Oscar Award Winners

The Oscar Awards have been given out annually by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences since 1928. It is not known for certain why they are called Oscars, but it is speculated that they were named after an uncle of one of the Academy directors.

Included in this list are the winners of the Best Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, and Supporting Actress categories.

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Adrien1 actor1
Al1 actor1
Alan1 actor1
Alec1 actor1
Alejandro1 director1
Alfonso1 director1
Alice1 actress1
Ang1 director1
Angelina1 actress1
Anjelica1 actress1
Anna2 actresses2
Anne4 actresses4
Anthony2 actors, 1 director3
Art1 actor1
Asghar1 director1
Audrey1 actress1
Barbra1 actress1
Barry1 actor, 1 director2
Beatrice1 actress1
Ben2 actors2
Benicio1 actor1
Bernardo1 director1
Bette1 actress1
Billy1 director1
Bob1 director1
Brenda1 actress1
Broderick1 actor1
Burl1 actor1
Burt1 actor1
Carol1 director1
Cate1 actress1
Catherine1 actress1
Celeste1 actress1
Charles2 actors2
Charlize1 actress1
Charlton1 actor1
Cher1 actress1
Chris1 actor1
Christian1 actor1
Christoph1 actor1
Christopher2 actors2
Claire1 actress1
Clark1 actor1
Claudette1 actress1
Cliff1 actor1
Clint1 director1
Cloris1 actress1
Colin1 actor1
Cuba1 actor1
Daniel1 actor1
Danny1 director1
David1 actor, 1 director2
Dean1 actor1
Delbert1 director1
Denys1 director1
Denzel1 actor1
Diane1 actress1
Dianne1 actress1
Don1 actor1
Donald1 actor1
Donna1 actress1
Dorothy1 actress1
Dustin1 actor1
Ed1 actor1
Eddie1 actor1
Edmond1 actor1
Edmund1 actor1
Eileen1 actress1
Elia1 director1
Elizabeth1 actress1
Ellen1 actress1
Emil1 actor1
Emma1 actress1
Ernest1 actor1
Estelle1 actress1
Ethan1 director1
Ethel1 actress1
Eva1 actress1
Fay1 actress1
Faye1 actress1
Ford1 director1
Forest1 actor1
Frances1 actress1
Francis1 director1
Frank1 actor, 3 directors4
Franklin1 director1
Fred1 director1
Fredric1 actor1
Gale1 actress1
Gary1 actor1
Gay1 actress1
Geena1 actress1
Gene1 actor1
Geoffrey1 actor1
George7 actors, 3 directors10
Geraldine1 actress1
Gig1 actor1
Ginger1 actress1
Glenda1 actress1
Gloria1 actress1
Goldie1 actress1
Grace1 actress1
Greer1 actress1
Gregory1 actor1
Gwyneth1 actress1
Haing1 actor1
Halle1 actress1
Harold1 actor1
Harry1 actor1
Hattie1 actress1
Heath1 actor1
Helen3 actresses3
Henry1 actor1
Hilary1 actress1
Holly1 actress1
Hugh1 actor1
Humphrey1 actor1
Ingrid1 actress1
Jack4 actors4
James4 actors, 2 directors6
Jamie1 actor1
Jane3 actresses3
Janet1 actress1
Jared1 actor1
Jason1 actor1
Javier1 actor1
Jean1 actor1
Jeff1 actor1
Jennifer4 actresses4
Jeremy1 actor1
Jerome1 director1
Jessica2 actresses2
Jim1 actor1
Jo1 actress1
Joan2 actresses2
Joanne1 actress1
Jodie1 actress1
Joe1 actor1
Joel1 actor, 1 director2
John4 actors, 4 directors8
Jon1 actor1
Jonathan1 director1
José1 actor1
Joseph1 actor, 1 director2
Josephine1 actress1
Judi1 actress1
Judy1 actress1
Julia1 actress1
Julianne1 actress1
Julie2 actresses2
Juliette1 actress1
Karl1 actor1
Kate1 actress1
Katharine1 actress1
Kathryn1 director1
Kathy1 actress1
Katina1 actress1
Kevin2 actors, 1 director3
Kim2 actresses2
Laurence1 actor1
Lee2 actors, 1 actress3
Leo1 director1
Lewis1 director1
Lila1 actress1
Linda1 actress1
Lionel1 actor1
Liza1 actress1
Loretta1 actress1
Louis1 actor1
Louise1 actress1
Luise1 actress1
Lupita1 actress1
Maggie1 actress1
Marcia1 actress1
Margaret1 actress1
Marie2 actresses2
Marion1 actress1
Marisa1 actress1
Marlee1 actress1
Marlon1 actor1
Martin2 actors, 1 director3
Mary3 actresses3
Matthew1 actor1
Maureen1 actress1
Maximilian1 actor1
Mel1 director1
Melissa1 actress1
Melvyn1 actor1
Mercedes2 actresses2
Meryl1 actress1
Michael2 actors, 2 directors4
Michel1 director1
Mike1 director1
Miloš1 director1
Mira1 actress1
Miyoshi1 actress1
Mo'Nique1 actress1
Morgan1 actor1
Murray1 actor1
Natalie1 actress1
Nicolas1 actor1
Nicole1 actress1
Norma1 actress1
Norman1 director1
Octavia1 actress1
Oliver1 director1
Olivia1 actress1
Olympia1 actress1
Patricia2 actresses2
Patty1 actress1
Paul4 actors4
Peggy1 actress1
Penélope1 actress1
Peter2 actors, 1 director3
Philip1 actor1
Rachel1 actress1
Ray1 actor1
Red1 actor1
Reese1 actress1
Renée1 actress1
Rex1 actor1
Richard1 actor, 1 director2
Rita1 actress1
Robert3 actors, 4 directors7
Roberto1 actor1
Robin1 actor1
Rod1 actor1
Roman1 director1
Ron1 director1
Ronald1 actor1
Roy1 director1
Russell1 actor1
Ruth1 actress1
Sally1 actress1
Sam1 director1
Sandra1 actress1
Sandy1 actress1
Sean2 actors2
Seymour1 actor1
Shelley1 actress1
Shirley3 actresses3
Sidney1 actor1
Simone1 actress1
Sissy1 actress1
Sophia1 actress1
Spencer1 actor1
Steven2 directors2
Susan2 actresses2
Sydney1 director1
Tatum1 actress1
Teresa1 actress1
Thomas1 actor1
Tilda1 actress1
Tim1 actor1
Timothy1 actor1
Tom1 actor, 1 director2
Tommy1 actor1
Tony1 director1
Van1 actor1
Vanessa1 actress1
Victor1 actor, 1 director2
Vincente1 director1
Vivien1 actress1
Wallace1 actor1
Walter3 actors3
Warner1 actor1
Warren1 director1
Wendy1 actress1
Whoopi1 actress1
William2 actors, 2 directors4
Woody1 director1
Yul1 actor1
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