German Kings and Holy Roman Emperors by Frequency of Name


Heinrich6 king/emperors, 1 king
Karl7 king/emperors
Konrad1 king/emperor, 3 kings
Ludwig3 king/emperors, 1 king
Otto4 king/emperors
Albrecht1 king/emperor, 2 kings
Ferdinand3 king/emperors
Friedrich3 king/emperors
Franz2 king/emperors
Joseph2 king/emperors
Leopold2 king/emperors
Lothar2 king/emperors
Maximilian2 king/emperors
Rudolf1 king/emperor, 1 king
Adolf1 king
Alfonso1 king
Arnulf1 king/emperor
Matthias1 king/emperor
Philipp1 king
Richard1 king
Ruprecht1 king
Sigismund1 king/emperor
Wenzel1 king
William1 king