Namesakes for Stefan

Namesakes for STEFAN:
  Icelandic Presidents and Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      Prime Minister Stefán Jóhann Stefánsson   1947-1949  

  Notable Athletes: 2 soccer
      (soccer) Codruţ Lircă (a.k.a. Ştefan)   1989-  
      (soccer) Stefan de Vrij   1992-  

  Notable Writers: 1 author
      Codrin Ţapu (a.k.a. Ştefan)   1973-  

  Olympic Medalists: 2 gold
      (gold) Mika Hannula (a.k.a. Stefan)   2006   ice hockey  
      (gold) Stefan Groothuis   2014   speed skating  

  Other Leaders: 2 prime ministers
      Prime Minister Stefan Stambolov   1887-1894   Bulgaria  
      Prime Minister Stefan Sofiyanski   1997   Bulgaria  

  Polish High Dukes and Kings: 1 king
      King Stefan Báthory   1576-1586  

  Saints: 1 blessed, 1 saint
      Saint Symeon the Myrrh-streaming (a.k.a. Stefan)   1113-1199  
      Blessed Stefan Wincenty Frelichowski   1913-1945  

  Serbian Kings, Tsars and Princes: 1 despot, 1 king, 1 prince
      Prince Stefan I Nemanja   1166-1196  
      King Stefan II Nemanjić   1196-1228  
      Despot Stefan III Lazarević   1389-1427