Hurricanes and Tropical Storms

Since 1953 severe North Atlantic storms have been assigned human names by the National Hurricane Center. According to the NHC, this is done because "the use of short, distinctive names in written as well as spoken communications is quicker and less subject to error than the older, more cumbersome latitude-longitude identification methods."

From 1953 to 1978 storms were given feminine names, in alphabetic order starting with the letter A each new year (the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z are not used). In 1979 an alternating masculine-feminine alphabetic naming scheme was introduced. Also in this year a set of six lists were standardized, to be used in rotation every six years. However, the name of a particularly destructive hurricane could be retired and replaced with a new name.

The list below only includes human names given to North Atlantic storms. This excludes anything except tropical storms (winds between 62 and 117 km/h) and hurricanes (winds above 117 km/h), since lesser storms are not named. Also excluded are storms named for Greek letters, which occurs when the alphabet has been exhausted in a particular year. This happened for the first time in 2005.

It should be noted that storms in other regions are also given names (for example, storms in the North Pacific have Hawaiian names), but these are not included in the list below.

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Abby2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Agnes1 hurricane1
Alberto2 hurricanes, 4 storms6
Alex3 hurricanes, 1 storm4
Alice3 hurricanes, 1 storm4
Alicia1 hurricane1
Allen1 hurricane1
Allison1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Alma3 hurricanes, 2 storms5
Amelia1 storm1
Amy1 storm1
Ana7 storms7
Andrea2 storms2
Andrew1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Anita1 hurricane1
Anna3 hurricanes, 2 storms5
Arlene3 hurricanes, 8 storms11
Arthur1 hurricane, 5 storms6
Audrey1 hurricane1
Babe1 hurricane1
Barbara1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Barry1 hurricane, 5 storms6
Becky2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Belle1 hurricane1
Bertha4 hurricanes, 3 storms7
Beryl6 storms6
Bess1 storm1
Beth1 hurricane1
Betsy3 hurricanes3
Betty1 hurricane1
Beulah2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Bill2 hurricanes, 2 storms4
Blanche2 hurricanes2
Bob3 hurricanes3
Bonnie4 hurricanes, 3 storms7
Brenda2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Bret1 hurricane, 6 storms7
Camille1 hurricane1
Candice1 hurricane1
Candy1 storm1
Carla1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Carmen1 hurricane1
Carol3 hurricanes3
Caroline1 hurricane1
Carrie1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Celia2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Cesar1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Chantal2 hurricanes, 4 storms6
Charley4 hurricanes, 1 storm5
Chloe1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Chris2 hurricanes, 4 storms6
Christine1 storm1
Cindy3 hurricanes, 6 storms9
Clara1 hurricane1
Claudette3 hurricanes, 4 storms7
Cleo3 hurricanes3
Colin2 storms2
Connie1 hurricane1
Cora1 hurricane1
Cristobal1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Daisy2 hurricanes2
Danielle3 hurricanes, 4 storms7
Danny4 hurricanes, 2 storms6
David1 hurricane1
Dawn1 hurricane1
Dean2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Debbie2 hurricanes, 2 storms4
Debby3 hurricanes, 3 storms6
Debra2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Delia1 storm1
Dennis3 hurricanes, 2 storms5
Diana2 hurricanes2
Diane1 hurricane1
Dolly5 hurricanes, 3 storms8
Don2 storms2
Donna1 hurricane1
Dora1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Doria1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Dorian1 storm1
Doris1 hurricane1
Dorothy2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Dottie1 storm1
Earl5 hurricanes, 2 storms7
Edith3 hurricanes, 2 storms5
Edna2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Edouard2 hurricanes, 4 storms6
Elaine1 storm1
Elena2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Ella4 hurricanes, 1 storm5
Ellen1 hurricane1
Eloise1 hurricane1
Emily4 hurricanes, 3 storms7
Emmy1 hurricane1
Erika2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Erin3 hurricanes, 2 storms5
Ernesto2 hurricanes, 4 storms6
Esther1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Ethel2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Eve1 storm1
Evelyn1 hurricane1
Fabian1 hurricane, 3 storms4
Faith1 hurricane1
Fay1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Faye1 hurricane1
Felice1 storm1
Felix4 hurricanes4
Fern2 hurricanes2
Fernand1 storm1
Fifi2 hurricanes2
Fiona2 storms2
Flora3 hurricanes3
Florence6 hurricanes, 3 storms9
Flossie1 hurricane1
Flossy1 hurricane1
Floyd4 hurricanes4
Fran2 hurricanes, 2 storms4
Francelia1 hurricane1
Frances6 hurricanes, 2 storms8
Franklin1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Fred2 hurricanes2
Frederic1 hurricane1
Frieda1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Gabrielle2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Gail1 hurricane1
Gaston2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Georges2 hurricanes2
Gerda1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Gert4 hurricanes, 2 storms6
Gertrude1 hurricane1
Gilbert1 hurricane1
Gilda2 storms2
Ginger1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Ginny1 hurricane1
Gladys4 hurricanes4
Gloria3 hurricanes3
Gonzalo1 hurricane1
Gordon4 hurricanes4
Grace1 hurricane, 4 storms5
Gracie1 hurricane1
Greta2 hurricanes, 2 storms4
Gustav3 hurricanes, 2 storms5
Hallie2 storms2
Hanna1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Hannah1 hurricane1
Harvey3 hurricanes, 3 storms6
Hattie1 hurricane1
Hazel1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Heidi1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Helena1 storm1
Helene3 hurricanes, 2 storms5
Henri1 hurricane, 4 storms5
Hermine1 hurricane, 4 storms5
Hilda2 hurricanes2
Holly2 hurricanes2
Hope1 storm1
Hortense2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Hugo1 hurricane1
Humberto4 hurricanes4
Ian1 storm1
Ida1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Igor1 hurricane1
Ike1 hurricane1
Ilsa1 hurricane1
Inez1 hurricane1
Inga1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Ingrid1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Ione1 hurricane1
Irene5 hurricanes, 1 storm6
Iris2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Irma1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Isaac3 hurricanes, 1 storm4
Isabel1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Isbell1 hurricane1
Isidore3 hurricanes, 1 storm4
Ivan3 hurricanes3
Janet1 hurricane1
Janice1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Jeanne3 hurricanes3
Jenny1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Jerry1 hurricane, 4 storms5
Joan1 hurricane1
Joaquin1 hurricane1
Jose2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Josephine2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Joyce1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Juan2 hurricanes2
Judith1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Julia1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Juliet1 storm1
Kara1 hurricane1
Karen2 hurricanes, 3 storms5
Karl4 hurricanes, 1 storm5
Kate3 hurricanes3
Katia2 hurricanes2
Katie1 hurricane1
Katrina2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Keith1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Kendra1 hurricane1
Kirk1 hurricane1
Klaus2 hurricanes2
Kristy1 storm1
Kyle2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Larry1 storm1
Laura2 storms2
Laurie1 hurricane1
Lee1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Lenny1 hurricane1
Leslie1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Lili4 hurricanes4
Lisa3 hurricanes, 1 storm4
Lois1 hurricane1
Lorenzo1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Luis1 hurricane1
Marco1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Maria3 hurricanes3
Marilyn1 hurricane1
Martha1 hurricane1
Matthew1 hurricane, 2 storms3
Melissa2 storms2
Michael2 hurricanes2
Michelle1 hurricane1
Mindy1 storm1
Mitch1 hurricane1
Nadine1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Nana1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Nate3 hurricanes3
Nicholas1 storm1
Nicole2 hurricanes, 2 storms4
Noel3 hurricanes3
Odette1 storm1
Olga1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Omar1 hurricane1
Opal1 hurricane1
Ophelia3 hurricanes3
Oscar1 storm1
Otto2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Pablo1 storm1
Paloma1 hurricane1
Patty1 storm1
Paula1 hurricane1
Peter1 storm1
Philippe2 hurricanes, 1 storm3
Rafael1 hurricane1
Richard1 hurricane1
Rina1 hurricane, 1 storm2
Rita1 hurricane1
Roxanne1 hurricane1
Sandy1 hurricane1
Sean1 storm1
Sebastien1 storm1
Shary1 hurricane1
Stan1 hurricane1
Tammy1 storm1
Tanya1 hurricane1
Tomas1 hurricane1
Tony1 storm1
Vince1 hurricane1
Wilma1 hurricane1
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