Namesakes for Isabel

Namesakes for ISABEL:
  Emmy Award Winners: 1 actress
      (actress) Isabel Sanford   1981   The Jeffersons  

  Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1 hurricane, 1 storm
      Storm Isabel   1985  
      Hurricane Isabel   2003  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 1 actress
      Isabel Sanford   1917-2004  

  Saints: 2 blessed, 2 saints
      Blessed Isabelle of France (a.k.a. Isabel)   1225-1270  
      Saint Isabel of Aragon   1271-1336  
      Blessed Isabel Fernandez   ?-1622  
      Saint José Isabel Flores Varela   ?-1927  

  Shakespearian Characters: 1 character
      Isabel   Henry V  

  Spanish Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Isabel I the Catholic (Castile)   1474-1504  
      Queen Isabel II the Glorious   1833-1868