Characters in Roman Mythology

Roman mythology includes stories about the gods, the founding of Rome, its history, and more. Major sources of Roman myths include Virgil, Ovid and Livy. The myths of cultures that the Romans had contact with (and later conquered) such as the Sabines, Etruscans and Greeks had a deep influence on Roman mythology. Many deities from these traditions were absorbed or identified with existing Roman deities. For example, Juno was identified with Greek Hera and Mars was identified with Greek Ares, though they were in origin separate figures.
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Accaf2 characters2
Amataf1 character1
Annaf2 characters2
Auroraf1 character1
Barcef1 character1
Bellonaf1 character1
Beroef1 character1
Calybef1 character1
Camillaf1 character1
Canensf1 character1
Casmillaf1 character1
Ceresf1 character1
Deiphobef1 character1
Dianaf1 character1
Egeriaf1 character1
Feroniaf1 character1
Floraf1 character1
Fortunaf1 character1
Hersiliaf1 character1
Iliaf1 character1
Junof1 character1
Juturnaf1 character1
Larinaf1 character1
Larundaf1 character1
Laviniaf3 characters3
Liberaf1 character1
Libertasf1 character1
Libitinaf1 character1
Lucinaf1 character1
Lucretiaf2 characters2
Lunaf1 character1
Minervaf1 character1
Opisf1 character1
Opsf1 character1
Paxf1 character1
Peridiaf1 character1
Pholoef1 character1
Pomonaf1 character1
Pompiliaf1 character1
Proserpinaf1 character1
Pyrgof1 character1
Rheaf1 character1
Romaf3 characters3
Salusf1 character1
Silviaf1 character1
Spesf1 character1
Tarpeiaf2 characters2
Terraf1 character1
Theanof1 character1
Tullaf1 character1
Tulliaf1 character1
Veniliaf1 character1
Venusf1 character1
Vestaf1 character1
Victoriaf1 character1
Voluptaf1 character1
Abarism1 character1
Abasm1 character1
Achatesm1 character1
Acmonm1 character1
Acoetesm1 character1
Acronm1 character1
Acrotam1 character1
Actorm1 character1
Aeneasm1 character1
Aeolusm1 character1
Agism1 character1
Agrippam1 character1
Albam1 character1
Albanusm1 character1
Alcanderm1 character1
Alcanorm2 characters2
Alcathousm1 character1
Aletesm1 character1
Allodiusm1 character1
Almom2 characters2
Amastrusm1 character1
Amycusm3 characters3
Anchemolusm1 character1
Ancusm1 character1
Antaeusm1 character1
Antheusm1 character1
Antiphatesm1 character1
Antoresm1 character1
Anxurm1 character1
Aphidnusm1 character1
Apollom1 character1
Aquicolusm1 character1
Aquitesm1 character1
Arcetiusm1 character1
Archippusm1 character1
Arrunsm2 characters2
Asbutesm1 character1
Asilasm2 characters2
Asiusm1 character1
Astyrm1 character1
Atinasm1 character1
Atysm1 character1
Aunusm1 character1
Aventinusm2 characters2
Bacchusm1 character1
Bitiasm1 character1
Butesm3 characters3
Caeculusm1 character1
Caedicusm2 characters2
Caeliusm1 character1
Caelusm1 character1
Caeneusm1 character1
Caicusm1 character1
Camersm1 character1
Capetusm1 character1
Capysm1 character1
Castorm1 character1
Catillusm1 character1
Celerm1 character1
Cethegusm1 character1
Chloreusm1 character1
Chromism1 character1
Cinyrasm1 character1
Cisseusm1 character1
Clarusm1 character1
Claususm1 character1
Cloanthusm1 character1
Cloniusm2 characters2
Clonusm1 character1
Clytiusm1 character1
Consusm1 character1
Corasm1 character1
Corynaeusm1 character1
Cretheusm2 characters2
Crinisusm1 character1
Cupavom1 character1
Cupencusm1 character1
Cupidm1 character1
Cydonm1 character1
Daresm1 character1
Daucusm1 character1
Demodocusm1 character1
Demophoonm1 character1
Dercennusm1 character1
Dioresm1 character1
Dioxippusm1 character1
Dispaterm1 character1
Dolichaonm1 character1
Doryclusm1 character1
Drancesm1 character1
Dryopsm1 character1
Entellusm1 character1
Epitusm1 character1
Epulom1 character1
Epytidesm1 character1
Erichaetesm1 character1
Erulusm1 character1
Erymasm1 character1
Eumedesm1 character1
Eumelusm1 character1
Euneusm1 character1
Euryalusm1 character1
Eurytionm1 character1
Eurytusm1 character1
Evanderm1 character1
Evanthesm1 character1
Fadusm1 character1
Faunusm2 characters2
Faustulusm1 character1
Galaesusm1 character1
Gyasm2 characters2
Gygesm1 character1
Gylippusm1 character1
Haemonm1 character1
Haliusm1 character1
Halysm1 character1
Harpalycusm1 character1
Hebrusm1 character1
Helenorm1 character1
Helymusm1 character1
Herbesusm1 character1
Herculesm1 character1
Herminiusm1 character1
Hippocoonm1 character1
Hippotesm1 character1
Hisbom1 character1
Hostiliusm1 character1
Hydaspesm1 character1
Hyllusm1 character1
Iapism1 character1
Iasusm1 character1
Idasm1 character1
Ilioneusm1 character1
Ilusm1 character1
Imaonm1 character1
Iollasm1 character1
Iopasm1 character1
Ismarusm1 character1
Itysm1 character1
Janusm1 character1
Juliusm1 character1
Jupiterm1 character1
Ladonm1 character1
Lagusm1 character1
Lamusm1 character1
Lamyrusm1 character1
Laridesm1 character1
Latagusm1 character1
Latinusm2 characters2
Leucaspism1 character1
Liberm1 character1
Lichasm1 character1
Ligerm1 character1
Lirism1 character1
Lucagusm1 character1
Lucasm1 character1
Lucetiusm1 character1
Luciusm1 character1
Lucumom1 character1
Lycaonm2 characters2
Lycusm2 characters2
Lynceusm1 character1
Maeonm1 character1
Magusm1 character1
Marsm1 character1
Massicusm1 character1
Melampusm1 character1
Menestheusm1 character1
Menoetesm1 character1
Mercurym1 character1
Meropesm1 character1
Messapusm1 character1
Metiscusm1 character1
Metiusm1 character1
Mettiusm1 character1
Mimasm1 character1
Mnestheusm1 character1
Modiusm1 character1
Murranusm1 character1
Nautesm1 character1
Neptunem1 character1
Niphaeusm1 character1
Nisusm1 character1
Noemonm1 character1
Numam3 characters3
Numanusm1 character1
Numiciusm1 character1
Numitorm2 characters2
Ocnusm1 character1
Oebalusm1 character1
Onitesm1 character1
Opheltesm1 character1
Orcusm1 character1
Ornytusm1 character1
Orodesm1 character1
Orontesm1 character1
Orsesm1 character1
Orsilochusm1 character1
Ortygiusm1 character1
Osirism1 character1
Pagasusm1 character1
Palmusm1 character1
Pandarusm1 character1
Panopesm1 character1
Partheniusm1 character1
Patronm1 character1
Phalerism1 character1
Pharusm1 character1
Phegeusm2 characters2
Pheresm1 character1
Pholusm1 character1
Picusm1 character1
Pilumnusm1 character1
Polluxm1 character1
Polyphoetesm1 character1
Pomponm2 characters2
Potitiusm1 character1
Priamm1 character1
Procam1 character1
Promulusm1 character1
Prytanism1 character1
Publiusm1 character1
Pygmalionm1 character1
Quercensm1 character1
Quirinusm1 character1
Rapom1 character1
Rasennam1 character1
Remulusm3 characters3
Remusm2 characters2
Rhoeteusm1 character1
Rhoetusm1 character1
Robigusm1 character1
Romanusm1 character1
Romism1 character1
Romulusm1 character1
Romusm1 character1
Sabinusm1 character1
Sabusm1 character1
Sacesm1 character1
Sacratorm1 character1
Sagarism1 character1
Saliusm2 characters2
Sancusm1 character1
Saturnm1 character1
Serestusm1 character1
Sergestusm1 character1
Serranusm1 character1
Serviusm1 character1
Sextusm1 character1
Silvanusm1 character1
Silviusm2 characters2
Solm1 character1
Spuriusm4 characters4
Sthenelusm1 character1
Stheniusm1 character1
Strymoniusm1 character1
Sucrom1 character1
Sulmom1 character1
Summanusm1 character1
Sybarism1 character1
Sychaeusm1 character1
Tagusm1 character1
Talasiusm1 character1
Tallusm1 character1
Talosm1 character1
Tanaism1 character1
Tarchetiusm1 character1
Tarchonm1 character1
Tarquiniusm3 characters3
Tarquitusm1 character1
Tatiusm1 character1
Telonm1 character1
Tereusm1 character1
Terminusm1 character1
Teuthrasm1 character1
Thamyrusm1 character1
Themonm1 character1
Theronm1 character1
Thersilochusm1 character1
Thoasm1 character1
Throniusm1 character1
Thybrism1 character1
Thymberm1 character1
Thymbraeusm1 character1
Thymbrism1 character1
Thymoetesm1 character1
Tiberinusm2 characters2
Tiburtusm1 character1
Tmarusm1 character1
Tullusm1 character1
Turnusm1 character1
Tyresm1 character1
Tyrrheusm1 character1
Tyrsenusm1 character1
Ufensm1 character1
Ulyssesm1 character1
Umbrom1 character1
Valeriusm1 character1
Valerusm1 character1
Velesusm1 character1
Venulusm1 character1
Vertumnusm2 characters2
Virbiusm2 characters2
Volesusm1 character1
Volscensm1 character1
Volususm2 characters2
Vulcanm1 character1
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