LMS's Personal Name List

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There are 19 names on LMS's personal name list.
Name M/F Comment
ADA   f   
ALICE   f  MN only because of disliked nn Ally 
AMELIA   f  nn Mae, Millie, Mila, Amy 
ATTICUS   m  MN because no good nn & "cuss" sound 
AUGUST   m   
BENJAMIN   m  nn Ben 
CORA   f   
EDITH   f  nn Edie 
ELEANOR   f  nn Lenore, Ellie, Noor, Lea, Ella, Nora, Nell, Elle, Nan, Nelly 
EZRA   m   
HENRY   m  nn Hank 
ISABEL   f  mn bc nn Belle 
JACK   m  mn bc of jack-off 
JOSEPHINE   f  Honoring, nn Joey, Posy, Posie, Zephine 
JOSHUA   m  Honoring, nn Josh 
JUDE   m   
MARGOT   f  MN because of 'maggot' association & nns Marg and Margie 
ROBERT   m  Honoring nn Robin 
SAMUEL   m  nn Sam