Notable Philosophers and Thinkers by Frequency of Name


John2 philosophers, 1 mathematician, 1 psychologist, 1 theologian
Muhammad4 philosophers, 1 mathematician
Friedrich3 philosophers, 1 mathematician
Jean2 philosophers, 1 theologian
Thomas2 philosophers, 1 theologian
Carl1 mathematician, 1 psychologist
Charles1 philosopher, 1 mathematician
David2 philosophers
Francis1 philosopher, 1 theologian
George2 philosophers
Henri1 philosopher, 1 mathematician
Karl2 philosophers
Martin1 philosopher, 1 theologian
Wilhelm2 philosophers
William1 philosopher, 1 psychologist
Zeno2 philosophers
Ada1 mathematician
Adam1 economist
Alan1 mathematician
Albert1 philosopher
Alfred1 mathematician
Ali1 philosopher
Anaxagoras1 philosopher
Anaximander1 philosopher
Anselm1 philosopher
Archimedes1 mathematician
Aristotle1 philosopher
Arthur1 philosopher
Auguste1 philosopher
Augustine1 philosopher
Baruch1 philosopher
Bertrand1 philosopher
Blaise1 philosopher
Boethius1 philosopher
Christiaan1 mathematician
Democritus1 philosopher
Denis1 philosopher
Desiderius1 philosopher
Diogenes1 philosopher
Edmund1 philosopher
Ekaku1 philosopher
Empedocles1 philosopher
Epicurus1 philosopher
Euclid1 mathematician
François1 philosopher
Georg1 philosopher
Gottfried1 philosopher
Gottlieb1 philosopher
Gottlob1 mathematician
Henry1 philosopher
Heraclitus1 philosopher
Immanuel1 philosopher
Jacques1 philosopher
Jeremy1 philosopher
Johann1 philosopher
Joseph1 philosopher
Kurt1 mathematician
Leonardo1 mathematician
Leonhard1 mathematician
Ludwig1 philosopher
Marcus1 philosopher
Marie1 philosopher
Moses1 philosopher
Nagarjuna1 philosopher
Niccolò1 philosopher
Noam1 philosopher
North1 mathematician
Parmenides1 philosopher
Paul1 philosopher
Peter1 philosopher
Philo1 philosopher
Pierre1 mathematician
Plato1 philosopher
Plotinus1 philosopher
Pyrrho1 philosopher
Pythagoras1 philosopher
Qiu1 philosopher
René1 philosopher
Sanders1 philosopher
Seneca1 philosopher
Siddhartha1 philosopher
Sigmund1 psychologist
Simon1 mathematician
Simone1 philosopher
Socrates1 philosopher
Søren1 philosopher
Stuart1 philosopher
Thales1 philosopher
Willard1 philosopher
Xenophon1 philosopher
Yaqub1 philosopher