Notable Scientists and Inventors

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names from the world of science and invention. These lists do not include philosophers, mathematicians, psychologists, theologians who are instead listed with the famous thinkers.
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Abraham1 physicist1
Adolphe1 inventor1
Albert2 physicists2
Alberto1 inventor1
Alessandro1 physicist1
Alexander1 biologist, 1 inventor2
Alfred1 geologist, 1 biologist/naturalist, 1 chemist/inventor3
Almon1 inventor1
Alois1 inventor1
Amedeo1 chemist1
Amil1 astronomer1
Anders1 astronomer1
André1 physicist1
Andreas1 physician1
Andrei1 physicist1
Annie1 astronomer1
Antoine1 chemist1
Antonia1 astronomer1
Antonie1 biologist1
Antonio1 inventor1
Apollonius1 astronomer1
Aristarchus1 astronomer1
Arthur1 astronomer/physicist1
Asım1 physicist1
Augustin1 inventor, 1 physicist2
Ayyub1 physicist1
Baptiste1 biologist1
Barnaba1 astronomer1
Basarab1 physicist1
Benjamin1 physicist1
Britton1 chemist1
Brown1 inventor1
Bruce1 geologist1
Carl1 astronomer, 1 biologist, 1 physicist3
Cecilia1 astronomer1
Charles1 astronomer, 1 biologist, 1 chemist, 2 inventors, 1 physicist, 1 astronomer/physicist7
Christiaan1 astronomer/physicist1
Christian1 inventor, 1 physicist2
Clair1 chemist1
Claude1 biologist, 1 physicist2
Clerk1 physicist1
Daniel1 inventor, 2 physicists3
David1 chemist, 1 inventor, 1 naturalist, 1 astronomer/inventor4
Denis1 inventor1
Diderik1 physicist1
Dmitriy1 chemist1
Domenico1 astronomer1
Dunbar1 inventor1
Edmond1 astronomer1
Eduard1 inventor1
Edward1 biologist, 1 physicist, 1 astronomer/physicist3
Edwin1 astronomer1
Ejnar1 astronomer/chemist1
Eliphalet1 inventor1
Emanoil1 chemist/physicist1
Emil1 chemist1
Enrico1 physicist1
Ernest1 physicist1
Ernő1 inventor1
Ernst1 biologist, 1 physicist2
Erwin1 physicist1
Evangelista1 physicist1
Ferdinand2 inventors2
Fox1 inventor1
Frances1 astronomer/physicist1
Francis1 biologist1
Frank1 inventor1
Franz1 anthropologist1
Friedrich1 naturalist, 1 physicist2
Fritz1 astronomer1
Gabriel2 physicists2
Gaja1 physicist1
Galen1 physician1
Galileo1 physicist1
Georg1 physicist1
George4 inventors4
Georges1 biologist1
Gerard1 astronomer1
Giovanni1 astronomer1
Gottlieb1 inventor1
Graham1 inventor1
Gregor1 biologist1
Guglielmo1 inventor1
Guidobaldo1 astronomer1
Gustav1 physicist1
Guy1 inventor1
Hans1 physicist1
Heinrich1 archeologist1
Hendrik1 physicist1
Henri1 physicist1
Henrietta1 astronomer1
Henry2 astronomers, 1 biologist, 1 chemist, 3 inventors7
Herman1 inventor1
Hermann1 chemist, 1 physicist2
Hipparchus1 astronomer1
Hippocrates1 physician1
Horace1 inventor1
Humphry1 chemist1
Hyde1 chemist/physicist1
Igor1 inventor1
Isaac1 physicist1
Ivan1 physician1
Jabir1 chemist1
Jacob1 chemist1
Jacobus1 astronomer1
James1 astronomer, 2 biologists, 1 inventor, 2 physicists6
Jan1 astronomer1
Jane1 biologist1
Jean1 biologist, 1 inventor2
Johannes1 inventor, 2 physicists3
John1 astronomer, 1 biologist, 1 chemist, 2 inventors5
Jonas1 physician1
Jöns1 chemist1
Joseph1 chemist, 3 inventors4
Julian1 biologist1
Justus1 chemist1
Karl2 inventors2
Konrad1 biologist, 1 inventor2
Kumar1 astronomer1
Leo1 inventor1
Leonardo1 inventor1
Linus1 chemist, 1 inventor2
Lise1 physicist1
Logie1 inventor1
Louis2 chemists, 3 inventors, 1 physicist6
Ludwig1 physicist1
Luigi1 physicist1
Lun1 inventor1
Marie1 geologist, 1 inventor, 2 physicists4
Max2 physicists2
Michael1 physicist1
Michel1 naturalist1
Mijat1 anthropologist1
Mikhail1 physicist1
Niccolò1 astronomer1
Nicéphore1 inventor1
Nicolas1 inventor1
Nicolaus1 astronomer1
Niels1 physicist1
Nikola1 inventor1
Nikolaus1 inventor1
Norris1 astronomer1
Ole1 astronomer1
Orhan1 physicist1
Orville1 inventor1
Otto1 chemist, 1 naturalist2
Paracelsus1 physician1
Paul1 physicist1
Pierre1 astronomer, 1 inventor, 1 physicist3
Pieter1 physicist1
Pliny1 naturalist1
Prescott1 physicist1
Ptolemy1 astronomer1
Rachel1 biologist1
Richard1 biologist, 1 inventor, 1 physicist3
Robert1 astronomer, 1 chemist, 1 inventor, 1 naturalist, 2 physicists6
Rowland1 inventor1
Rudolf1 inventor, 1 physician2
Russel1 biologist/naturalist1
Samuel1 geologist, 2 inventors3
Sarah1 astronomer/physicist1
Sheila1 anthropologist1
Simon1 astronomer1
Slavoljub1 inventor1
Stawell1 astronomer1
Stephen1 physicist1
Stewart1 inventor1
Svante1 chemist1
Swan1 astronomer1
Thomas1 biologist, 2 inventors, 1 physicist4
Tim1 inventor1
Tycho1 astronomer1
Valentine1 geologist1
Vannevar1 inventor1
Vera1 astronomer1
Vesto1 astronomer1
Vincas1 physician1
Warren1 geologist1
Werner1 inventor, 1 physicist2
Wilbur1 inventor1
Wilhelm1 chemist, 1 inventor, 2 physicists4
William3 astronomers, 1 physicist, 1 chemist/physicist5
Williamina1 astronomer1
Willis1 inventor1
Wolfgang1 physicist1
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