Shakespearian Characters

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William Shakespeare was a writer and actor who lived from 1564 to 1616. Although he was successful and admired in his own time, it was not until the later part of the 18th century that he came to be thought of as a universal genius.

The Folio, which this list is based upon, was started soon after Shakespeare's death in 1616. It was concluded 7 years later in 1623 and contained what were considered Shakespeare's collected plays. Shakespeare's impressive poetry (e.g. Venus and Adonis, The Rape of Lucrece) and his sonnets were not found in the Folio.

Today we have knowledge of two lost plays (Cardenio and Love's Labour's Won) and two other plays (Pericles and The Two Noble Kinsmen) which were not included in the 1623 Folio, perhaps because they were collaborative works. Since this list is based on the Folio, the names from the other plays are not included.

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Aaron1 character1
Abhorson1 character1
Abraham1 character1
Abram1 character1
Achilles1 character1
Adam1 character1
Adrian2 characters2
Adriana1 character1
Adriano1 character1
Aemilius1 character1
Aeneas1 character1
Agamemnon1 character1
Agrippa1 character1
Ajax1 character1
Alarbus1 character1
Alcibiades1 character1
Alexander3 characters3
Alexas1 character1
Alice2 characters2
Aliena1 character1
Alonso1 character1
Amiens1 character1
Andrew1 character1
Andromache1 character1
Angelo2 characters2
Angus1 character1
Anne3 characters3
Antenor1 character1
Anthony4 characters4
Antigonus1 character1
Antipholus2 characters2
Antonio5 characters5
Apemantus1 character1
Archidamus1 character1
Ariel1 character1
Artemidorus1 character1
Arthur1 character1
Arviragus1 character1
Asmath1 character1
Audrey1 character1
Augustus1 character1
Autolycus1 character1
Bagot1 character1
Balthasar4 characters4
Banquo1 character1
Baptista1 character1
Bardolph1 character1
Barnardine1 character1
Barnardo1 character1
Bartholomew1 character1
Bassanio1 character1
Basset1 character1
Bassianus1 character1
Beatrice1 character1
Belarius1 character1
Benedick1 character1
Benvolio1 character1
Bertram1 character1
Bianca2 characters2
Biondello1 character1
Biron1 character1
Blanche1 character1
Bona1 character1
Borachio1 character1
Boyet1 character1
Brabanzio1 character1
Brandon1 character1
Bushy1 character1
Caithness1 character1
Caius8 characters8
Calchas1 character1
Caliban1 character1
Calpurnia1 character1
Cambio1 character1
Camidius1 character1
Camillo1 character1
Caphis1 character1
Capuchius1 character1
Capulet1 character1
Casca1 character1
Cassandra1 character1
Cato1 character1
Celia1 character1
Ceres1 character1
Cesario1 character1
Charles3 characters3
Charmian1 character1
Chatillon1 character1
Chiron1 character1
Christopher2 characters2
Cicero1 character1
Cinna2 characters2
Claudio2 characters2
Claudius2 characters2
Cleomenes1 character1
Cleopatra1 character1
Clitus1 character1
Cloten1 character1
Cobweb1 character1
Cominius1 character1
Conrade1 character1
Constance1 character1
Cordelia1 character1
Corin1 character1
Cornelius2 characters2
Costard1 character1
Cressida1 character1
Cupid1 character1
Curan1 character1
Curio1 character1
Curtis1 character1
Cymbeline1 character1
Dardanius1 character1
Davy1 character1
Decius1 character1
Decretas1 character1
Deiphobus1 character1
Demetrius3 characters3
Dennis1 character1
Desdemona1 character1
Diana1 character1
Dick1 character1
Diomedes2 characters2
Dion1 character1
Dogberry1 character1
Dolabella1 character1
Doll1 character1
Domitius1 character1
Donalbain1 character1
Dorcas1 character1
Dromio2 characters2
Dumaine1 character1
Duncan1 character1
Edgar1 character1
Edmund3 characters3
Edward4 characters4
Egeon1 character1
Egeus1 character1
Eglamour1 character1
Elbow1 character1
Eleanor2 characters2
Elizabeth2 characters2
Emilia3 characters3
Emmanuel1 character1
Eros1 character1
Escalus2 characters2
Euphronius1 character1
Fabian1 character1
Fang1 character1
Fenton1 character1
Ferdinand2 characters2
Feste1 character1
Fidele1 character1
Flaminius1 character1
Flavius2 characters2
Fleance1 character1
Florizel1 character1
Fluellen1 character1
Fortinbras1 character1
Francesca1 character1
Francis4 characters4
Francisco2 characters2
Frank1 character1
Frederick1 character1
Froth1 character1
Gadshill1 character1
Gaius2 characters2
Gallus1 character1
Ganymede1 character1
George2 characters2
Gertrude1 character1
Gobbo1 character1
Goneril1 character1
Gonzalo1 character1
Gower2 characters2
Grandpre1 character1
Gratiano2 characters2
Green1 character1
Gregory1 character1
Gremio1 character1
Griffith1 character1
Grumio1 character1
Guiderius1 character1
Guildenstern1 character1
Hamlet1 character1
Harcourt1 character1
Hecate1 character1
Hector1 character1
Helen2 characters2
Helena2 characters2
Helenus1 character1
Henry13 characters13
Hermia1 character1
Hermione1 character1
Hero1 character1
Hippolyta1 character1
Holofernes1 character1
Horatio1 character1
Hortensio1 character1
Hortensius1 character1
Hostilius1 character1
Hubert1 character1
Hugh2 characters2
Humphrey4 characters4
Hymen1 character1
Iachimo1 character1
Iago1 character1
Imogen1 character1
Iras1 character1
Iris1 character1
Isabel1 character1
Isabella1 character1
Isidore1 character1
Jack1 character1
James4 characters4
Jamy1 character1
Jaquenetta1 character1
Jaques2 characters2
Jessica1 character1
Joan1 character1
John24 characters24
Joseph1 character1
Julia1 character1
Juliet2 characters2
Julius1 character1
Junius1 character1
Juno1 character1
Jupiter1 character1
Kate1 character1
Katharine3 characters3
Katherina1 character1
Laertes1 character1
Lafew1 character1
Launce1 character1
Launcelot1 character1
Laurence1 character1
Lavatch1 character1
Lavinia1 character1
Lear1 character1
Le Beau1 character1
Lennox1 character1
Leonardo1 character1
Leonato1 character1
Leontes1 character1
Lewis2 characters2
Licio1 character1
Lodovico1 character1
Longaville1 character1
Lorenzo1 character1
Lucentio1 character1
Lucetta1 character1
Luciana1 character1
Lucianus1 character1
Lucilius2 characters2
Lucio1 character1
Lucius4 characters4
Lucullus1 character1
Lysander1 character1
Macbeth2 characters2
Macduff2 characters2
Malcolm1 character1
Malvolio1 character1
Mamillius1 character1
Marcellus1 character1
Marcius1 character1
Marcus3 characters3
Mardian1 character1
Margarelon1 character1
Margaret4 characters4
Margery1 character1
Maria2 characters2
Mariana2 characters2
Mark1 character1
Martius1 character1
Matthew1 character1
Maud1 character1
Menas1 character1
Menecrates1 character1
Menelaus1 character1
Menenius1 character1
Menteith1 character1
Mercade1 character1
Mercutio1 character1
Messala1 character1
Metellus1 character1
Michael3 characters3
Miranda1 character1
Montague1 character1
Montano1 character1
Montjoy1 character1
Mopsa1 character1
Morton1 character1
Moth2 characters2
Murellus1 character1
Mustardseed1 character1
Mutius1 character1
Nathaniel2 characters2
Nell1 character1
Nerissa1 character1
Nestor1 character1
Nicanor1 character1
Nicholas2 characters2
Nick1 character1
Nym1 character1
Oberon1 character1
Octavia1 character1
Octavius1 character1
Oliver2 characters2
Olivia1 character1
Ophelia1 character1
Orlando1 character1
Orsino1 character1
Osric1 character1
Oswald1 character1
Othello1 character1
Overdone1 character1
Owen1 character1
Pandarus1 character1
Pandolf1 character1
Panthino1 character1
Paris2 characters2
Parolles1 character1
Patience1 character1
Patroclus1 character1
Paulina1 character1
Peaseblossom1 character1
Pedro1 character1
Perdita1 character1
Peter8 characters8
Peto1 character1
Petruchio2 characters2
Phebe1 character1
Philario2 characters2
Philip3 characters3
Philo1 character1
Philostrate1 character1
Philotus1 character1
Phrynia1 character1
Piers1 character1
Pindarus1 character1
Pisanio1 character1
Pistol1 character1
Polixenes1 character1
Polonius1 character1
Pompey1 character1
Popilius1 character1
Portia2 characters2
Posthumus1 character1
Priam1 character1
Prospero1 character1
Proteus1 character1
Publius3 characters3
Quickly1 character1
Quintus1 character1
Ralph1 character1
Regan1 character1
Reignier1 character1
Reynaldo2 characters2
Richard9 characters9
Robert3 characters3
Robin3 characters3
Roderigo1 character1
Roger1 character1
Romeo1 character1
Rosalind1 character1
Rosaline1 character1
Rosencrantz1 character1
Rosse1 character1
Rowland1 character1
Rumour1 character1
Salarino1 character1
Sampson1 character1
Saturninus1 character1
Saunder1 character1
Scarus1 character1
Sebastian2 characters2
Seleucus1 character1
Sempronius2 characters2
Servilius1 character1
Sextus1 character1
Seyton1 character1
Shylock1 character1
Sicilius1 character1
Sicinius1 character1
Silence1 character1
Silius1 character1
Silvia1 character1
Silvius1 character1
Simon1 character1
Siward2 characters2
Smith1 character1
Snare1 character1
Sneak1 character1
Snug1 character1
Solanio1 character1
Solinus1 character1
Speed1 character1
Stephano2 characters2
Stephen2 characters2
Strato1 character1
Sycorax1 character1
Tamora1 character1
Thersites1 character1
Theseus1 character1
Thidias1 character1
Thomas17 characters17
Thurio1 character1
Timandra1 character1
Time1 character1
Timon1 character1
Titania1 character1
Titinius1 character1
Titus4 characters4
Toby1 character1
Tom1 character1
Touchstone1 character1
Tranio1 character1
Travers1 character1
Trinculo1 character1
Troilus1 character1
Tubal1 character1
Tullus1 character1
Tybalt1 character1
Ulysses1 character1
Ursula1 character1
Valentine3 characters3
Valeria1 character1
Varrius2 characters2
Varro2 characters2
Vaux1 character1
Ventidius1 character1
Verges1 character1
Vernon1 character1
Vincentio2 characters2
Vintner1 character1
Viola1 character1
Violenta1 character1
Virgilia1 character1
Voltimand1 character1
Volumnia1 character1
Volumnius1 character1
Walter4 characters4
William10 characters10
Woodvile1 character1
Yorick1 character1
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