Namesakes for Jay

Namesakes for JAY:
  Fictional Characters from Books: 1 character
      Jay Gatsby   1925   The Great Gatsby  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 1 physics
      (physics) Roy J. Glauber (a.k.a. Jay)   2005  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 4 actors, 1 comedian
      Jay Leno   1950-  
      Jay Benedict   1951-  
      Jay Simpson   1967-  
      Jay R. Ferguson   1974-  
      Jay Baruchel   1982-  

  Notable Hosts and Presenters: 1 television
      Television Jay Leno   1950-  

  Notable Musicians: 2 musicians
      Jason Mizell (a.k.a. Jay)   1965-2002    
      Shawn "Jay-Z" Carter (a.k.a. Jay)   1969-   hip hop  

  Olympic Medalists: 1 gold
      (gold) Jay Bouwmeester   2014   ice hockey