Namesakes for Gabriel

Namesakes for GABRIEL:
  Biblical Characters: 1 character
      Gabriel   (m)   Dan. 8:16  

  Bulgarian Kings and Tsars: 1 tsar
      Tsar Gavril Radomir (a.k.a. Gabriel)   1014-1015  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
      Gabriel Oak   1847   Far From the Madding Crowd  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 1 literature, 1 physics
      (physics) Gabriel Lippmann   1908  
      (literature) Gabriel García Márquez   1982  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actor
      Gabriel Byrne   1950-  

  Notable Hosts and Presenters: 1 television
      Television Gay Byrne (a.k.a. Gabriel)   1934-  

  Notable Musicians: 1 composer
      Gabriel Fauré   1845-1924    

  Notable Scientists and Inventors: 2 physicists
      Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit   1686-1736  
      Gabriel Lippmann   1845-1921  

  Notable Writers: 1 author
      Gabriel García Márquez   1927-2014  

  Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze, 1 silver
      (bronze) Gabe Woodward (a.k.a. Gabriel)   2004   swimming  
      (silver) Gabriel Landeskog   2014   ice hockey  

  Other Leaders: 1 prime minister
      Prime Minister Aleksandër Meksi (a.k.a. Gabriel)   1992-1997   Albania  

  Other Royalty: 1 prince
      Gabriel of Belgium   2003-   Belgium  

  Saints: 6 saints, 2 blessed
      Saint Gabriel the Archangel    
      Saint Gabriel of Ancona   1385-1456  
      Saint Gabriel de Duisco   ?-1597  
      Saint Gabriel Lalemant   1610-1649  
      Blessed Gabriel of Saint Magdalen   ?-1632  
      Saint Gabriel-Taurin Dufresse   1750-1815  
      Blessed Jean-Gabriel Perboyre   ?-1840  
      Saint Gabriele of Our Lady of Sorrows (a.k.a. Gabriel)   ?-1862