French Presidents

This list is comprised of French Presidents. The French Republic was first formed in 1792 after the French Revolution, though the office of president did not exist until the creation of the Second Republic in 1848. The Third (1870-1940), Fourth (1947-1959) and Fifth (1959-present) Republics have also been led by presidents.
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NameYearsOther Names
Adolphe Thiers1871-1873(Marie, Joseph, Louis)
Alain Poher1969; 1974(Émile, Louis, Marie)
Albert François Lebrun1932-1940
Alexandre Millerand1920-1924
Armand Fallières1906-1913(Clément)
Charles de Gaulle1959-1969(André, Joseph, Marie)
Émile Loubet1899-1906(François)
Félix Faure1895-1899(François)
François Hollande2012-(Gérard, Georges, Nicolas)
François Mitterrand1981-1995(Maurice, Adrien, Marie)
Gaston Doumergue1924-1931(Pierre, Paul, Henri)
Georges Pompidou1969-1974(Jean, Raymond)
Jacques Chirac1995-2007(René)
Jean Casimir-Perier1894-1895(Paul, Pierre)
Jules Grévy1879-1887(François, Paul)
Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte1848-1852(Charles)
Marie François Sadi Carnot1887-1894
Nicolas Sarkozy2007-2012(Paul, Stéphane)
Patrice de Mac-Mahon1873-1879(Marie, Edme, Maurice)
Paul Deschanel1920(Eugène, Louis)
Paul Doumer1931-1932(Joseph, Athanase)
Raymond Poincaré1913-1920
René Coty1954-1959(Jules, Gustave)
Valéry Giscard d'Estaing1974-1981(Marie, René, Georges)
Vincent Auriol1947-1954(Jules)
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