Fictional Characters from Television

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from fictional television shows.
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The date is the year the show premiered.

NameYearShowOther Names
Buffy Summers1997Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Dexter Morgan2006Dexter
Chandler Bing1994Friends
Joey Tribbiani1994Friends
Monica Geller1994Friends
Phoebe Buffay1994Friends
Rachel Green1994Friends
Ross Geller1994Friends
Gregory House2004House
Barney Stinson2005How I Met Your Mother
Ethel Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Fred Mertz1951I Love Lucy
Lucy Ricardo1951I Love Lucy(Lucille)
Ricky Ricardo1951I Love Lucy
Cecily King1990Road to Avonlea
Felicity King1990Road to Avonlea
Sabrina Spellman1996Sabrina the Teenage Witch
Elwood Blues1976Saturday Night Live
Jake Blues1976Saturday Night Live
Cosmo Kramer1989Seinfeld
Elaine Benes1989Seinfeld
George Costanza1989Seinfeld
Jerry Seinfeld1989Seinfeld
Bert1969Sesame Street
Elmo1985Sesame Street
Ernie1969Sesame Street
Grover1970Sesame Street
Kermit the Frog1955Sesame Street
Oscar the Grouch1969Sesame Street
Prairie Dawn1970Sesame Street
Zoe1993Sesame Street
Eric Cartman1997South Park
Wendy Testaburger1997South Park
James T. Kirk1966Star Trek(Jim, Tiberius)
Leonard "Bones" McCoy1966Star Trek
Spock1966Star Trek
Jean-Luc Picard1987Star Trek: The Next Generation
Bo Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Luke Duke1979The Dukes of Hazzard
Barney Rubble1959The Flintstones
Betty Rubble1959The Flintstones
Fred Flintstone1960The Flintstones
Wilma Flintstone1959The Flintstones
Alice Kramden1955The Honeymooners
Ed Norton1955The Honeymooners
Ralph Kramden1955The Honeymooners
Trixie Norton1955The Honeymooners(Thelma)
Fozzie Bear1976The Muppet Show
Gonzo1976The Muppet Show
Michael Scott2005The Office
Bullwinkle J. Moose1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Rocky J. Squirrel1959The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show
Abe Simpson1989The Simpsons(Abraham)
Apu Nahasapeemapetilon1990The Simpsons
Bart Simpson1989The Simpsons
Edna Krabappel1990The Simpsons
Homer Simpson1989The Simpsons
Krusty the Clown1990The Simpsons(Herschel)
Lisa Simpson1989The Simpsons
Maggie Simpson1989The Simpsons
Marge Simpson1989The Simpsons
Milhouse Van Houten1989The Simpsons
Moe Szyslak1989The Simpsons
Montgomery Burns1989The Simpsons(Charles, Monty)
Ned Flanders1989The Simpsons(Nedward)
Ralph Wiggum1990The Simpsons
Seymour Skinner1989The Simpsons
Carmela Soprano1999The Sopranos
Tony Soprano1999The Sopranos(Anthony)
Optimus Prime1984The Transformers
Veronica Mars2004Veronica Mars
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