Notable Musicians

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the world of music. Included are composers, musicians and singers.
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Aamir1 musician1
Aaron2 composers2
Aca1 singer1
Adam3 musicians3
Adèle2 singers2
Adila1 musician1
Adriano1 singer1
Afroditi2 singers2
Aistė1 singer1
Al1 musician, 2 singers, 1 musician/singer4
Alan2 composers2
Alanis1 musician1
Alban1 composer1
Alessandro1 composer1
Alexander1 composer1
Alexandre1 composer1
Alice1 musician1
Alicia1 musician1
Alide1 singer1
Alka1 singer1
Alo1 composer1
Altamiro1 composer/musician1
Amadeus1 composer1
Amel1 musician, 1 singer2
Amy1 composer1
André2 singers, 1 composer/musician3
Andrew1 composer1
Andria1 composer1
Andy1 singer1
Angela1 composer1
Angus1 musician1
Anneke1 singer1
Anouk1 singer1
Anthony1 musician1
Antoine1 composer, 1 musician2
Anton3 composers3
Antonija1 singer1
Antonín1 composer1
Antonio2 composers2
Antonis1 singer1
Aram1 composer1
Arcangelo1 musician1
Aretha1 musician1
Ariana1 singer1
Arijana1 singer1
Armin1 musician1
Arnold1 composer1
Arnon1 musician1
Arsen1 singer1
Arthur1 composer, 1 musician2
Arturo1 musician1
Ashlee1 singer1
Ashley1 singer1
Asim1 musician1
Ástor1 composer1
Atif1 singer1
Atilla1 musician1
Attila1 musician1
Axl1 musician1
Axle1 singer1
Ayla1 singer1
Baptiste1 composer1
Barbra1 singer1
Barrington1 composer1
Barry1 musician, 2 singers3
Battista1 composer1
Bear1 composer1
Bedřich1 composer1
Béla1 composer1
Berislav1 composer1
Bertram1 singer1
Beyoncé1 musician1
Bill1 musician1
Billie1 musician, 2 singers3
Billy3 musicians3
Bisera1 singer1
Björk1 singer1
Blake1 singer1
Bo1 musician1
Bob2 musicians2
Boban1 musician, 1 singer2
Bobbejaan1 musician/singer1
Bon1 musician1
Bora1 musician, 1 singer2
Brandy1 singer1
Brantley1 singer1
Brena1 singer1
Brendon1 musician1
Brian2 musicians2
Britney1 singer1
Bronagh1 singer1
Bruce1 musician, 1 musician/singer2
Bruno1 musician1
Bryan1 musician1
Bryndís1 musician1
Buddy1 musician1
Burton1 musician1
Calvin1 musician1
Camille1 composer1
Canaan1 singer1
Candy1 musician1
Carl3 composers3
Carlo1 composer1
Carlos2 musicians2
Carmine1 composer1
Carter1 composer1
Cassandra1 singer1
Cat1 musician1
CeCe1 singer1
Cecil1 musician1
Cedar1 musician1
Céline1 singer1
César1 composer1
Cesária1 singer1
Charles1 composer, 3 musicians4
Charlie2 musicians2
Cher1 musician1
Chesney1 singer1
Chet1 musician1
Chris2 musicians2
Christian1 composer1
Christina1 musician1
Christoph1 composer1
Christophe1 composer1
Christopher1 musician1
Chuck2 musicians2
Chynna1 singer1
Ciarán1 musician1
Cielito1 singer1
Clara1 composer1
Claude3 composers3
Claudin1 composer1
Claudio1 composer1
Clay1 composer1
Clément1 composer1
Clint1 composer1
Clyde1 singer1
Connie1 singer1
Corbin1 singer1
Craig1 composer1
Curtis1 composer1
Cveta1 singer1
Dado1 musician1
Dáithí1 musician1
Dalida1 singer1
Dalma1 singer1
Damon1 musician1
Dan1 composer1
Dania1 singer1
Danijela1 singer1
Dannii1 singer1
Danny1 composer, 1 musician2
Daron1 singer1
Darryl1 musician1
Dave2 musicians2
David1 composer, 4 musicians, 1 musician/singer6
Dean1 singer1
Debbie2 singers2
Declan1 singer1
Della1 singer1
Demetra1 musician1
Demi1 singer1
Dennis1 singer1
Diana1 singer1
Didier1 musician1
Dieterich1 composer1
Dino2 singers2
Dismas2 composers2
Django1 musician1
Dmitri1 composer1
Dolly1 musician1
Dolores2 singers2
Domenico1 composer1
Don2 musicians2
Dónal1 musician1
Donna1 musician1
Donovan1 musician1
Doris1 singer1
Drake1 singer1
Dražen1 singer1
Dre1 musician1
Dubravka1 singer1
Ducu1 musician1
Dunja2 singers2
Earl1 musician1
Eartha1 singer1
Eddie3 musicians, 1 singer4
Édith1 singer1
Edsilia1 singer1
Edvard1 composer1
Edward2 composers, 1 musician3
Edwin1 musician1
Eldin1 singer1
Élisabeth1 composer1
Ella1 singer1
Elmar1 musician1
Elmer1 composer1
Elton1 musician1
Elvis1 musician1
Emanuel1 composer1
Emanuil1 composer, 1 musician2
Emilija1 singer1
Emina1 singer1
Emmy1 singer1
Engelbert1 composer1
Ennio1 composer1
Enrique1 musician1
Eric1 musician1
Erik1 composer1
Ernestine1 singer1
Eros1 singer1
Esma1 singer1
Esmée1 singer1
Etta1 singer1
Eviatar1 musician1
Evridiki1 singer1
Fanny1 composer1
Farinelli1 singer1
Fatin1 singer1
Felix1 composer1
Ferdo1 composer1
Feridun1 singer1
Florimond1 composer1
France1 singer1
Francesco1 composer1
François2 composers2
Frank1 musician, 1 singer2
Franka1 singer1
Frans1 singer1
Franz2 composers2
Freda1 singer1
Freddie1 musician/singer1
Frédéric1 composer1
Frederick1 composer1
Freek1 singer1
Frencheska1 singer1
Friedrich1 composer1
Gabi1 singer1
Gabriel1 composer1
Gaetano1 composer1
Garth1 musician1
Gene1 musician1
Georg2 composers2
George1 composer, 4 musicians, 1 singer6
Georges1 composer1
Georgine1 singer1
Gerard2 singers2
Geva1 musician1
Giacomo1 composer1
Gioachino1 composer1
Giora2 musicians2
Giovanni3 composers3
Giuseppe1 composer1
Gladstone1 musician1
Glenn1 musician1
Goran1 musician1
Gordon1 musician1
Gosia1 singer1
Graeme1 composer1
Grant1 composer1
Gregg1 musician/singer1
Guido1 composer1
Guillaume1 composer1
Gülşen1 singer1
Gustav2 composers2
Gustave1 composer1
Gwen1 musician1
Gwenno1 singer1
Hank1 musician1
Hans1 composer, 1 musician2
Hari1 singer1
Harry1 composer, 1 musician, 2 singers4
Hector1 composer1
Heinrich1 composer1
Henry4 composers4
Henryk1 composer1
Herbert1 musician1
Herbie1 musician1
Herman1 singer, 1 musician/singer2
Hervé1 composer1
Hibari1 singer1
Hilary1 singer1
Hildegard1 composer1
Hoagy1 composer/singer1
Hossam1 singer1
Howard1 composer1
Hubert1 composer1
Hümeyra1 singer1
Ibrica1 singer1
Idalis1 singer1
Idina1 singer1
Idris1 musician1
Iggy1 musician1
Igor2 composers2
Ilse1 singer1
Indira1 singer1
Irving1 composer1
Isaac1 composer1
Israel1 musician/singer1
Ivana3 singers3
Izudin1 musician1
Jack1 musician1
Jackie1 musician1
Jackson1 musician/singer1
Jacques2 composers, 1 singer3
Jacquet2 composers2
James2 composers, 3 musicians5
Jan1 composer, 1 singer2
Janet1 musician1
Janis1 musician1
Jasmin1 singer1
Jasna1 singer1
Jason1 musician1
Jean3 composers, 1 musician4
Jeff1 musician, 1 musician/singer2
Jelena2 singers2
Jennifer1 singer1
Jenny1 singer1
Jeremiah1 composer1
Jerry1 composer, 2 musicians3
Jim1 musician, 2 singers3
Jimi1 musician1
Jimmie1 musician1
Jimmy1 musician1
Joan1 singer1
Joe3 musicians3
Joey1 musician1
Johann6 composers6
Johannes1 composer1
John8 composers, 7 musicians15
Johnny1 musician, 1 singer2
Jon1 musician1
Joni1 musician1
Jordan1 singer1
Jos1 singer1
José1 singer1
Joseph2 composers, 1 musician3
Josipa1 singer1
Josquin1 composer1
Jules1 composer1
Julio1 singer1
Justin2 musicians2
Kam1 singer1
Kamaal1 singer1
Kanye1 musician1
Karlheinz1 composer1
Katy1 singer1
Kazik1 musician1
Keala1 singer1
Keaton1 singer1
Keith2 musicians2
Keke1 singer1
Kemal1 singer1
Kenan1 singer1
Kendrick1 musician1
Kevin1 musician1
King1 musician1
Kiri1 singer1
Kitty1 singer1
Klaus1 composer1
Kris1 musician1
Kristin1 singer1
Külli1 singer1
Kurt1 composer, 1 musician2
Kylie1 singer1
Lana1 singer1
Lars1 musician1
Laza1 musician1
Lee3 musicians3
Lehua1 singer1
Leif1 singer1
Lenka1 singer1
Lennie1 composer1
Lenny1 musician1
Léo1 composer1
Leonard1 composer, 1 musician2
Leopold1 composer1
Leoš1 composer1
Lepa1 singer1
Les1 musician1
Liam2 musicians2
Lidija2 singers2
Lisa1 musician1
Ljiljana1 singer1
Lloyd1 composer1
Loretta1 musician1
Lou1 musician1
Loudon1 singer1
Louis1 composer, 1 musician2
Ľuba1 singer1
Luciano1 singer1
Lucille1 singer1
Ludwig1 composer1
Luigi1 composer1
Luzzasco1 composer1
Lynsey1 musician1
Mac1 singer1
Macy1 musician1
Madonna1 musician1
Mairéad1 musician1
Maja1 singer1
Maksim1 musician1
Mandy1 singer1
Marc2 composers2
Marco1 singer1
Maria1 composer, 1 singer2
Mariah1 musician1
Marinka1 singer1
Mark2 composers, 1 singer3
Marshall1 musician1
Marvin1 composer, 1 musician2
Mate1 singer1
Matthew2 musicians2
Maurice2 composers, 1 singer3
Maynard1 musician1
Melike1 musician1
Meliton1 composer1
Mentor1 musician1
Merle1 musician1
Michael2 composers, 4 musicians, 1 singer7
Michel1 composer, 1 musician2
Michiya1 singer1
Mick1 musician1
Mieke1 singer1
Mike1 musician1
Mikhail2 composers2
Miles1 musician1
Miley1 singer1
Miljenko1 composer1
Milka1 singer1
Milko2 composers2
Miranda2 singers2
Mirjana1 singer1
Modest1 composer1
Muddy1 musician1
Munir2 musicians2
Murray1 singer1
Nada1 singer1
Nana1 singer1
Nanna1 musician1
Naseem1 singer1
Nassim1 musician1
Nat1 musician1
Natali1 singer1
Nathaniel1 composer/musician1
Naya1 singer1
Neda1 singer1
Neil2 musicians2
Nelly1 singer1
Newton1 composer1
Nezihe1 musician1
Niccolò1 musician1
Nicholas1 composer1
Nick1 musician1
Niel1 musician1
Nika1 singer1
Nikolai1 composer1
Nina2 singers2
Noa1 singer1
Noel1 musician1
Nollaig1 musician1
Nona1 musician1
Nurettin1 musician1
Nynke1 singer1
Ognjen1 singer1
Olivera1 singer1
Olivia1 singer1
Olja1 singer1
Orianthi1 musician/singer1
Orlande1 composer1
Otis1 musician1
Özgür1 singer1
Ozzy1 musician1
Parisa1 singer1
Pat1 musician, 1 singer2
Patrick1 composer, 1 singer2
Patsy1 musician1
Patti1 musician1
Paul2 composers, 4 musicians, 1 singer7
Paula1 musician1
Percy1 composer, 1 singer2
Perry1 musician1
Pete1 musician1
Peter1 composer, 2 musicians3
Pharez1 musician1
Phil3 musicians, 1 singer4
Philip2 composers2
Philipp2 composers2
Philippe1 composer1
Phillips1 musician1
Pierluigi1 composer1
Plácido1 singer1
Polly1 singer1
Prince1 musician1
Pyotr1 composer1
Quincy1 musician1
Radojka1 singer1
Raffi1 musician1
Raimond1 composer1
Rajka1 singer1
Ralph1 composer1
Ramkanai1 musician1
Ray3 musicians3
Regis1 singer1
Renata1 singer1
René1 singer1
Richard2 composers, 1 musician3
Rihanna1 musician1
Riley1 musician1
Rinat1 singer1
Ringo1 musician1
Rini1 singer1
Ritchie1 musician1
Ritva1 musician1
Riz1 singer1
Rob1 singer1
Robbie1 musician1
Robert2 composers, 2 musicians4
Roberta1 singer1
Roberto1 musician1
Rod1 musician1
Roel1 singer1
Roger2 musicians, 1 musician/singer3
Rogers1 musician1
Rosemary1 singer1
Roy1 musician1
Ruggero1 composer1
Rupert1 composer1
Ruslana1 singer1
Ruth1 singer1
Ruža1 singer1
Sabahattin1 composer1
Sabahudin1 singer1
Sabrina1 singer1
Sam1 musician1
Samuel1 composer1
Sanja1 singer1
Saul1 musician1
Scatman1 composer1
Scott1 composer, 1 musician2
Sead1 musician1
Sebastian1 composer1
Selena1 singer1
Serge1 singer1
Sergei2 composers2
Severina1 singer1
Sezen1 singer1
Shad1 singer1
Shaffer1 singer1
Sharon1 singer1
Shawn1 musician1
Sheena1 singer1
Sid1 musician1
Singh1 singer1
Sly1 musician1
Soile1 singer1
Sonny1 singer1
Stefani1 musician1
Stephen1 composer1
Steven1 musician1
Stevie2 musicians, 1 musician/singer3
Stojanka1 singer1
Strauss1 composer1
Sturgill1 singer1
Suzi1 musician1
Syd1 musician1
Taimo1 singer1
Tamara1 musician1
Tanel1 singer1
Tarsame1 singer1
Taylor1 musician1
Telma1 singer1
Tereza1 singer1
Thelonious1 musician1
Thokozani1 musician1
Thom1 musician1
Thomas2 composers, 1 singer3
Tim1 musician1
Tina1 musician1
Tom2 musicians2
Tomaso1 composer1
Tony1 singer1
Toon1 singer1
Toyah1 singer1
Trent1 musician1
Trijntje1 singer1
Trisha1 singer1
Trygve1 singer1
Tupac1 musician1
Turlough1 musician1
Tyrese1 singer1
Udo1 musician1
Usher1 singer1
Vadim1 musician1
Van1 musician1
Vanessa1 singer1
Vangelis1 composer1
Vanna1 singer1
Vedat1 singer1
Vera1 musician1
Vesna1 singer1
Vic1 singer1
Vikki1 singer1
Viktorija1 singer1
Vincenzo1 composer1
Violante1 singer1
Viorica1 singer1
Vlatka1 singer1
Warren1 musician1
Waylon1 musician/singer1
Wayne1 musician1
Whitney1 singer1
Wibi1 composer/musician1
Willeke1 singer1
William1 composer, 2 musicians3
Willibald1 composer1
Willie1 musician1
Willy1 singer1
Wim2 singers2
Wolfgang1 composer1
Wolter1 musician, 1 singer2
Woody1 singer1
Wyclef1 musician1
Yaşar1 musician1
Yavuz1 musician1
Yonca1 singer1
Zack1 musician1
Zakiya1 singer1
Žanamari1 singer1
Zdravko1 singer1
Željko1 singer1
Zendaya1 singer1
Zinka1 singer1
Zlatan1 singer1
Zlatko1 singer1
Zuhal1 singer1
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