Frankish and French Kings Chronologically


NameYearsAlso Known As
Merovechc. 447-c. 457
Childeric I457-481
Clovis I481-511(Chlodovech, Louis)
Theuderic I511-534(Thierry)
Childebert I511-558
Chlothar I the Old511-561(Clotaire, Lothair, Lothaire)
Theudebert I533-548(Thibert)
Charibert I561-567
Sigebert I561-575
Chilperic I561-584
Guntram561-592(Contran, Gontran, Guntramnus)
Childebert II575-595
Chlothar II the Great584-629(Clotaire, Lothair, Lothaire)
Theudebert II595-612(Thibert)
Theuderic II595-613(Thierry)
Sigebert II613
Charibert II629-632
Dagobert I629-639
Sigebert III634-656
Clovis II639-655(Chlodovech, Louis)
Childebert the Adopted656-661
Chlothar III656-673(Clotaire, Lothair, Lothaire)
Childeric II662-675
Theuderic III673; 675-691(Thierry)
Clovis III675-676(Chlodovech, Louis)
Dagobert II676-679
Clovis IV691-695(Chlodovech, Louis)
Childebert III the Just695-711
Dagobert III711-715
Chilperic II715-721
Theuderic IV721-737(Thierry)
Childeric III743-752
Pépin the Short752-768(Pippin)
Carloman I768-771
Charles I the Great768-814(Charlemagne)
Louis I the Pious814-840
Charles II the Bald843-877
Louis II the Stammerer877-879
Louis III879-882
Carloman II879-884
Charles the Fat884-888(Karl)
Odo Count of Paris888-898(Eudes)
Charles III the Simple898-922
Robert I Count of Paris922-923
Rudolf Duke of Burgundy923-936(Raoul, Rudolph)
Louis IV the Foreigner936-954
Louis V the Indolent986-987
Hugues Capet987-996(Hugh)
Robert II the Pious996-1031
Henri I1031-1060(Henry)
Philippe I1060-1108(Philip)
Louis VI the Fat1108-1137
Louis VII1137-1180
Philippe II Augustus1180-1223(Philip)
Louis VIII the Lion1223-1226
Louis IX1226-1270
Philippe III the Bold1270-1285(Philip)
Philippe IV the Fair1285-1314(Philip)
Louis X1314-1316
Jean I1316(John)
Philippe V the Tall1316-1322(Philip)
Charles IV the Fair1322-1328
Philippe VI1328-1350(Philip)
Jean II the Good1350-1364(John)
Charles V the Wise1364-1380
Charles VI the Mad1380-1422
Charles VII the Victorious1422-1461
Louis XI the Spider1461-1483
Charles VIII1483-1498
Louis XII of Orleans1498-1515
François I1515-1547(Francis)
Henri II1547-1559(Henry)
François II1559-1560(Francis)
Charles IX1560-1574
Henri III1574-1589(Henry)
Henri IV1589-1610(Henry)
Louis XIII1610-1643
Louis XIV the Sun King1643-1715
Louis XV1715-1774
Louis XVI1774-1792
Napoleon I1804-1815
Louis XVIII1814-1824
Charles X1824-1830
Louis Philippe1830-1848
Napoleon III1852-1870(Charles, Louis)