Irish High Kings

Thanks to Piaras Mac Domhnaill for providing the website which is the basis for this information.

According to legend the earliest inhabitants of Ireland were a godlike race called the Tuatha De Danann. Legend goes on to tell how these people were defeated by the forces of Milesius, an Iberian warrior of the 15th-century BC. The victorious invaders were led by two men, Eireamhón (also called Eremon) and Éibhear (also called Eber), the former becoming the sole king of Ireland after killing the latter in a battle. Eireamhón ruled from a court located on the hill of Tara.

Although the earliest of the kings in these lists are legendary characters, the later kings are historical persons. The first king to truly have power throughout Ireland was Niall Naoighiallach (379). His descendants were known as the Uí Néill, and they ruled for the next several centuries. However the title High King (in Irish Ard Rí) was not actually used until later.

The line of Irish high kings was ended shortly after the Anglo-Norman invasion of 1169. There were attempts to fill the throne, most notably in 1316 by Edward Bruce, brother of Robert the king of Scotland.

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Eochaidh13 kings13
Aodh8 kings8
Lughaidh7 kings7
Domhnall5 kings5
Fiachadh5 kings5
Niall4 kings4
Oilioll4 kings4
Aonghus3 kings3
Art3 kings3
Conall3 kings3
Conghalach3 kings3
Criomthann3 kings3
Diarmuid3 kings3
Duach3 kings3
Éanna3 kings3
Fearghus3 kings3
Muircheartach3 kings3
Nuadhat3 kings3
Baodán2 kings2
Cairbre2 kings2
Conaing2 kings2
Conaire2 kings2
Conchubhar2 kings2
Conn2 kings2
Donnchadh2 kings2
Elim2 kings2
Fionnachta2 kings2
Fothadh2 kings2
Laoghaire2 kings2
Maoilsheachlainn2 kings2
Muireadhach2 kings2
Roitheachtaigh2 kings2
Séadhna2 kings2
Toirdealbach2 kings2
Tuathal2 kings2
Adamair1 king1
Ainmire1 king1
Airgeatmhar1 king1
Badhbhchadh1 king1
Bearnghal1 king1
Blathmhac1 king1
Breas1 king1
Breasal1 king1
Brian1 king1
Caolbhadh1 king1
Cathaoir1 king1
Ceannfaolaidh1 king1
Cearma1 king1
Cellach1 king1
Cimbaoth1 king1
Cionnaith1 king1
Cobhtach1 king1
Colla1 king1
Colmán1 king1
Conmaol1 king1
Connla1 king1
Corcrán1 king1
Cormac1 king1
Daithí1 king1
Diothorba1 king1
Éibhear1 king1
Eideard1 king1
Eidirsceol1 king1
Eireamhón1 king1
Eithrial1 king1
Fachtna1 king1
Faildeargdoid1 king1
Fearadhach1 king1
Fearán1 king1
Fearchar1 king1
Fearghal1 king1
Feidhlimidh1 king1
Fergen1 king1
Fiachna1 king1
Fiatach1 king1
Fionn1 king1
Flaithbheartach1 king1
Flann1 king1
Fógartach1 king1
Gedhe1 king1
Giallchaidh1 king1
Innatmar1 king1
Ir1 king1
Irereo1 king1
Irial1 king1
Labhraidh1 king1
Laighne1 king1
Loingseach1 king1
Luighne1 king1
Macha1 queen1
Mal1 king1
Maolcobha1 king1
Melghe1 king1
Modhcorb1 king1
Morán1 king1
Muimhne1 king1
Muineamhón1 king1
Nia1 king1
Ollamh1 king1
Orba1 king1
Reachtaidh1 king1
Ruadhraighe1 king1
Ruaidhrí1 king1
Seachnasach1 king1
Simeon1 king1
Síorlámh1 king1
Siorna1 king1
Slanoll1 king1
Sobhairce1 king1
Suibhne1 king1
Tighearnmhas1 king1
Ugaine1 king1
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