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There are 81 names on earthnut's personal name list.
Name M/F Comment Rating
ALEX  m & f  94/06 
ALEXANDER  m  D; Alexander Fleming, disc'd penicillin, I wouldn't've been born w/o it; Alexander Graham Bell, inv'd telephone; Alessandro Volta, inv'd batteries; peaked at just 1% in 1993; Alexander Newton 
ALEXANDRA  f  D; see Alexander; nn Xandra & Xanna 
AMARYLLIS  f  "to sparkle" 
AMELIA  f  "work", Amelia Earhart, pilot; Amelia Bloomer, feminist 
APOLLONIA  f  C05; nn Apple & Pony 
ARDEN  m & f  60/40; sounds similar to "ardent" and "garden"; forested areas in England and France; local placename; Mary Arden was the mother of Shakespeare 
ARTEMISIA  f  medicinal herb; Artemis, goddess of the moon; "safe"; Renaissance feminist painter, nn's Mizzy, Aria, Artsy, Timmy, Mimi 
ARTHUR  m  most likely meaning is from Celtic "bear king", possibly related to Arcturus, the brightest star in Ursa Major, or a Roman name possibly meaning "plowman" (though not likely) 
AUGUST  m   
AUGUSTINE (1)  m & f  65/35; C03 
BEATRIX  f  Beatrix Potter, naturalist; means "traveler" or "happy"; nn Bea & Trixie 
CARMEN  f   
CARMINE  m  derived from Hebrew "garden", Latin "song", and Persian "red", ultimately from Sanskrit "worm" 
CLARA  f  C 3 
COLE  m   
DOUGLAS  m  David Douglas, local botanist; Frederick Douglass, abolitionist & suffragist; means "dark water" 
EMMA  f  D4; means "universal"; Emmy Noether, mathematician; Emma Darwin, wife of Charles Darwin; Emmeline Pankhurst, suffragist; peak of 2% in 1880, currently just over 1% 
EVANDER (1)  m   
FAE  f  means "fairy", from Latin "fate", from PIE "speech". Fae Zephyrine 
FELICITY  f  means "happiness"; actress in Good Neighbors; nn Liz, Filly, Fizzy 
FELIX  m  means "Lucky"; Felix Hoffman, inventor of Aspirin; groundbreaking animation 
FERN  f   
FLORA  f   
GIDEON  m   
GRETA  f  D1 
GREY  m & f   
HUGO  m   
IRIS  f  means "rainbow"; garden flower; color of eyes; goddess of the rainbow 
ISAAC  m  Newton 
JASPER  m  means "treasure keeper"; name of mineral; old birthstone for March; nn Jazz; also a name for wasps, from Old French guespe, ultimately from PIE *webh, to weave or move fast 
JESSAMINE  f  nn Jem 
JETHRO  m   
JOY  f   
KAI (3)  m & f  89/11; Means "sea" or is a diminutive of various m & f names (C0) 
LANCE  m   
LAURENCE (1)  m  D01 
LEO  m  means "lion"; constellation 
LIANA  f   
LINNÉA  f   
MAIA (2)  f  C05; means "grow"; goddess of spring; star in Pleiades 
MARGARET  f  D1; Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood; Margaret Haley, teacher union leader; nn Greta; peaked at 2.3% in 1916 
MAY  f  D3; variant of Maia 
MELISSA  f  name of herb; means "honeybee"; nn Meli & Liz; peaked at 2% in 1979 
MIRA (2)  f  means "peace", "wonderful", "ocean"; Miriam Makeba, civil rights; star in Cetus 
MIRABEL  f  means "wonderful", older spelling; alt spelling Mirabelle 
MIRABELLE  f  means "wonderful"; variety of plum 
MORGAN (1)  m & f  10/90; means "sea"; ancient Welsh name 
NICHOLAS  m  Nicholas Copernicus, astronomer; Nicholas Culpeper, herbalist; nn Nicky & Cole; peaked at 1.4% in 1995 
OCEAN  m & f  55/45; 70% of the earth's surface; Ocean Augustus, Ocean Meriwether, Ocean Socrates 
OPAL  f  rainbow/firey gemstone; Opal Seraphine 
PETER  m   
RIVER  m & f  63/37 
ROBERT  m  nn Robin; Robert Bunsen, inventor of chemical spectroscopy; Robert Hooke, microbiology and gravity; peaked at 5.7% in 1937 
ROBIN  m & f  10/90 
RUBY  f  C02; Ruby Beach on Olympic peninsula; Ruby Bradley, nurse 
SAGE  m & f  32/68; the plant ultimately derives from "safe, whole" and the wise meaning ultimately derives from "good taste, nectar". 
SILAS  m   
SKY  m & f  00/100 
SOLOMON  m  means "peace"; nn Sol; Solomon the Wise King 
STELLA  f  means "star"; Stellaria is chickweed 
SUSANNAH  f  means "flower" or "joyful"; nn's Suzie & Sunshine; Susan B. Anthony, suffragette 
SYLVAN  m   
SYLVIA  f  goddess of the forest; alternative to very popular Sophia, nn Sylvie 
THALIA  f   
TYCHO  m  nn Tyke; Tycho Brahe, astronomer 
VALERIAN  m  means "strength"; name of medicinal herb 
VERA (1)  f   
VERITY  f  means "truth"; nn Vera 
XANTHE  f   
ZEPHYR  m & f  76/24*; means "wind"