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The name Pl was not found. Names that sound similar to Pl:

PÁL   m   Hungarian
PÀL   m   Scottish
PÅL   m   Swedish, Norwegian
PAL   m   Albanian
PÁLA   f   Icelandic
PALI   m   Albanian
PÁLL   m   Icelandic
PALLE   m   Danish
PALLU   m   Biblical
PAOL   m   Breton
PAOLA   f   Italian, Spanish
PAOLO   m   Italian
PAUL   m   English, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Romanian, Biblical
PAULA   f   German, English, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan, Romanian, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Croatian, Ancient Roman
PAULE   f   French
PAULI   m   Finnish
PAULIE   m   English
PAŬLO   m   Esperanto
PAULO   m   Portuguese, Galician
PAULU   m   Corsican
PAUWEL   m   Dutch (Archaic)
PAWEŁ   m   Polish
PELE   f   Pacific/Polynesian Mythology
PELLE   m   Swedish
PILI   f   Spanish
PÓL   m   Irish
PÒL   m   Scottish
POL   m   Catalan
POLA   f   Polish
POLLIE   f   English
POLLY   f   English
POUL   m   Danish

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