Norwegian Kings and Queens

Harald Fairhair united much of Norway in the 10th century, and his relatives and descendants ruled the Kingdom of Norway for two centuries. During this time the country was torn by periods of internal unrest which were not put to an end until Håkon IV the 13th century.

In 1363 Håkon VI married Margrethe of Denmark, who became queen of both Denmark and Norway after his death. She succeeded in uniting Norway, Denmark, and Sweden in what was called the Kalmar Union. Although Sweden seceded from the union in 1523, Norway remained under of the power of the Danish monarchs until 1814, at which time it entered into personal union with Sweden. This union was dissolved in 1905, and prince Charles of Denmark was elected to be the new king of Norway (under the name Haakon VII).

Note: the kings of Denmark and Sweden who ruled Norway after the disbanding of the Union of Kalmar are included on these lists.

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Håkon7 kings, 2 regents9
Christian8 kings8
Magnus7 kings7
Fredrik6 kings6
Olav6 kings6
Harald5 kings5
Eirik3 kings, 1 regent4
Karl4 kings4
Inge2 kings2
Oskar2 kings2
Øystein2 kings2
Sigurd2 kings2
Christoffer1 king1
Guttorm1 king1
Haakon1 king1
Hans1 king1
Knut1 king1
Margrete1 queen1
Svein1 king1
Sverre1 king1
20 results