Nobel Prize Winners

Alfred Nobel (1833-1896) was a Swedish inventor and businessman who's invention of dynamite in 1867 earned him a vast fortune. In his will he stated that his money was to be used for annual prizes in the categories of physics, chemistry, medicine, peace and literature, and thus the Nobel Foundation was created. The first Nobel Prizes were given out in 1901. Sometimes the awards are shared between more than one person. In 1968 a prize for economics was added, the money provided by the Bank of Sweden.
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Aage1 physics1
Aaron2 chemistry2
Abdus1 physics1
Abraham1 physics1
Ada1 chemistry1
Adam1 physics1
Adelbert1 medicine1
Adolf4 chemistry, 2 medicine6
Adolfo1 peace1
Adolph1 literature1
Ahmed1 chemistry1
Akira1 chemistry1
Al1 peace1
Alan2 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 medicine4
Albert3 physics, 1 literature, 3 peace, 3 medicine10
Albrecht1 medicine1
Aleksandr1 literature1
Alex1 physics1
Alexander1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 medicine3
Alexei1 physics1
Alexis1 medicine1
Alfonso1 peace1
Alfred1 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 peace, 2 medicine6
Alice1 literature1
Allan1 physics, 1 medicine2
Allen1 medicine1
Allvar1 medicine1
Alphonse1 medicine1
Alva1 peace1
Alvin1 economics1
Amartya1 economics1
Anatole1 literature1
André1 physics, 1 literature, 2 medicine4
Andrei1 peace1
Andrew1 chemistry, 3 medicine4
Andrews1 physics1
Ángel1 literature1
Angus1 economics1
Anthony1 physics1
António1 medicine1
Antony1 physics1
Anwar1 peace1
Archer1 chemistry1
Archibald1 medicine1
Arieh1 chemistry1
Aristide1 peace1
Arne1 chemistry1
Arno1 physics1
Arthur1 chemistry, 3 physics, 1 peace, 1 medicine, 1 economics7
Artturi1 chemistry1
Arvid1 medicine1
August1 medicine1
Auguste1 peace1
Aung1 peace1
Austen1 peace1
Avram1 chemistry1
Axel1 literature1
Aziz1 chemistry1
Baptiste1 physics1
Barack1 peace1
Barbara1 medicine1
Barry1 chemistry, 1 medicine2
Baruch1 medicine1
Baruj1 medicine1
Bashevis1 literature1
Ben1 physics1
Bengt1 medicine1
Benjamin1 peace1
Bernard1 literature, 1 medicine2
Bernardo1 medicine1
Bert1 medicine1
Bertha1 peace1
Bertil1 economics1
Bertram1 physics1
Bertrand1 literature1
Betty1 peace1
Bjørnstjerne1 literature1
Bob1 literature1
Boris1 literature, 1 medicine2
Brenton1 medicine1
Brian1 chemistry, 2 physics3
Britt1 medicine1
Bruce1 chemistry, 1 medicine2
Burns1 chemistry1
Burton1 physics1
Butler1 literature1
Calvin1 medicine1
Camillo1 medicine1
Camilo1 literature1
Carl1 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 literature, 1 peace, 1 medicine6
Carleton1 medicine1
Carlo1 physics1
Carlos2 peace2
Carol1 medicine1
Cecil1 physics1
César1 medicine1
Chandrasekhar1 physics1
Chapman1 medicine1
Charles1 chemistry, 5 physics, 2 peace, 5 medicine13
Chen-Ning1 physics1
Christiaan1 medicine1
Christian2 chemistry, 1 peace, 1 medicine4
Christiane1 medicine1
Christoph1 literature1
Christopher2 economics2
Claude1 physics, 1 literature2
Clifford1 physics1
Clinton1 physics1
Clive1 economics1
Coleman1 physics1
Cordell1 peace1
Corneille1 medicine1
Craig1 medicine1
Cyril1 chemistry1
Czesław1 literature1
Dae-jung1 peace1
Dag1 peace1
Dale1 economics1
Dan1 chemistry1
Daniel2 physics, 3 medicine, 2 economics7
Dario1 literature1
David6 physics, 1 peace, 2 medicine9
Davis1 medicine1
Dennis1 physics1
Derek1 chemistry, 1 literature2
Desmond1 peace1
Dickinson1 medicine1
Diderik1 physics1
Dominique1 peace1
Donald1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Donnall1 medicine1
Doris1 literature1
Dorothy1 chemistry1
Douglas1 physics, 1 medicine2
Douglass1 economics1
Đức1 peace1
Dudley1 chemistry1
Earl1 medicine1
Edgar1 medicine1
Edmond1 medicine1
Edmund1 economics1
Édouard1 physics1
Eduard1 chemistry1
Edvard1 medicine1
Edward2 physics, 4 medicine, 1 economics7
Edwin1 chemistry, 1 medicine2
Eemil1 literature1
Egas1 medicine1
Ei-ichi1 chemistry1
Eisaku1 peace1
Elfriede1 literature1
Elias1 chemistry, 1 literature2
Élie2 peace2
Elihu1 peace1
Elinor1 economics1
Elizabeth1 medicine1
Ellen1 peace1
Emil1 chemistry, 4 medicine5
Emilio1 physics1
Emily1 peace1
Enrico1 physics1
Eric1 chemistry, 2 medicine, 1 economics4
Erik1 literature1
Ernest1 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 literature4
Ernesto1 peace1
Ernst1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 medicine3
Erwin1 physics, 1 medicine2
Eugene1 physics, 1 literature, 1 economics3
Eugenio1 literature1
Eyvind1 literature1
Federico1 chemistry1
Felix1 physics, 1 medicine2
Feodor1 medicine1
Ferdinand1 physics, 1 peace, 1 medicine3
Ferid1 medicine1
Finn1 economics1
Forbes1 economics1
Foster1 physics1
Francis1 chemistry, 2 physics, 2 medicine5
Franco1 economics1
François1 physics, 1 literature, 1 peace, 1 medicine4
Françoise1 medicine1
Frank2 physics, 1 peace, 1 medicine4
Franklin1 medicine1
Frans1 literature1
Frédéric1 chemistry, 1 literature, 1 peace, 1 medicine4
Frederick2 chemistry, 1 physics, 3 medicine6
Fredrik1 peace1
Fridtjof1 peace1
Friedrich1 chemistry, 1 economics2
Frits1 physics1
Fritz2 chemistry, 2 medicine4
Gabriel1 physics, 1 literature2
Gabriela1 literature1
Gary1 economics1
Geoffrey1 chemistry1
Georg1 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 medicine4
George4 chemistry, 3 physics, 1 literature, 1 peace, 7 medicine, 2 economics18
Georges1 physics, 1 medicine2
Gerald1 medicine1
Gérard1 physics, 1 economics2
Gerd1 physics1
Gerhard2 chemistry, 1 medicine3
Gerhart1 literature1
Gertrude1 medicine1
Gerty1 medicine1
Gilles1 physics1
Giorgos1 literature1
Giosuè1 literature1
Giulio1 chemistry1
Glenn1 chemistry1
Glover1 physics1
Gobind1 medicine1
Godfrey1 medicine1
Gowland1 medicine1
Grazia1 literature1
Greene1 peace1
Guglielmo1 physics1
Gunnar1 economics1
Günter1 literature, 1 medicine2
Gustaf1 physics1
Gustav1 physics, 1 peace2
Haldan1 medicine1
Halldór1 literature1
Hallett1 medicine1
Hamilton1 medicine1
Hannes1 physics1
Hans2 chemistry, 3 physics, 2 medicine7
Har1 medicine1
Harald1 medicine1
Hard1 physics1
Harold1 chemistry, 1 literature, 1 medicine3
Harry1 chemistry, 1 literature, 1 economics3
Hartmut1 chemistry1
Hasbrouck1 physics1
Heike1 physics1
Heinrich1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 literature, 1 medicine4
Hendrik1 physics1
Henri1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 literature, 3 peace6
Henrik1 literature, 1 medicine2
Henry1 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 peace, 1 medicine5
Henryk1 literature1
Herbert2 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 medicine, 1 economics5
Hermann2 chemistry, 1 literature, 1 peace, 2 medicine6
Herta1 literature1
Hideki1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Hiroshi1 physics1
Hjalmar1 peace1
Hooton1 physics1
Horst1 physics1
Houser1 physics1
Howard2 chemistry, 2 medicine4
Huckle1 medicine1
Hugh1 physics1
Hugo1 medicine1
Hunt1 medicine1
Igor1 physics1
Ilmari1 chemistry1
Ilya1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 medicine3
Imre1 literature1
Irène1 chemistry1
Irving1 chemistry1
Irwin1 chemistry1
Isaac2 physics, 1 literature3
Isamu1 physics1
Isidor1 physics1
Ivan1 literature, 1 medicine2
Ivar1 physics1
Ivo1 literature1
Jacinto1 literature1
Jack2 physics, 1 medicine3
Jacobus1 chemistry1
Jacques1 medicine1
James2 chemistry, 5 physics, 4 medicine, 5 economics16
Jan1 economics1
Jane1 peace1
Jaroslav1 chemistry, 1 literature2
Jean1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 literature, 1 medicine, 1 economics5
Jeffrey1 physics1
Jens1 chemistry1
Jerome1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Jimmy1 peace1
Jody1 peace1
Johann1 chemistry1
Johannes2 physics, 1 literature, 1 medicine4
John9 chemistry, 7 physics, 2 literature, 3 peace, 7 medicine, 3 economics31
Johnson1 peace1
José3 literature, 1 peace4
Joseph1 physics, 1 literature, 1 peace, 4 medicine, 1 economics8
Joshua1 medicine1
Juan1 literature1
Jules2 medicine2
Julian1 physics1
Julius2 medicine2
Kai1 physics1
Kailash1 peace1
Kaj1 medicine1
Kamerlingh1 physics1
Karl1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 literature, 2 medicine5
Kary1 chemistry1
Keffer1 medicine1
Kenichi1 chemistry1
Kenneth1 physics, 1 economics2
Kenzaburō1 literature1
Klas1 peace1
Klaus1 physics1
Knut1 literature1
Kofi1 peace1
Koichi1 chemistry1
Konrad3 medicine3
Konstantin1 physics1
Kurt2 chemistry2
Lars1 chemistry, 1 economics2
Laurence1 chemistry1
Lawrence1 physics, 1 economics2
Lawrie1 medicine1
Lech1 peace1
Lee1 physics1
Leland1 medicine1
Leo1 physics1
Leon2 physics, 2 peace4
Leonard1 physics1
Leonid2 economics2
Leopold1 chemistry1
Lester1 peace1
Lev1 physics1
Lewis1 physics1
Leymah1 peace1
Linda1 medicine1
Linus1 chemistry/peace1
Lloyd1 medicine, 1 economics2
Logsdon1 physics1
Louis2 physics, 1 peace, 2 medicine5
Lous1 peace1
Luc1 medicine1
Ludwig2 physics, 1 peace3
Luigi1 literature1
Luis1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Luther1 peace1
Macfarlane1 medicine1
Mairead1 peace1
Makoto1 physics1
Malala1 peace1
Manfred1 chemistry1
Manne1 physics1
Maria1 physics1
Marie1 chemistry, 1 peace, 1 chemistry/physics3
Mario1 chemistry, 1 literature, 1 medicine3
Marshall1 medicine1
Martin2 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 peace, 3 medicine8
Martinus1 physics1
Martti1 peace1
Masatoshi1 physics1
Maurice1 literature, 1 medicine, 1 economics3
Max1 chemistry, 3 physics, 2 medicine6
May1 medicine1
McLeod1 medicine1
Melvin1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Menachem1 peace1
Meredith1 chemistry1
Merton1 economics1
Michael2 chemistry, 2 medicine, 1 economics5
Michel1 medicine1
Miguel1 literature1
Mikhail1 literature, 1 peace2
Millington1 chemistry1
Mills1 physics1
Milton1 economics1
Mohamed1 peace1
Morris1 physics1
Muhammad1 peace1
Murray1 physics, 1 peace2
Myron1 economics1
N1 physics1
Nadine1 literature1
Naguib1 literature1
Nathan1 peace1
Nelly1 literature1
Nelson1 peace1
Nevill1 physics1
Nicholas1 peace1
Nicolaas1 physics1
Niels1 physics, 2 medicine3
Nikolaas1 medicine1
Nikolay1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Norman2 chemistry, 1 physics, 2 peace5
Octavio1 literature1
Odd1 chemistry1
Odysseas1 literature1
Oliver1 medicine, 1 economics2
Orhan1 literature1
Osamu1 chemistry1
Óscar1 peace1
Otto6 chemistry, 1 physics, 3 medicine10
Owen2 physics2
Pablo1 literature1
Paget1 physics1
Pär1 literature1
Patrick1 physics, 2 literature3
Paul7 chemistry, 1 physics, 2 literature, 1 peace, 5 medicine, 2 economics18
Pavel1 physics1
Pearl1 literature1
Percy1 physics1
Peter3 chemistry, 2 physics, 3 medicine, 2 economics10
Peyton1 medicine1
Philip1 physics, 1 peace, 1 medicine3
Philipp1 physics1
Phillip1 medicine1
Pierre2 physics2
Pieter1 physics1
Polykarp1 physics1
Pontus1 peace1
Porter1 chemistry1
Pyotr1 physics1
Rabindranath1 literature1
Ragnar1 medicine, 1 economics2
Ralph1 peace, 1 medicine2
Ramón1 literature1
Randal1 peace1
Randy1 medicine1
Raymond1 physics1
Rees1 physics1
Reinhard1 economics1
Reinhold1 chemistry1
Renato1 medicine1
René1 peace1
Riccardo1 physics1
Richard8 chemistry, 2 physics, 2 medicine, 1 economics13
Rickard1 medicine1
Rigoberta1 peace1
Rita1 medicine1
Roald1 chemistry1
Robert8 chemistry, 6 physics, 1 peace, 7 medicine, 8 economics30
Robin1 medicine1
Roderick1 chemistry1
Rodney1 medicine1
Roger2 chemistry, 1 literature, 2 medicine, 1 economics6
Rolf1 medicine1
Romain1 literature1
Ronald1 chemistry, 1 medicine, 1 economics3
Rosalyn1 medicine1
Roy2 physics2
Rudolf1 physics, 1 literature, 1 medicine3
Rudolph1 chemistry1
Rudyard1 literature1
Russell1 physics1
Ryberg1 medicine1
Ryōji1 chemistry1
Saint-John1 literature1
Salvador1 medicine1
Salvatore1 literature1
Samuel1 physics, 1 literature, 1 medicine3
Santiago1 medicine1
Satoshi1 medicine1
Saul1 physics, 1 literature2
Scott1 medicine1
Seamus1 literature1
Seán1 peace1
Selma1 literature1
Selman1 medicine1
Serge1 physics1
Severo1 medicine1
Sheldon1 physics1
Sherwood1 chemistry1
Shimon1 peace1
Shinya1 medicine1
Shirin1 peace1
Shmuel1 literature1
Showalter1 medicine1
Shuji1 physics1
Sidney1 chemistry1
Sigrid1 literature1
Simon1 physics, 1 economics2
Sinclair1 literature1
Sin-Itiro1 physics1
Spencer1 medicine1
Standish1 chemistry1
Stanford1 chemistry1
Stanisław1 literature1
Stanley2 medicine2
Stefan1 chemistry1
Steven2 physics2
Stuart1 medicine1
Sully1 literature1
Sune1 medicine1
Susumu1 medicine1
Svante1 chemistry1
Svetlana1 literature1
Sydney1 medicine1
Tadeus1 medicine1
Takaaki1 physics1
Tawakkol1 peace1
Tenzin1 peace1
Teodoro1 peace1
Teresa1 peace1
Theodor1 chemistry, 1 physics, 1 literature, 1 medicine4
Theodore1 chemistry, 1 peace, 1 economics3
Thọ1 peace1
Thomas2 chemistry, 1 literature, 3 medicine, 2 economics8
Thomson1 physics1
Tim1 medicine1
Tjalling1 economics1
Tobias1 peace1
Tomas1 chemistry, 1 literature2
Toni1 literature1
Torsten1 medicine1
Toshihide1 physics1
Trygve1 economics1
Tsung-Dao1 physics1
Ulf1 medicine1
Val1 physics1
Venkatraman1 chemistry1
Verner1 literature1
Vernon1 economics1
Vicente1 literature1
Victor1 chemistry, 2 physics3
Vilhelm1 literature1
Vincent1 chemistry1
Vitaly1 physics1
Vladimir1 chemistry1
Walter2 chemistry, 2 physics, 1 medicine5
Walther1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Wangari1 peace1
Warren1 physics, 1 medicine2
Wassily1 economics1
Way1 physics1
Wells1 medicine1
Wendell1 chemistry1
Werner1 physics, 2 medicine3
Wilbur1 medicine1
Wilhelm1 chemistry, 2 physics3
Willans1 physics1
Willard1 chemistry, 1 physics2
Willem1 medicine1
William8 chemistry, 5 physics, 3 literature, 2 medicine, 2 economics20
Williams1 physics1
Willis1 physics1
Willy1 peace1
Winston1 literature1
Wisława1 literature1
Władysław1 literature1
Wolcott1 medicine1
Wole1 literature1
Wolfgang3 physics3
Woodrow1 physics, 1 peace2
Wreyford1 chemistry1
Xiaobo1 peace1
Xingjian1 literature1
Yan1 literature1
Yasser1 peace1
Yasunari1 literature1
Yitzhak1 peace1
Yoichiro1 physics1
Yosef1 literature1
Youyou1 medicine1
Yuan1 chemistry1
Yves1 chemistry1
Zhores1 physics1
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