Notable Athletes

This list is comprised of some of the most recognizable names in sport. See also the list of Olympians for those who have competed in the Olympics and won medals.
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Joe11 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 boxing, 10 football, 5 ice hockey, 4 soccer35
John4 baseball, 8 basketball, 10 football, 1 ice hockey, 6 soccer, 1 tennis30
George7 baseball, 3 basketball, 1 boxing, 6 football, 5 ice hockey, 2 soccer24
Bill4 baseball, 4 basketball, 4 football, 7 ice hockey, 1 tennis20
Frank3 baseball, 1 basketball, 4 football, 9 ice hockey, 3 soccer20
Bob3 baseball, 7 basketball, 6 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 tennis19
Jack1 baseball, 2 basketball, 2 boxing, 1 driving, 5 football, 1 golf, 6 ice hockey, 1 soccer19
Mike2 baseball, 1 boxing, 1 driving, 10 football, 3 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis19
David2 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey, 11 soccer17
Harry2 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 football, 11 ice hockey, 1 soccer17
Jim7 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 driving, 8 football17
Paul2 baseball, 2 basketball, 2 chess, 5 football, 1 ice hockey, 5 soccer17
Bobby2 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 chess, 3 football, 1 golf, 4 ice hockey, 3 soccer16
Carlos1 basketball, 1 driving, 13 soccer15
Jan1 cricket, 1 football, 1 skiing, 11 soccer, 1 tennis15
Chris2 basketball, 1 cycling, 7 football, 3 soccer, 1 tennis14
James1 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 driving, 4 football, 6 soccer14
Andre1 baseball, 1 basketball, 5 football, 4 soccer, 1 tennis, 1 wrestling13
Jean2 ice hockey, 8 soccer, 1 tennis11
Juan1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 driving, 7 soccer, 1 tennis11
Steve1 baseball, 5 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 skiing, 2 soccer11
Tom1 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 football, 1 golf, 2 ice hockey, 2 soccer11
Willie5 baseball, 1 boxing, 5 football11
Ivan1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 5 soccer, 2 tennis, 1 water polo10
Johnny3 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 1 swimming10
José1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 chess, 7 soccer10
Sam3 baseball, 1 basketball, 4 football, 1 golf, 1 soccer10
Alex1 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey, 4 soccer9
Billy3 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 4 ice hockey9
Fred1 baseball, 2 football, 4 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis9
Luis1 baseball, 8 soccer9
Mario1 driving, 1 ice hockey, 1 skiing, 5 soccer, 1 tennis9
Michael1 basketball, 1 driving, 1 football, 1 handball, 4 soccer, 1 tennis9
Robert1 baseball, 3 basketball, 1 football, 4 soccer9
Charles3 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 soccer8
Dan1 baseball, 1 basketball, 5 football, 1 ice hockey8
Dave2 baseball, 3 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey8
Denis2 handball, 2 ice hockey, 4 soccer8
Dick1 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey, 2 soccer8
Ed2 baseball, 2 basketball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer8
Eddie4 baseball, 1 football, 3 ice hockey8
Max1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 boxing, 1 driving, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis8
Roy1 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 1 tennis8
Tony3 baseball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 skateboarding8
Andy1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 1 tennis7
Daniel1 driving, 1 handball, 5 soccer7
Earl1 baseball, 2 basketball, 3 football, 1 ice hockey7
Ernie2 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer7
Igor1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 4 soccer, 1 water polo7
Jacques1 cycling, 1 football, 3 ice hockey, 2 soccer7
Johan2 handball, 5 soccer7
Larry1 baseball, 1 basketball, 3 football, 2 ice hockey7
Peter1 ice hockey, 6 soccer7
Ray3 baseball, 1 boxing, 2 football, 1 ice hockey7
Ryan3 football, 3 soccer, 1 track7
Alan1 driving, 2 football, 3 soccer6
Ben1 baseball, 1 golf, 4 soccer6
Charlie1 baseball, 2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 skating6
Gary1 baseball, 1 football, 1 golf, 3 soccer6
Goran2 handball, 2 soccer, 2 tennis6
Jason1 cycling, 4 football, 1 soccer6
Jimmy1 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer, 1 tennis6
Lou4 baseball, 2 football6
Mark1 football, 2 ice hockey, 3 soccer6
Roberto2 baseball, 1 driving, 3 soccer6
Roger2 baseball, 2 football, 1 soccer, 1 tennis6
Roman6 soccer6
Sergio2 basketball, 1 driving, 3 soccer6
Ted2 baseball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 skiing6
Tomáš6 soccer6
Tommy1 baseball, 1 football, 3 ice hockey, 1 soccer6
Wim6 soccer6
Adrián1 baseball, 1 basketball, 3 soccer5
Almir5 soccer5
Art3 football, 2 ice hockey5
Bruce1 baseball, 1 driving, 2 football, 1 ice hockey5
Diego5 soccer5
Felipe1 basketball, 2 driving, 2 soccer5
Fernando1 basketball, 1 driving, 3 soccer5
Héctor1 ice hockey, 4 soccer5
Henry1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 boxing, 2 football5
Ken2 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 tennis5
Marcus1 driving, 3 football, 1 soccer5
Patrick1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 2 soccer5
Richard1 baseball, 1 football, 1 soccer, 2 tennis5
Rod1 baseball, 1 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 tennis5
Ron1 baseball, 2 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer5
Stan2 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer5
Tim1 baseball, 1 ice hockey, 3 soccer5
Victor3 basketball, 2 soccer5
Vladimir3 handball, 2 soccer5
Walter2 baseball, 1 football, 1 golf, 1 ice hockey5
William2 basketball, 2 football, 1 handball5
Al2 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey4
Alberto1 driving, 3 soccer4
Alexander1 basketball, 1 chess, 1 driving, 1 soccer4
Alvaro1 handball, 3 soccer4
Anel4 soccer4
Antonio1 football, 3 soccer4
Arthur1 ice hockey, 2 soccer, 1 tennis4
Bruno1 handball, 3 soccer4
Chuck1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey4
Danny1 football, 3 soccer4
Dennis1 baseball, 2 basketball, 1 soccer4
Dino2 basketball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer4
Don2 baseball, 2 football4
Doug1 football, 3 ice hockey4
Éric1 football, 3 soccer4
Gordon2 ice hockey, 2 soccer4
Guy1 football, 2 ice hockey, 1 soccer4
Jackie1 baseball, 1 driving, 2 football4
Javier4 soccer4
Josh1 baseball, 2 football, 1 soccer4
Julio2 boxing, 1 football, 1 soccer4
Kevin3 basketball, 1 driving4
Lucas4 soccer4
Marc1 basketball, 3 soccer4
Martin1 baseball, 1 soccer, 2 tennis4
Mel1 baseball, 3 football4
Michel1 ice hockey, 3 soccer4
Nick4 football4
Oliver1 ice hockey, 3 soccer4
Oscar1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 soccer4
Pete1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 football, 1 tennis4
Pierre1 ice hockey, 3 soccer4
Rafael3 soccer, 1 tennis4
Red3 baseball, 1 football4
Ricardo1 football, 3 soccer4
Robin2 baseball, 1 soccer, 1 tennis4
Ruud4 soccer4
Sandro1 skiing, 2 soccer, 1 water polo4
Thomas1 baseball, 1 basketball, 2 soccer4
Wayne1 football, 1 ice hockey, 2 soccer4
Abdul3 soccer3
Adam3 soccer3
Ade1 football, 2 soccer3
Adil3 soccer3
Adis3 soccer3
Admir3 soccer3
Aldin2 soccer, 1 volleyball3
Aleksandr3 soccer3
Andreas1 handball, 2 soccer3
Andrés3 soccer3
Anes3 soccer3
Ángel1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Angelo1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Anthony1 basketball, 1 football, 1 soccer3
Archie1 football, 2 soccer3
Arnie1 basketball, 2 football3
Artur3 soccer3
Barry2 baseball, 1 football3
Benoît3 soccer3
Bernard1 football, 2 soccer3
Bernie3 ice hockey3
Bert1 baseball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Betül1 chess, 1 handball, 1 ice hockey3
Brandon3 football3
Brian2 football, 1 ice hockey3
Bryan2 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Buck2 baseball, 1 football3
Carl2 baseball, 1 football3
Cecil1 football, 2 ice hockey3
César1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Clarence1 football, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Cláudio3 soccer3
Clyde2 basketball, 1 football3
Cristian3 soccer3
Curtis2 football, 1 soccer3
Didier1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 1 skiing3
Dominique1 basketball, 1 football, 1 skiing3
Edgar1 ice hockey, 2 soccer3
Edwin3 soccer3
Efe1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Eldin3 soccer3
Elemér2 soccer, 1 swimming3
Erfan1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Fabián3 soccer3
Floyd1 boxing, 1 football, 1 soccer3
Francisco3 soccer3
Fritz1 football, 1 skiing, 1 soccer3
Gene2 football, 1 golf3
Glenn1 football, 2 ice hockey3
Hakan1 ice hockey, 2 soccer3
Hal1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 soccer3
Harold1 baseball, 1 basketball, 1 ice hockey3
Herb1 baseball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Irfan1 cricket, 1 handball, 1 soccer3
Jeremiah3 football3
Jerome1 football, 1 handball, 1 soccer3
Jerry2 basketball, 1 football3
Jesse2 baseball, 1 track3
Jesús3 soccer3
Jonas2 handball, 1 soccer3
Jonathan1 football, 2 soccer3
Jonny3 soccer3
Jordan2 football, 1 soccer3
Justin3 football3
Keenan3 football3
Kenan1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Kim2 handball, 1 tennis3
Leon2 baseball, 1 football3
Leroy1 football, 2 soccer3
Luc1 handball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Luiz3 soccer3
Mahir3 soccer3
Marcel2 ice hockey, 1 skiing3
Marcelo3 soccer3
Marco3 soccer3
Maria1 skiing, 2 tennis3
Matt2 football, 1 soccer3
Mattias3 handball3
Mickey3 baseball3
Milan3 soccer3
Miroslav1 ice hockey, 2 soccer3
Nadiya1 skiing, 2 swimming3
Naim1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Nassim3 soccer3
Neil1 basketball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Nico2 driving, 1 soccer3
Nikola1 handball, 1 soccer, 1 tennis3
Ognjen2 soccer, 1 water polo3
Oleksandr3 soccer3
Omar1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Oriol1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Panagiotis3 soccer3
Pavel3 soccer3
Phil2 baseball, 1 ice hockey3
Piet3 soccer3
Quinton1 cricket, 2 football3
Randall3 football3
Ratomir1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Raúl1 chess, 2 soccer3
Ricky1 basketball, 1 football, 1 soccer3
Ronald1 football, 2 soccer3
Rube3 baseball3
Ruben3 soccer3
Russell1 basketball, 1 football, 1 ice hockey3
Samed3 soccer3
Samuel1 handball, 2 soccer3
Semir1 martial arts, 2 soccer3
Serdar3 soccer3
Serge1 basketball, 1 ice hockey, 1 soccer3
Sergei2 basketball, 1 soccer3
Soheil1 driving, 2 soccer3
Talita1 martial arts, 1 swimming, 1 volleyball3
Thiago3 soccer3
Tino2 cricket, 1 water polo3
Travis1 baseball, 2 football3
Tre1 cricket, 2 football3
Walt2 basketball, 1 football3
Yaser1 boxing, 2 soccer3
Yevhen3 soccer3
Yogev1 basketball, 2 soccer3
Aaron2 soccer2
Abdulkadir2 soccer2
Aco1 handball, 1 soccer2
Adebayo2 soccer2
Ahmad1 football, 1 martial arts2
Akeem2 football2
Albert1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Aldo2 soccer2
Aleksandar2 basketball2
Alexandre1 martial arts, 1 soccer2
Alexandru2 soccer2
Alexis1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Alfredo2 soccer2
Ali2 soccer2
Allan1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Alo2 soccer2
Amela1 soccer, 1 track2
Ana2 handball2
Anatolie2 soccer2
Anatoliy1 chess, 1 soccer2
Andrea1 handball, 1 tennis2
Andrei1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Andriy2 soccer2
Angelos2 soccer2
Ante2 soccer2
Arnold1 golf, 1 soccer2
Artem2 soccer2
Arvīds1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Asim1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Bailey1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Barney1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Bartosz2 soccer2
Benjamin2 soccer2
Bennie1 basketball, 1 football2
Betina1 skating, 1 tennis2
Biljana1 handball, 1 track2
Blaine1 baseball, 1 football2
Branden2 football2
Brett1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Brice1 football, 1 soccer2
Brock2 football2
Bryce2 football2
Burhan2 soccer2
Cal1 baseball, 1 football2
Cam1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Camilo2 soccer2
Cédric1 handball, 1 soccer2
Charley2 football2
Chikondi2 soccer2
Christian1 basketball, 1 football2
Cliff1 basketball, 1 football2
Clint2 ice hockey2
Codruț2 soccer2
Cody2 football2
Connor2 football2
Conor2 soccer2
Cooper2 football2
Cortez2 football2
Cosmin2 soccer2
Cüneyt1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Cy1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Dacian1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Dalibor1 handball, 1 skiing2
Damian2 soccer2
Damir1 boxing, 1 water polo2
Danijel2 soccer2
Dante1 football, 1 soccer2
Dario2 soccer2
Darius2 basketball2
Darrell2 football2
Daryl1 football, 1 soccer2
Davon2 football2
Davor1 handball, 1 soccer2
DeAngelo2 football2
Denny1 driving, 1 soccer2
Denys2 soccer2
Devin2 football2
Dexter1 baseball, 1 football2
Dickie2 ice hockey2
Dimitris2 soccer2
Djurdjina2 handball2
Dmitri2 soccer2
Domagoj1 handball, 1 soccer2
Donte2 football2
Dorinel2 soccer2
Dražen2 basketball2
Duke1 baseball, 1 football2
Dwight2 football2
Edda1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Eduardo2 soccer2
Elmar2 soccer2
Elmer1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Elvin1 basketball, 1 football2
Emanoil1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Emmanuel1 boxing, 1 football2
Emmitt2 football2
Emre2 soccer2
Enzo1 driving, 1 soccer2
Ernestas1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Faruk2 soccer2
Ferid2 soccer2
Filip1 handball, 1 soccer2
Forrest1 basketball, 1 football2
Franco1 football, 1 soccer2
Franjo1 basketball, 1 track2
Freddie1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Gabriel2 soccer2
Gareth2 soccer2
Garry1 chess, 1 football2
Geoff1 football, 1 soccer2
Georges2 ice hockey2
Georgios2 soccer2
Gerónimo1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Giannis2 soccer2
Gino1 cycling, 1 football2
Gioele1 driving, 1 rugby2
Giora2 soccer2
Giovani1 football, 1 soccer2
Giovanni2 soccer2
Giuseppe2 soccer2
Gonzalo2 soccer2
Gordie2 ice hockey2
Graham1 driving, 1 ice hockey2
Grzegorz2 soccer2
Guillaume2 handball2
Guillermo2 soccer2
Gustavo2 soccer2
Hakeem1 basketball, 1 football2
Hamish2 cricket2
Hamit1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Hanae1 skating, 1 swimming2
Hank2 baseball2
Hans2 soccer2
Haris1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Haroon1 cricket, 1 tennis2
Henno1 cricket, 1 rugby2
Henri1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Henrique2 soccer2
Howie1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Hugh1 baseball, 1 football2
Hughie1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Hugo2 soccer2
Ido1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Ilias2 soccer2
İlyas1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Ismail1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Ivica1 skiing, 1 soccer2
Jade1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Jakub2 soccer2
Jalen2 football2
Jamie2 soccer2
Jarius2 football2
Jaroslav1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Jarvis2 football2
Jasper1 football, 1 soccer2
Javi2 soccer2
Jeff2 football2
Jennifer2 basketball2
Jeremy2 football2
Jo1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Joël2 soccer2
Johnathan2 football2
Jordi2 soccer2
Jordy1 football, 1 soccer2
Jorge2 soccer2
Josef2 soccer2
Josip1 soccer, 1 water polo2
Jovica2 soccer2
Julian2 soccer2
Julien1 skiing, 1 tennis2
Julius1 basketball, 1 football2
Junior1 football, 1 soccer2
Jürgen2 soccer2
Kaleb2 football2
Kalin1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Kamil2 soccer2
Kantemir2 soccer2
Kareem1 basketball, 1 football2
Kari2 handball2
Karl1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Kellen2 football2
Kendall2 football2
Koke2 soccer2
Kondwani1 soccer, 1 track2
Kostas2 soccer2
Krzysztof1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Kyle2 soccer2
Ladarius2 football2
LaMarr2 football2
Laura1 basketball, 1 tennis2
Lauren2 basketball2
Lee1 football, 1 soccer2
Len2 football2
Lenny1 basketball, 1 football2
Leo1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Linn2 handball2
Lionel1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Ljubiša2 soccer2
Louis1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Łukasz2 soccer2
Luke1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Lynn1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Madalitso1 golf, 1 soccer2
Major1 football, 1 tennis2
Malcolm2 football2
Malik1 boxing, 1 football2
Manuel1 driving, 1 soccer2
Marek2 soccer2
Margus1 football, 1 skating2
Marie2 soccer2
Marin1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Marion1 basketball, 1 football2
Marko2 soccer2
Marta2 handball2
Marty2 ice hockey2
Masahiko1 martial arts, 1 soccer2
Masato2 soccer2
Mason2 football2
Mate1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Mathew2 soccer2
Mati2 soccer2
Maurice1 basketball, 1 ice hockey2
Mauricio2 soccer2
Maxim1 skating, 1 soccer2
Melik1 football, 1 track2
Merima2 track2
Merve1 swimming, 1 volleyball2
Michal2 soccer2
Miguel2 soccer2
Milko1 chess, 1 soccer2
Milovan1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Mitchell2 soccer2
Mithat1 basketball, 1 skiing2
Monte1 baseball, 1 boxing2
Moses1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Mumin1 soccer, 1 track2
Mychal2 football2
Nacho2 soccer2
Nadia1 skiing, 1 tennis2
Nail1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Naseem1 boxing, 1 track2
Nat1 basketball, 1 football2
Nate2 basketball2
Nazim2 soccer2
Nebil2 soccer2
Nedim1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Néstor2 soccer2
Niall1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Nigel1 driving, 1 soccer2
Nikita1 football, 1 soccer2
Niko2 soccer2
Nikolaos2 soccer2
Nikša1 handball, 1 water polo2
Ninoslav2 soccer2
Norm1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Novak1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Nuno1 cycling, 1 soccer2
Nuri1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Nurullah2 soccer2
Oleg2 soccer2
Orlando1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Otto1 football, 1 soccer2
Ozzie1 baseball, 1 football2
Paddy1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Paolo2 soccer2
Pat1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Patrik1 handball, 1 soccer2
Paulo1 soccer, 1 water polo2
Pedro2 soccer2
Petar1 handball, 1 water polo2
Polat1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Priit1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Prince1 boxing, 1 football2
Rabia2 track2
Raheem1 football, 1 soccer2
Ralph1 baseball, 1 ice hockey2
Rasim2 soccer2
Rayan1 handball, 1 soccer2
Raymond1 football, 1 soccer2
Reggie1 baseball, 1 football2
Reginald2 ice hockey2
René1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Reşit1 soccer, 1 wrestling2
Richel1 boxing, 1 tennis2
Rick1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Rickey1 baseball, 1 football2
Rinat1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Rini1 cycling, 1 soccer2
Rinus2 soccer2
Rob2 soccer2
Ronaldo2 soccer2
Ross1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Ruslan1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Sammy1 football, 1 soccer2
Sanja1 swimming, 1 volleyball2
Sanjin1 soccer, 1 volleyball2
Sean2 football2
Serhiy2 soccer2
Shaq2 football2
Sid1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Sinem1 ice hockey, 1 volleyball2
Soroush2 soccer2
Stefanos2 soccer2
Stephon1 basketball, 1 football2
Stipe1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Taiwan2 football2
Tanner2 football2
Taras1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Tavon2 football2
Teófilo2 soccer2
Terrance2 football2
Terron2 football2
Terry1 football, 1 ice hockey2
Tevin2 football2
Timo1 boxing, 1 ice hockey2
Tina1 basketball, 1 skiing2
Toni1 basketball, 1 soccer2
Toufik2 soccer2
Trent1 football, 1 soccer2
Trey2 football2
Trumaine2 football2
Ty1 baseball, 1 football2
Ulli1 boxing, 1 ice hockey2
Unn1 skating, 1 track2
Vance2 football2
Vedran1 handball, 1 soccer2
Velimir1 basketball, 1 handball2
Vic1 baseball, 1 basketball2
Viktor2 soccer2
Volkan2 soccer2
Vyacheslav1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Warren1 baseball, 1 football2
Wesley1 football, 1 soccer2
Wilfred1 ice hockey, 1 soccer2
Wilfried1 soccer, 1 tennis2
Will1 driving, 1 soccer2
Wojciech1 boxing, 1 soccer2
Xavier1 football, 1 handball2
Yaqoob2 soccer2
Yasin1 cricket, 1 soccer2
Yasmani1 baseball, 1 soccer2
Yevgen1 cycling, 1 martial arts2
Yevgeni2 ice hockey2
Zakiya1 golf, 1 soccer2
Željko1 handball, 1 soccer2
Zlatko1 handball, 1 soccer2
Aalvik1 handball1
Aasif1 cricket1
Aavo1 soccer1
Abby1 basketball1
Abdelaziz1 boxing1
Abdülkerim1 soccer1
Abdur1 cricket1
Abebe1 track1
Abel1 soccer1
Aboubakar1 soccer1
Abry1 football1
Aca1 rugby1
Adarius1 football1
Addie1 baseball1
Adedayo1 rugby1
Adelin1 cycling1
Ademir1 soccer1
Adolf1 chess1
Adri1 soccer1
Adrie1 soccer1
Afroditi1 track1
Ahmed1 cricket1
Ahmet1 soccer1
Ahsan1 cricket1
Ahtyba1 football1
Ajinkya1 cricket1
Akiem1 football1
Aksel1 skiing1
Alain1 driving1
Alameda1 football1
Alasdair1 cricket1
Alban1 soccer1
Albie1 cricket1
Alcibíades1 soccer1
Alden1 football1
Aldon1 football1
Aldrick1 football1
Alec1 ice hockey1
Alejandro1 soccer1
Alekos1 soccer1
Aleksei1 soccer1
Alem1 handball1
Alen1 soccer1
Alexandrina1 handball1
Alexandros1 soccer1
Alexe1 skating1
Alexey1 basketball1
Alf1 ice hockey1
Al-Hajj1 football1
Alia1 skating1
Alizé1 tennis1
Alketas1 soccer1
Almira1 chess1
Alok1 cricket1
Alphonse1 football1
Alshon1 football1
Alterraun1 football1
Alton1 baseball1
Amanda1 handball1
Amaranto1 soccer1
Amar'e1 basketball1
Amari1 football1
Amarildo1 soccer1
Amarlo1 football1
Ambati1 cricket1
Ambroise1 soccer1
Amby1 soccer1
Ameer1 football1
Amel1 soccer1
Amil1 soccer1
Amini1 football1
Amir1 soccer1
Amit1 cricket1
Amos1 baseball1
Anamaria1 track1
Anamul1 cricket1
Anđela1 handball1
Ander1 soccer1
Andi1 soccer1
Andrej1 soccer1
Andrew1 skiing1
Andro1 water polo1
Andrus1 football1
Anémone1 skiing1
Angela1 ice hockey1
Anghel1 soccer1
Anișoara1 track1
Anja1 skiing1
Ann1 basketball1
Anna1 skiing1
Anne1 basketball1
Annemarie1 skiing1
Anquan1 football1
Ansi1 soccer1
Antal1 soccer1
Antoaneta1 chess1
Antoine1 soccer1
Anton1 basketball1
Antone1 football1
Antonios1 soccer1
Antonis1 soccer1
Antrel1 football1
Antwan1 football1
Anwar1 boxing1
Apostolos1 soccer1
Aquivaldo1 soccer1
Aramis1 basketball1
Arantxa1 tennis1
Arda1 soccer1
Ardian1 soccer1
Arian1 football1
Arie1 soccer1
Ariel1 boxing1
Arijan1 basketball1
Arik1 football1
Aritz1 soccer1
Arjen1 soccer1
Arkadiusz1 soccer1
Arky1 baseball1
Arlind1 soccer1
Arman1 martial arts1
Armando1 soccer1
Armel1 soccer1
Armonty1 football1
Arnoldo1 soccer1
Arnon1 soccer1
Aron1 soccer1
Arrelious1 football1
Arrigo1 soccer1
Arsène1 soccer1
Artis1 basketball1
Arturo1 soccer1
Arvydas1 basketball1
Asa1 football1
Asante1 football1
Ashaad1 football1
Ashley1 soccer1
Ashwin1 cricket1
Asjha1 basketball1
Atif1 soccer1
Atilio1 soccer1
Atilla1 soccer1
Atse1 cricket1
Atsuto1 soccer1
Attila1 soccer1
Aubrey1 ice hockey1
Audie1 football1
Audley1 boxing1
Augie1 baseball1
Aurèle1 ice hockey1
Aurélien1 soccer1
Aurica1 track1
Avraam1 soccer1
Axar1 cricket1
Ayrton1 driving1
Azhar1 cricket1
Bacarri1 football1
Bacary1 soccer1
Badi1 boxing1
Badra1 soccer1
Bakir1 soccer1
Bănel1 soccer1
Barkevious1 football1
Barrett1 football1
Bart1 football1
Basarab1 soccer1
Bashaud1 football1
Bashir1 soccer1
Bastian1 soccer1
Bear1 football1
Beatriz1 handball1
Bebeto1 soccer1
Bechara1 soccer1
Begoña1 handball1
Beibut1 boxing1
Bekim1 soccer1
Belinda1 basketball1
Benardrick1 football1
Bené1 football1
Benedikt1 soccer1
Bennett1 football1
Benny1 football1
Benson1 football1
Berit1 skating1
Bernd1 soccer1
Berni1 basketball1
Berrie1 cricket1
Berry1 soccer1
Berti1 soccer1
Bertrand1 handball1
Beuran1 cricket1
Bharat1 cricket1
Bhuvneshwar1 cricket1
Bid1 baseball1
Bilal1 soccer1
Billie1 tennis1
Bishop1 football1
Biz1 baseball1
Björn1 tennis1
Blair1 ice hockey1
Blaise1 soccer1
Blanka1 track1
Blaž1 tennis1
Blaženko1 handball1
Blerim1 soccer1
Blidi1 football1
Boban1 soccer1
Bobley1 soccer1
Bode1 skiing1
Bogdan1 soccer1
Bohdan1 soccer1
Bojana1 handball1
Bo-kyung1 soccer1
Bonaventure1 soccer1
Bonel1 basketball1
Bora1 soccer1
Bořek1 soccer1
Boris1 chess1
Börje1 ice hockey1
Boro1 tennis1
Boubacar1 soccer1
Boudewijn1 soccer1
Bouse1 ice hockey1
Božidar1 handball1
Brad1 ice hockey1
Braden1 baseball1
Bradley1 football1
Braith1 rugby1
Branch1 basketball1
Brandian1 football1
Brandin1 football1
Braulio1 soccer1
Braxston1 football1
Breel1 soccer1
Brendon1 cricket1
Breno1 football1
Breshad1 football1
Brittan1 football1
Bronko1 football1
Brooks1 baseball1
Brynden1 football1
Budimir1 soccer1
Bulcsú1 water polo1
Bum-young1 soccer1
Burak1 soccer1
Burim1 soccer1
Burleigh1 baseball1
Byron1 golf1
Cafu1 soccer1
Cairo1 football1
Calais1 football1
Calvin1 basketball1
Camilla1 handball1
Cammi1 ice hockey1
Candace1 basketball1
Candy1 baseball1
Caner1 soccer1
Cappie1 basketball1
Captain1 football1
Caraun1 football1
Careca1 soccer1
Carlo1 skiing1
Carlton1 baseball1
Carmelo1 basketball1
Carmen1 handball1
Carol1 basketball1
Carrington1 football1
Carson1 football1
Case1 football1
Casey1 baseball1
Cassius1 football1
Cătălin1 boxing1
Caushaud1 football1
Celestino1 boxing1
Céline1 basketball1
Cemre1 chess1
Cengiz1 boxing1
Cenk1 soccer1
Cesare1 soccer1
Cesc1 soccer1
Chadwick1 cricket1
Chaminda1 cricket1
Chamu1 cricket1
Chance1 football1
Chandika1 cricket1
Chandler1 football1
Chang-soo1 soccer1
Charcandrick1 football1
Chauncy1 boxing1
Chaz1 football1
Cheick1 soccer1
Cheryl1 basketball1
Cheteshwar1 cricket1
Chick1 baseball1
Christi1 cricket1
Christine1 football1
Christo1 football1
Christof1 skiing1
Christophe1 soccer1
Christy1 baseball1
Chu-young1 soccer1
Chykie1 football1
Cierre1 football1
Ciprian1 soccer1
Cirilo1 soccer1
Clark1 ice hockey1
Clarke1 football1
Claudiu1 soccer1
Clémence1 basketball1
Cleveland1 baseball1
Clinton1 football1
Cobi1 football1
Coby1 football1
Cole1 football1
Colin1 football1
Collins1 cricket1
Colt1 football1
Colton1 ice hockey1
Connie1 basketball1
Constant1 soccer1
Cordarrelle1 football1
Cordarro1 football1
Corey1 football1
Cornelius1 football1
Cornellius1 football1
Corry1 soccer1
Cortland1 football1
Cory1 football1
Costel1 soccer1
Coty1 football1
Craig1 soccer1
Crezdon1 football1
Cristiano1 soccer1
Cristóbal1 baseball1
Cristopher1 soccer1
Crockett1 football1
Cuauhtémoc1 soccer1
Cullen1 football1
Curtly1 cricket1
Cvetana1 basketball1
Cvijan1 soccer1
Cvitko1 cycling1
Cynthia1 basketball1
Cyrus1 football1
Daimion1 football1
Dakota1 football1
Dale1 ice hockey1
Daley1 soccer1
Dallas1 football1
Dalton1 football1
Damarious1 football1
Damaris1 football1
Dameian1 football1
Damião1 soccer1
Damien1 football1
Damiere1 football1
Damion1 football1
Damontre1 football1
Dane1 cricket1
Dani1 soccer1
Daniil1 driving1
Danilo1 soccer1
Danira1 basketball1
Danko1 basketball1
Dannell1 football1
Da'Norris1 football1
D'Anthony1 football1
Dany1 soccer1
Daouda1 handball1
Da'Quan1 football1
DaQuan1 football1
Daren1 cricket1
Darian1 football1
Darijo1 soccer1
Dariusz1 boxing1
Da'Ron1 football1
Darqueze1 football1
Darrel1 football1
Darrelle1 football1
Darrian1 football1
Darrin1 football1
Darrion1 football1
Darrius1 football1
Darroll1 boxing1
Darryl1 ice hockey1
Dárvin1 soccer1
Daša1 skating1
Dashaun1 football1
Dashon1 football1
Datone1 football1
Dav1 cricket1
Davante1 football1
DaVarryl1 boxing1
Davide1 skiing1
Davud1 soccer1
Davy1 soccer1
Dax1 football1
Dayán1 baseball1
Dazzy1 baseball1
D'Brickashaw1 football1
Deandre1 football1
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