Namesakes for Eric

Namesakes for ERIC:
  Danish Kings and Queens: 7 kings
      King Erik I Evergood (a.k.a. Eric)   1095-1103  
      King Erik II the Memorable (a.k.a. Eric)   1134-1137  
      King Erik III the Lamb (a.k.a. Eric)   1137-1146  
      King Erik IV Ploughpenny (a.k.a. Eric)   1241-1250  
      King Erik V Klipping (a.k.a. Eric)   1259-1286  
      King Erik VI Menved (a.k.a. Eric)   1286-1319  
      King Erik VII of Pomerania (a.k.a. Eric)   1412-1439  

  Emmy Award Winners: 1 actor
      (actor) Eric McCormack   2001   Will & Grace  

  Fictional Characters from Television: 1 character
      Eric Cartman   1997   South Park  

  Hall-of-Famers: 1 football
      (football) Eric Dickerson   1999  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 2 medicine, 1 economics
      (medicine) Eric F. Wieschaus   1995  
      (medicine) Eric Kandel   2000  
      (economics) Eric Maskin   2007  

  Norwegian Kings and Queens: 3 kings, 1 regent
      King Eirik I Bloodaxe (a.k.a. Eric)   930-934  
      Regent Eirik Håkonsson (a.k.a. Eric)   1000-1012  
      King Eirik II (a.k.a. Eric)   1280-1299  
      King Eirik III of Pomerania (a.k.a. Eric)   1389-1442  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 11 actors, 1 actor/comedian
      Eric Idle   1943-  
      Kaplan Kaye (a.k.a. Eric)   1949-  
      Eric Bogosian   1953-  
      Eric Roberts   1956-  
      Eric Stoltz   1961-  
      Eric McCormack   1963-  
      Eric Bana   1968-  
      Eric Mabius   1971-  
      Eric Dane   1972-  
      Eric Winter   1976-  
      Eric Balfour   1977-  
      Eric Christian Olsen   1977-  

  Notable Athletes: 3 soccer, 1 football
      (football) Eric Dickerson   1960-  
      (soccer) Eric Viscaal   1968-  
      (soccer) Maxim Choupo-Moting (a.k.a. Eric)   1989-  
      (soccer) Éric Tié Bi   1990-  

  Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 1 explorer
      Erik the Red (a.k.a. Eric)   950-1003  

  Notable Musicians: 1 composer, 1 musician
      Erik Satie (a.k.a. Éric)   1866-1925    
      Eric Clapton   1945-   rock  

  Notable Writers: 1 author
      George Orwell (a.k.a. Eric)   1903-1950  

  Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze, 1 gold, 1 silver
      (silver) Eric Swinkels   1976   shooting  
      (bronze) Pelle Lindbergh (a.k.a. Eric)   1980   ice hockey  
      (gold) E. J. Harnden (a.k.a. Eric)   2014   Curling  

  Saints: 1 saint
      Saint Eric IX of Sweden   ?-1160  

  Swedish Kings and Queens: 9 kings
      King Erik the Victorious (a.k.a. Eric)   c. 970-c. 995  
      King Erik VII (a.k.a. Eric)   1066-1067  
      King Erik VIII the Pagan (a.k.a. Eric)   1066-1067  
      King Erik IX the Holy (a.k.a. Eric)   1156-1160  
      King Erik X (a.k.a. Eric)   1208-1216  
      King Erik XI (a.k.a. Eric)   1222-1229; 1234-1250  
      King Erik XII (a.k.a. Eric)   1357-1359  
      King Erik XIII of Pomerania (a.k.a. Eric)   1396-1439  
      King Erik XIV (a.k.a. Eric)   1560-1568