Hungarian Kings and Queens

The first king of Hungary was Saint István, or Stephen in English. He was a descendant of Árpád, the man who led the Magyars (the Hungarians) into Hungary in perhaps the late 9th century. István's line ruled until 1301.

The Árpád dynasty became extinct in 1301 and soon after that Charles (Károly) I and the Angevin dynasty came to power. Though born in France, Charles was a distant descendant of István V. The Angevin line ruled until 1386 when Queen Mária married the Holy Roman Emperor Sigismund (Zsigmond). The next century and a half saw internal disputes and rival claims to the throne, as well as invasion by the Ottoman Empire. A notable king of this period was Mátyás Corvinus, who expanded the kingdom and rallied against the Ottomans.

Starting in 1563 the Habsburg family ruled Hungary (they were also Holy Roman Emperors until 1806). The monarchy was dissolved after World War I.

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Ferdinánd5 kings5
István5 kings5
László5 kings5
Béla4 kings4
Károly4 kings4
András3 kings3
József3 kings3
Ferenc2 kings2
Géza2 kings2
János2 kings2
Lajos2 kings2
Lipót2 kings2
Mária2 queens2
Mátyás2 kings2
Ulászló2 kings2
Albert1 king1
Imre1 king1
Kálmán1 king1
Miksa1 king1
Ottó1 king1
Péter1 king1
Rudolf1 king1
Salamon1 king1
Sámuel1 king1
Terézia1 queen1
Vencel1 king1
Zsigmond1 king1
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