Namesakes for Felipe

Namesakes for FELIPE:
  Notable Athletes: 2 soccer, 1 basketball
      (soccer) Luiz Felipe Scolari   1948-  
      (basketball) Felipe Reyes   1980-  
      (soccer) Felipe Gutiérrez   1990-  

  Olympic Medalists: 1 silver
      (silver) Felipe Reyes   2008; 2012   basketball  

  Other Royalty: 1 prince
      Felipe, Prince of Asturias   1968-   Spain  

  Portuguese Kings and Queens: 3 kings
      King Filipe I the Prudent (a.k.a. Felipe)   1580-1598  
      King Filipe II the Pious (a.k.a. Felipe)   1598-1621  
      King Filipe III (a.k.a. Felipe)   1621-1640  

  Saints: 2 blessed, 1 saint
      Saint Felipe of Jesus   ?-1597  
      Blessed Felipe de Jesús Munarriz   ?-1936  
      Blessed Felipe Ripoll Morata   ?-1939  

  Spanish Kings and Queens: 5 kings
      King Felipe I the Handsome (Castile)   1506  
      King Felipe II the Prudent   1556-1598  
      King Felipe III the Pious   1598-1621  
      King Felipe IV   1621-1665  
      King Felipe V of Anjou   1700-1724; 1724-1746