Namesakes for Malcolm

Namesakes for MALCOLM:
  Australian Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      Malcolm Fraser   1975-1983  

  Fictional Characters from Movies: 1 hero
      Malcolm Reynolds   2005   Serenity  

  Notable Activists: 1 activist
      Malcolm X   1925-1965  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 2 actors
      Malcolm McDowell   1943-  
      Malcolm-Jamal Warner   1970-  

  Notable Businesspeople: 2 businesspersons
      Malcolm Forbes   1919-1990  
      Steve Forbes (a.k.a. Malcolm)   1947-  

  Olympic Medalists: 1 bronze
      (bronze) Malcolm Carmichael   1980   rowing  

  Scottish Kings and Queens: 4 kings
      King Máel Coluim I (a.k.a. Malcolm)   943-954  
      King Máel Coluim II (a.k.a. Malcolm)   1005-1034  
      King Máel Coluim III Canmore Bighead (a.k.a. Malcolm)   1058-1093  
      King Malcolm IV the Maiden   1153-1165  

  Shakespearian Characters: 1 character
      Malcolm   Macbeth