Swedish Kings and Queens

The first king of Sweden is usually said to be Olof Skutkonung but in reality there had been several rulers before him, although most of their names and dates of rule are uncertain. It was Olof who first converted to Christianity in the early 11th century. Competing dynasties ruled Sweden until 1397, when Sweden, Denmark and Norway were united under Queen Margareta (Margrethe) of Denmark.

The Swedes were generally unhappy with this union, called the Union of Kalmar, and over the next century they instead followed the rule of regents and even elected a counter-king, Karl II. Finally the union was overthrown in 1523 by Gustav I Vasa, who became their new king. Under strong rulers Sweden became a major European power in the 17th-century.

In 1818 Karl XIV Johan, one of Napoleon's marshals, was chosen to be king. His line has ruled since that time, though the powers of the monarchy are now largely ceremonial.

Note that there are some numbering inconsistencies. Kings Eric XIV and Karl IX adopted their numbers based on a legendary history of Sweden. Their predecessors of the same names were posthumously given numbers by counting backwards.

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Erik9 kings9
Karl9 kings9
Gustav6 kings6
Magnus4 kings4
Johan3 kings3
Anund2 kings2
Birger1 king, 1 regent2
Inge2 kings2
Knut2 kings2
Kristian2 kings2
Oscar2 kings2
Sten2 regents2
Sverker2 kings2
Adolf1 king1
Albrekt1 king1
Carl1 king1
Emund1 king1
Filip1 king1
Fredrik1 king1
Håkan1 king1
Halsten1 king1
Kristina1 queen1
Kristofer1 king1
Margareta1 queen1
Olof1 king1
Ragnvald1 king1
Sigismund1 king1
Stenkil1 king1
Svante1 regent1
Sven1 king1
Ulrika1 queen1
Valdemar1 king1