Fictional Characters from Television

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional television shows.
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Barney2 characters2
Fred2 characters2
Ralph2 characters2
Abe1 character1
Alice1 character1
Apu1 character1
Bart1 character1
Bert1 character1
Betty1 character1
Bo1 character1
Buffy1 hero1
Bullwinkle1 character1
Carmela1 character1
Cecily1 character1
Chandler1 character1
Cosmo1 character1
Dexter1 character1
Ed1 character1
Edna1 character1
Elaine1 character1
Elmo1 character1
Elwood1 character1
Eric1 character1
Ernie1 character1
Ethel1 character1
Felicity1 character1
Fozzie1 character1
George1 character1
Gonzo1 character1
Gregory1 character1
Grover1 character1
Homer1 character1
Jake1 character1
James1 character1
Jean1 character1
Jerry1 character1
Joey1 character1
Kermit1 character1
Krusty1 character1
Leonard1 character1
Lisa1 character1
Luc1 character1
Lucy1 character1
Luke1 character1
Maggie1 character1
Marge1 character1
Michael1 character1
Milhouse1 character1
Moe1 character1
Monica1 character1
Montgomery1 character1
Ned1 character1
Optimus1 hero1
Oscar1 character1
Phoebe1 character1
Prairie1 character1
Rachel1 character1
Ricky1 character1
Rocky1 character1
Ross1 character1
Sabrina1 character1
Seymour1 character1
Spock1 character1
Tony1 character1
Trixie1 character1
Veronica1 hero1
Wendy1 character1
Wilma1 character1
Zoe1 character1
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