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ALBRECHT  m  After artist Albrecht Dürer 
ATHENA  f  After the Greek Goddess of Wisdom 
ECHO  f  A small sound 
FROST  m  After poet Robert Frost 
GYPSY  f & m  A wanderer 
HAWTHORNE  m  After writer Nathaniel Hawthorne 
LANE  m  A path that leads you home 
LYRIC  f  Melodious and thoughtful 
NYX  f  After the Greek Goddess of Night 
ORION  m  After the constellation 
POET  f & m  One who creates beauty 
RAIN (1)  f & m  Refreshing, life-giving, unstoppable 
VENICE  f  After the city in Italy 
WALDEN  m  After the book by Henry David Thoreau 
WHISPER  f  A small sound