Namesakes for Ellen

Namesakes for ELLEN:
  American First Ladies: 1 first lady
      Ellen Axson Wilson   1913-1914  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
      Ellen Robillard O'Hara   1936   Gone With the Wind  

  Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1 hurricane
      Hurricane Ellen   1973  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 1 peace
      (peace) Ellen Johnson Sirleaf   2011  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 5 actresses, 1 comedian/actress
      Ellen Burstyn   1932-  
      Ellen Barkin   1954-  
      Ellen DeGeneres   1958-  
      Ellen Pompeo   1969-  
      Ellen Muth   1981-  
      Ellen Page   1987-  

  Notable Hosts and Presenters: 1 television
      Television Ellen DeGeneres   1958-  

  Olympic Medalists: 1 gold
      (gold) Ellen van Langen   1992   Athletics  

  Oscar Award Winners: 1 actress
      (actress) Ellen Burstyn   1974   Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore  

  Pulitzer Award Winners: 1 winner
      Ellen Glasgow   1942   In This Our Life