Namesakes for Nicholas

Namesakes for NICHOLAS:
  Bishops of Rome and the Popes: 5 popes, 1 antipope
      Nicholas I the Great   858-867  
      Nicholas II   1058-1061  
      Nicholas III   1277-1280  
      Nicholas IV   1288-1292  
      Nicholas   1328-1330  
      Nicholas V   1447-1455  

  Danish Kings and Queens: 1 king
      King Niels (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1104-1134  

  Fictional Characters from Books: 3 characters, 1 hero
      Nicholas Nickleby   1839   Nicholas Nickleby  
      Nikolai Rostov (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1869   War and Peace  
      Nick Carraway (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1925   The Great Gatsby  
      Nicholas Rubashov   1940   Darkness at Noon  

  Fictional Characters from Traditional Tales: 1 character
      Santa Claus (a.k.a. Nicholas)   European  

  Hurricanes and Tropical Storms: 1 storm
      Storm Nicholas   2003  

  Nobel Prize Winners: 1 peace
      (peace) Nicholas Murray Butler   1931  

  Notable Actors and Actresses: 3 actors
      Nicholas Lyndhurst   1961-  
      Nicholas Brendon   1971-  
      Nicholas Hoult   1989-  

  Notable Artists: 1 painter
      Nicolas Poussin (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1594-1665  

  Notable Explorers and Adventurers: 1 explorer
      Niccolò de' Conti (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1395-1469  

  Notable Musicians: 2 composers
      Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1844-1908    
      Nicholas Hooper   c. 1967-    

  Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 2 philosophers
      Nicholas of Cusa   1401-1464  
      Niccolò Machiavelli (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1469-1527  

  Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 astronomer
      Nicolaus Copernicus (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1473-1543  

  Olympic Medalists: 2 bronze
      (bronze) Nick McCrory (a.k.a. Nicholas)   2012   Diving  
      (bronze) Nick Goepper (a.k.a. Nicholas)   2014   Freestyle Skiing  

  Russian Grand Dukes and Tsars: 2 tsars
      Tsar Nikolai I (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1825-1855  
      Tsar Nikolai II (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1894-1917  

  Saints: 18 blessed, 11 saints
      Saint Nicholas   ?-343  
      Saint Nicholas   820-867  
      Saint Nicholas the Pilgrim   ?-1094  
      Blessed Nicholas Giustiniani   ?-1180  
      Blessed Nicholas Puglia   1197-1265  
      Saint Nicola of Tolentino (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1245-1305  
      Blessed Nicholas Fortiguera   ?-1270  
      Blessed Nicholas Hermansson   1331-1391  
      Saint Nikola Tavelić (a.k.a. Nicholas)   c. 1340-1391  
      Saint Nicholas of Hungary   ?-1369  
      Blessed Niccolò Albergati (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1375-1443  
      Saint Niklaus von Flüe (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1417-1487  
      Blessed Nicolás Factor (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1520-1583  
      Blessed Nicholas Garlick   1555-1588  
      Saint Nicolaas Pieck (a.k.a. Nicholas)   ?-1572  
      Saint Nicolaas Poppel (a.k.a. Nicholas)   ?-1572  
      Blessed Nicholas Woodfen   ?-1586  
      Blessed Nicholas Horner   ?-1590  
      Blessed Nicholas Postgate   1597-1679  
      Blessed Nicolas Steno (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1600-1686  
      Saint Nicholas Owen   ?-1606  
      Blessed Nicolas Roland (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1642-1678  
      Saint Nicholas The   ?-1839  
      Blessed Mykola Konrad (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1876-1941  
      Blessed Nicola of Gesturi (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1882-1958  
      Blessed Mykola Charnetsky (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1884-1959  
      Blessed Nicholas Bunkerd Kitbamrung   1895-1944  
      Blessed Mykola Tsehelskyi (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1896-1951  
      Blessed Nikolaus Gross (a.k.a. Nicholas)   1898-1945  

  Shakespearian Characters: 2 characters
      Nicholas   Taming of the Shrew  
      Sir Nicholas Vaux   Henry VIII