Notable Journalists

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable journalists. Included are notable print journalists, photojournalists and reporters.
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NameLifespanOther Names
Arianna Huffington1950-(Ariadnē, Anna)
Barbara Walters1929-
Bob Woodward1943-
Christiane Amanpour1958-
Edward R. Murrow1908-1965
Elizabeth Hawley1923-2018(Ann)
Goizeder Azúa1984-
Golam Sarwar1943-2018
Inoslav Bešker1950-
Megyn Kelly1970-
Otokar Keršovani1902-1941
Rika Vayani1962-2018(Marika)
Ruth Gruber1911-2016
Warwick Roger1946-2018