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There are 19 names on LullabyMoon11's personal name list "Eurovision Names".
Name M/F Comment
AYSEL   f   
BOAZ   m  As in Boaz Mauda. Awesome! 
DAVOR   m  Davor Ebner. 
DIMA (2)   m  Dima Bilan, and my hamster's name (R.I.P) 
DMITRY   m   
IGOR   m  Mr Cukrov is very handsome. 
LUIZ   m   
MARIJA   f  I don't care for Mariya. 
MIHAI   m  Mihai Trăistariu 
NICOLA (1)   m  The guy from Miodio. 
PAOLO   m  "Per che, per me lo sai sei musica..." 
RUSLAN   m  From ESC 2008 - Ruslan Alekhno. 
SANDRA   f  As in Sandra Nurmsalu. 
SASHA   m  I Love Sasha Son. My 2nd fave Russian boys name. 
TODOR   m  Cuz it was Toše's real name and it sounds so cool. 
TOŠE   m  Mr Proeski is my hero. 
VIKTOR   m  Dima Bilan's birth name. 
VUKAŠIN   m  Yet another Eurovision name. Very cool. 
ŽELJKO   m  As in Mr Joksimovic.