steve2 characters2
Tara2 characters2
Taylor2 characters2
Tom2 characters2
Tony2 characters2
Victor2 characters2
Wendy2 characters2
Zach2 characters2
Aaron1 character1
Abby1 character1
Adam1 character1
Addie1 character1
Adelaide1 character1
Adrienne1 character1
Aleksander1 character1
Allie1 character1
Alma1 character1
Amanda1 character1
André1 character1
Andrew1 character1
Angel1 character1
Ann1 character1
Annie1 character1
Anya1 character1
April1 character1
Apu1 character1
Arthur1 character1
Astrid1 character1
August1 character1
Ault1 character1
Austin1 character1
Babette1 character1
Bailey1 character1
Barry1 character1
Bart1 character1
Beau1 character1
Belle1 character1
Benjy1 character1
Bert1 character1
Bill1 character1
Bob1 character1
Bobbie1 character1
Bobby1 character1
Boes1 character1
Bonnie1 character1
Brady1 character1
Brian1 character1
Bridey1 character1
Bright1 character1
Brighton1 character1
Brody1 character1
Buffy1 hero1
Bullwinkle1 character1
Burl1 character1
Buster1 character1
Callie1 character1
Calliope1 character1
Carl1 character1
Carla1 character1
Carly1 character1
Carmela1 character1
Caroline1 character1
Carrie1 character1
Cassie1 character1
Catherine1 character1
Cecilia1 character1
Cecily1 character1
Celeste1 character1
Chandler1 character1
Charley1 character1
Chelsea1 character1
Chloe1 character1
Chris1 character1
Chrissy1 character1
Christie1 character1
Christopher1 character1
Ciara1 character1
Clancy1 character1
Claudia1 character1
Colin1 character1
Connor1 character1
Constance1 character1
Coop1 character1
Cosmo1 character1
Creed1 character1
Crystal1 character1
Curtis1 character1
Daisy1 character1
Dan1 character1
Daniel1 character1
Danny1 character1
Darla1 character1
Darryl1 character1
Davis1 character1
Dawn1 character1
Delia1 character1
Delores1 character1
Delphine1 character1
Derek1 hero1
Dex1 character1
Dexter1 character1
Diane1 character1
Don1 character1
Douglas1 character1
Doyle1 character1
Drusilla1 character1
Ed1 character1
Elaine1 character1
Elise1 character1
Elizabeth1 character1
Ellenor1 character1
Elmo1 character1
Elwood1 character1
Ephram1 character1
Ernie1 character1
Ethan1 character1
Ethel1 character1
Etta1 character1
Eunice1 character1
Eve1 character1
Fairlight1 character1
Faith1 character1
Felicity1 character1
Fiona1 character1
Fozzie1 character1
Fran1 character1
Frank1 character1
Frankie1 character1
Gabe1 character1
Gabi1 character1
Gina1 character1
Gob1 character1
Gonzo1 character1
Graham1 character1
Gregory1 character1
Griffin1 character1
Grover1 character1
Hank1 character1
Hannah1 character1
Harmony1 character1
Hayden1 character1
Homer1 character1
Honor1 character1
Hope1 character1
Houston1 character1
Hugo1 character1
Ida1 character1
Irv1 character1
Isabel1 character1
Isabella1 character1
Jackson1 character1
Jamie1 character1
Jan1 character1
Jane1 character1
Jean1 character1
Jeb1 character1
Jeff1 character1
Jennifer1 character1
Jeremy1 character1
Jerry1 character1
Jess1 character1
Jessica1 character1
Jessie1 character1
Jim1 character1
Jimmy1 character1
Joe1 character1
Johnny1 villain1
Jonathan1 character1
Jordan1 character1
Joy1 character1
Joyce1 character1
Jude1 character1
Julia1 character1
Julie1 character1
Kacy1 character1
Karen1 character1
Karl1 character1
Kathleen1 character1
Kayla1 character1
Kendra1 character1
Kennedy1 character1
Kermit1 character1
Kimberly1 character1
Kira1 character1
Kirk1 character1
Kirsten1 character1
Kit1 character1
Kitty1 character1
Kristen1 character1
Krusty1 character1
Lana1 character1
Lane1 character1
Larkin1 character1
Lawrence1 character1
Laynie1 character1
Lee1 character1
Leigh1 character1
Leonard1 character1
Les1 character1
Lewis1 character1
Lexie1 character1
Lilah1 character1
Lily1 character1
Lincoln1 character1
Linda1 character1
Lindsey1 character1
Lionel1 character1
Lisa1 character1
Logan1 character1
Lorelai1 character1
Lorne1 character1
Lorraine1 character1
Lou1 character1
Louise1 character1
Luc1 character1
Lucas1 character1
Lundy1 character1
Lupe1 character1
Madeline1 character1
Madge1 character1
Mae1 character1
Maeby1 character1
Marge1 character1
Maria1 character1
Marie1 character1
Mariel1 character1
Marlena1 character1
Marlene1 character1
Mason1 character1
Maxwell1 character1
Melissa1 character1
Michel1 character1
Michelle1 character1
Mickey1 character1
Milhouse1 character1
Mimi1 character1
Mitchum1 character1
Moe1 character1
Moira1 character1
Mona1 character1
Monica1 character1
Montgomery1 character1
Morey1 character1
Mountie1 character1
Myrtle1 character1
Nick1 character1
Nicole1 character1
Niles1 character1
Nimrod1 character1
Nora1 character1
Oliver1 villain1
Olivia1 character1
Optimus1 hero1
Owen1 character1
Oz1 character1
Paige1 hero1
Paris1 character1
Patrick1 character1
Patty1 character1
Penny1 character1
Pepper1 character1
Peter1 character1
Phil1 character1
Phillip1 character1
Piper1 hero1
Prairie1 character1
Prue1 hero1
Quinn1 character1
Rachel1 character1
Rafe1 character1
Rebecca1 character1
Reggie1 character1
Reid1 character1
Renée1 character1
Rex1 character1
Rich1 character1
Rick1 character1
Ricky1 character1
Rob1 character1
Roberta1 character1
Robin1 character1
Rocky1 character1
Roman1 character1
Romy1 character1
Root1 character1
Rory1 character1
Roxy1 character1
Rube1 character1
Ruby1 character1
Rupert1 character1
Russell1 character1
Sabrina1 character1
Samantha1 character1
Sameen1 character1
Sami1 character1
Sandy1 character1
Savannah1 character1
Sean1 character1
September1 character1
Seymour1 character1
Shachath1 character1
Shane1 character1
Sheila1 character1
Sonny1 character1
Sookie1 character1
Spalding1 character1
Spencer1 character1
Spike1 character1
Spock1 character1
Stefano1 villain1
Stephanie1 character1
Swannie1 character1
Sylvia1 character1
Tate1 character1
Tess1 character1
Theo1 character1
Theresa1 character1
Tiffany1 character1
Timothy1 character1
Toadfish1 character1
Tobias1 character1
Tommy1 character1
Travis1 character1
Tristan1 character1
Trixie1 character1
Ursula1 character1
Val1 character1
Veronica1 hero1
Violet1 character1
Vivian1 character1
Vivien1 character1
Walter1 character1
Warren1 character1
Wesley1 character1
Willa1 character1
William1 character1
Willow1 character1
Wilma1 character1
Wyatt1 character1
Xander1 character1
Yetta1 character1
Zack1 character1
Zady1 character1
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