Notable Scientists and Inventors by Frequency of Name


Henry1 chemist, 2 inventors
James1 biologist, 1 inventor, 1 physicist
Alexander1 biologist, 1 inventor
Carl1 biologist, 1 physicist
Christian1 inventor, 1 physicist
Edward1 biologist, 1 physicist
John1 chemist, 1 inventor
Marie2 physicists
Max2 physicists
Pierre1 astronomer, 1 physicist
Albert1 physicist
Alessandro1 physicist
Alfred1 chemist/inventor
Amedeo1 chemist
Anders1 astronomer
André1 physicist
Andreas1 physician
Antoine1 chemist
Baptiste1 biologist
Benjamin1 physicist
Charles1 biologist
Christiaan1 astronomer/physicist
Claude1 biologist
Clerk1 physicist
Daniel1 inventor
David1 inventor
Dmitriy1 chemist
Dunbar1 inventor
Edmond1 astronomer
Edwin1 astronomer
Eliphalet1 inventor
Enrico1 physicist
Ernest1 physicist
Erwin1 physicist
Ferdinand1 inventor
Francis1 biologist
Franz1 anthropologist
Friedrich1 physicist
Galen1 physician
Galileo1 physicist
Georg1 physicist
George1 inventor
Gottlieb1 inventor
Graham1 inventor
Gregor1 biologist
Hans1 physicist
Henri1 physicist
Horace1 inventor
Humphry1 chemist
Isaac1 physicist
Jane1 biologist
Jean1 biologist
Johannes1 physicist
Jonas1 physician
Karl1 inventor
Linus1 chemist
Louis1 chemist
Luigi1 physicist
Michael1 physicist
Nicolaus1 astronomer
Niels1 physicist
Nikola1 inventor
Orville1 inventor
Paul1 physicist
Pliny1 naturalist
Rachel1 biologist
Richard1 physicist
Robert1 physicist
Rudolf1 physician
Samuel1 inventor
Simon1 astronomer
Stephen1 physicist
Thomas1 inventor
Tycho1 astronomer
Werner1 physicist
Wilbur1 inventor