Namesakes for Maria

Namesakes for MARIA:
  Austrian Dukes and Emperors: 1 archduchess
      Archduchess Maria Theresia   1740-1780  

  Bohemian Kings: 1 queen
      Queen Marie Terezie (a.k.a. Maria)   1740-1741; 1743-1780  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 2 characters
      Maria Bertram   1814   Mansfield Park  
      Princess Mariya Bolkonskaya (a.k.a. Maria)   1869   War and Peace  

  German Chancellors: 1 chancellor
      Franz von Papen (a.k.a. Maria)   1932  

  Hungarian Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Mária   1382-1395  
      Queen Mária Terézia   1740-1780  

  Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 2 hurricanes
      Hurricane Maria   2005  
      Hurricane Maria   2011  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 1 physics
      (physics) Maria Goeppert-Mayer   1963  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 4 actresses
      Maria Bello   1967-  
      Lana Parrilla (a.k.a. María)   1977-  
      Alexandra Maria Lara   1978-  
      Cote de Pablo (a.k.a. María)   1979-  

  Notable Athletes: 1 skiing, 1 soccer
      (soccer) Louis van Gaal (a.k.a. Maria)   1951-  
      (skiing) Maria Höfl-Riesch   1984-  

  Notable Musicians: 1 composer
      Carl Maria von Weber   1786-1826    

  Notable Writers: 2 authors
      Erich Maria Remarque   1898-1970  
      Annie M. G. Schmidt (a.k.a. Maria)   1911-1995  

  Olympic Medalists: 3 silver, 1 bronze/gold, 1 gold
      (silver) Maria Prytz   2014   Curling  
      (gold) Maria Höfl-Riesch   2010; 2014   alpine skiing  
      (silver) Maria Wennerström   2014   Curling  
      (bronze/gold) Ida Ingemarsdotter (a.k.a. Maria)   2014   cross-country skiing  
      (silver) Anne Kyllönen (a.k.a. Maria)   2014   cross-country skiing  

  Other Notables: 1 person
      Maria Montessori   1870-1952   education  

  Other Royalty: 1 queen consort
      Maria Sophie of Bavaria   1859-1861   Kingdom of the Two Sicilies  

  Portuguese Kings and Queens: 2 queens
      Queen Maria I   1777-1816  
      Queen Maria II   1826-1828; 1834-1853  

  Saints: 74 blessed, 28 saints
      Saint Mary (a.k.a. Maria)   ?-851  
      Blessed Marie of Oignies (a.k.a. Maria)   1180-1213  
      Saint Mary of Succor (a.k.a. Maria)   1231-1281  
      Saint Mary of Cerevellon (a.k.a. Maria)   ?-1290  
      Blessed Maria Mancini of Pisa   1350-1431  
      Saint Antonio Maria Zaccaria   1502-1539  
      Blessed Maria Bartolomea Bagnesi   1514-1577  
      Blessed Maria Lopez of Jesus   1560-1640  
      Saint Maria Magdalena de Pazzi   1566-1607  
      Blessed Maria Angela Astorch   1592-1665  
      Saint Giuseppe Maria Tomasi   1649-1713  
      Blessed Maria of Turin   1661-1717  
      Blessed Maria Maddalena Martinengo da Barco   1687-1737  
      Blessed Gennaro Maria Sarnelli   1702-1744  
      Saint Pompilio Maria Pirotti   1710-1766  
      Saint Maria Francesca of the Five Wounds of Jesus   1715-1791  
      Saint Teresa Margaret of the Sacred Heart (a.k.a. Maria)   1747-1770  
      Saint Clemens Maria Hofbauer   1751-1820  
      Blessed Anna Maria Taigi   1769-1837  
      Blessed Maria Rafols   1781-1853  
      Blessed Lorenzo Maria of Saint Francis Xavier   1782-1856  
      Saint Antonio Maria Gianelli   1789-1846  
      Blessed Maria Domenica Brun Barbantini   1789-1868  
      Blessed Maria Theresia of Jesus Gerhardinger   1797-1879  
      Saint Francesco Maria da Camporosso   1804-1866  
      Saint Maria de Mattias   1805-1866  
      Saint Antoni Maria Claret   1807-1870  
      Blessed Maria Repetto   1807-1890  
      Saint Maria Michaela Desmaisieres   1809-1865  
      Saint Maria Giuseppe Rosello   1811-1886  
      Saint Maria Crocifissa di Rosa   1813-1885  
      Blessed Maria Caterina of Saint Rose   1813-1887  
      Saint María Rosa Molas y Vallve   1815-1876  
      Saint Antonio Maria Pucci   1819-1892  
      Blessed Maria Encarnacion Rosal   1820-1886  
      Blessed María del Tránsito Cabanillas   1821-1885  
      Blessed Ferdinando Maria Baccilieri   1821-1893  
      Blessed Maria Theresia Scherer   1825-1888  
      Saint Maria Soledad   1826-1887  
      Blessed Maria Marcellina Darowska   1827-1911  
      Blessed Maria Fortunata Viti   1827-1922  
      Blessed Tommaso Maria Fusco   1831-1891  
      Blessed Maria Dominic Mazzarello   1837-1881  
      Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco   1839-1910  
      Blessed Maria of Jesus Siedliska   1842-1902  
      Blessed María Josefa of the Heart of Jesus Sancho de Guerra   1842-1912  
      Blessed Maria Schininà   1844-1910  
      Blessed Cándida María de Jesús Cipitria y Barriola   1845-1912  
      Saint Vincentia Maria López y Vicuña   1847-1896  
      Blessed María del Carmen Sallés y Barangueras   1848-1911  
      Blessed Giovanni Maria Boccardo   1848-1913  
      Saint Maria Bernarda Bütler   1848-1924  
      Saint Raphaela Maria Porras y Ayllon   1850-1925  
      Blessed Anton Maria Schwartz   1852-1929  
      Blessed Maria Christina Brando   1856-1906  
      Blessed Maria Raffaella Cimatti   1861-1945  
      Blessed Juana María Condesa Lluch   1862-1916  
      Blessed Maria Domenica Mantovani   1862-1934  
      Blessed Maria Droste zu Vischering   1863-1899  
      Blessed Maria Anna Caiani   1863-1921  
      Blessed Maria Theresa Ledóchowska   1863-1922  
      Blessed José María Rubio y Peralta   1864-1929  
      Blessed Guido Maria Conforti   1865-1931  
      Blessed Maria Karlowska   1865-1935  
      Saint María Vicenta of Saint Dorothy Chavez Orozco   1867-1949  
      Blessed María de Jesús Sacramentado Venegas   1868-1959  
      Blessed María Alvarado Cardozo   1875-1967  
      Blessed Mariam Thresia Chiramel Mankidiyan (a.k.a. Maria)   1876-1926  
      Blessed Maria Crocifissa Curcio   1877-1957  
      Blessed Maria Bernardina Jablonska   1878-1940  
      Blessed María Guadalupe García Zavala   1878-1963  
      Blessed Maria Ludovica de Angelis   1880-1962  
      Blessed María Sagrario   1881-1936  
      Blessed Maria Teresa Fasce   1881-1947  
      Blessed Maria Candida of the Eucharist   1884-1949  
      Blessed Maria Corsini Beltrame Quattrocchi   1884-1965  
      Saint John Maria Muzeyi   ?-1886  
      Saint Maria Bertilla Boscardin   1888-1922  
      Saint Maria Goretti   1890-1902  
      Blessed María Maravillas de Jesús   1891-1974  
      Blessed Marija Petković (a.k.a. Maria)   1892-1956  
      Blessed María Ginard Marti   1894-1936  
      Blessed Maria Restituta Kafka   1894-1942  
      Blessed María Antonia Bandrés y Elósegui   1898-1919  
      Blessed María Romero Meneses   1902-1977  
      Blessed Alexandrina Maria da Costa   1904-1955  
      Blessed María Pilar Izquierdo Albero   1906-1945  
      Blessed Maria Euthymia Uffing   1914-1955  
      Saint José Maria Robles Hurtado   ?-1927  
      Blessed María del Calvario Romero Clariana   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Gabriela de Hinojosa Naveros   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Josefa del Río Messa   ?-1936  
      Blessed María del Carmen Moreno Benítez   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Baldillou Bullit   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Amparo Carbonell Muñoz   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Teresa Ferragud Roig   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Jesús Masiá Ferragud   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Verónica Masiá Ferragud   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Felicidad Masiá Ferragud   ?-1936  
      Blessed María Pilar Martinez   ?-1936  
      Blessed María de la Purificación Ximénez y Ximénez   ?-1936  
      Blessed Maria Stella Mardosewicz   ?-1943  

  Shakespearian Characters: 2 characters
      Maria   Love's Labour's Lost  
      Maria   Twelfth Night