Namesakes for Adam

Namesakes for ADAM:
  Biblical Characters: 1 character
      Adam   Gen. 1:27  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
      Adam Trask   1952   East of Eden  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 1 physics
      (physics) Adam Riess   2011  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 3 actors
      Adam Sandler   1966-  
      Adam Brody   1979-  
      Adam Hann-Byrd   1982-  

  Notable Athletes: 1 soccer
      (soccer) Adam Taggart   1993-  

  Notable Musicians: 2 musicians
      Adam "MCA" Yauch   1964-2012   hip hop  
      Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz   1966-    

  Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 1 economist
      Adam Smith   1723-1790  

  Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze
      (bronze) Archibald Warden (a.k.a. Adam)   1900   tennis  

  Other Leaders: 1 prime minister
      Prime Minister Adam Wilhelm Moltke   1848-1852   Denmark  

  Pulitzer Award Winners: 1 winner
      Adam Haslett   2003   You Are Not a Stranger Here  

  Saints: 1 blessed
      Blessed Adam of Loccum   ?-1210  

  Shakespearian Characters: 1 character
      Adam   As You Like It