Namesakes for Lucius

Namesakes for LUCIUS:
  Biblical Characters: 2 characters
      Lucius   (m)   Rom. 16:21  
      Lucius   (m)   Acts 13:1  

  Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 3 popes
      Lucius I   253-254  
      Lucius II   1144-1145  
      Lucius III   1181-1185  

  Characters in Roman Mythology: 1 character
      Lucius Junius Brutus   (m)  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 1 villain
      Lucius Malfoy   1997   Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone  

  Fictional Characters from Plays and Musicals: 1 character
      Sir Lucius O'Trigger   1775   The Rivals  

  Harry Potter Characters: 1 character
      Lucius Malfoy  

  Notable Military Figures: 1 general
      Lucius Cornelius Sulla   c. 138-78 BC  

  Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 1 historian
      Plutarch (a.k.a. Lucius)   c. 46-120  

  Notable Politicians and Statesmen: 1 statesperson
      Lucius Cornelius Sulla   c. 138-78 BC  

  Roman and Byzantine Emperors: 5 emperors
      Emperor Lucius Aurelius Verus   161-169  
      Emperor Lucius Aurelius Commodus Antoninus   177-192  
      Emperor Lucius Septimius Severus   193-211  
      Emperor Lucius Septimius Bassianus   198-217  
      Emperor Lucius Domitius Aurelianus   270-275  

  Saints: 9 saints
      Saint Lucius of Cyrene   ?-0xx  
      Saint Lucius of Britain   ?-1xx  
      Saint Lucius   ?-165  
      Saint Lucius I   c. 200-254  
      Saint Lucius   ?-259  
      Saint Lucius   ?-273  
      Saint Lucius   ?-300  
      Saint Lucius   ?-350  
      Saint Lucius   ?-430  

  Shakespearian Characters: 4 characters
      Lucius   Julius Caesar  
      Lucius   Timon of Athens  
      Lucius   Titus Andronicus  
      Young Lucius   Titus Andronicus