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There are 93 names on applemilk's personal name list.
Name M/F Comment
ABIGAIL   f   
ADA   f   
ADDIE   f  This is a smart cuite nick-name 
ADDISON   m & f   
ADELAIDE   f  Adelaide is GEORGOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIIS NAME SOOOO FREAKIN' MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
ADELINE   f   
AIDAN   m  I LOVE THIS NAME!!!! Its such a modern a ge masculine name! IT ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
ALEX   m & f  I like this name on guys more so then girls 
ALYSA   f  I love the name Alysa Anne 
AMOS   m  I would SO name my Boy this, that name is AWESOME. no buts about it! I love this name!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
ANDREW   m  Andrew is such a Handsome name, it just sounds so, RIGHT! (haha) 
AUDREY   f  I love this's an old name, but its SOOO pretty!!!! 
BENJAMIN   m  Benjamin just rolls of your lips right! It's all around just a plain-good-to-do-name! 
BETHANY   f  I think Bethany is one of the lovelest Girl Names ever. It sounds so pleasent! Its so cuite! 
BLAIR   m & f   
BRADLEY   m  Its a handsome name, I think of a prep with sandy kinda colord hair, and a nice smile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
BRIAN   m  Brians a smart name. Sounds like a doctors name. "Dr.Brian is ready to see you now......." 
BRYSON   m  I love THIS NAME!!!! most awesome! 
CANDACE   f   
CHARITY   f   
CHELSEA   f  MY NAME! to be clear, this name rocks! 
COMFORT   f   
DAVID   m  David. David is an all around good name and I have allways loved it! 
EDMUND   m  Edmund is a devastatinlgy handsome mans name....after you read about an edmund, ya love em! 
ELEANOR   f  It's an old awesome name. I like it! 
ELSIE   f  Elsie is the sweetest,, most beautiful name ever! It HAS to be my favorite love the name elsie ellen 
EMILY   f  When I hear the name emily, I think of a girl with brown hair and brown eyes with glasses.... 
ERSILIA   f  I would spell it Irsila, but whatever 
FAITH   f  I like the name "Faith" as a middle name, Not a first name.....I also like the name " 
FAY   f   
FLEUR   f  its freanch and means Flower and its VERY beautiful 
GABRIEL   m   
GARETH   m  Gareth is a GREAT GUY NAME!!!! You like NEVER hear of it, thats why I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
GIDEON   m  The vally and VICTORY! 
GRAHAM   m  UGH!!!!!!!! THIS NAME IS SO FREAKIN" HANDSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE THIS NAME!!!! 
HAROLD   m  I believe Harold to be one of the most pleasent sounding guy names ever. 
HARRY   m  I love this's one of the few guy names that can be cuite, AND masculine at the same time 
HATTIE   f  hattie. such a cuite, sweet, yet outgoing modern name. I really like this name..... 
HAYDEN   m & f  Dont name ur girl hayden.... Hayden is a handsome modern kinda sounding name. 
HERBERT   m  I think Herbert is a sweet name for a boy when he's young, and a strong name for when hes older 
HORACE   m  Horace is the most Masculine, and protective name I've ever heard of.... 
HOSANNA   f   
IRIS   f  its diffrent and pretty. Thats really all. 
ISAAC   m  I think Isaac to be an embracive, carful name 
ISOLDE   f   
JACKALYN   f  Jackalyn is sucha strong girl name, and it sounds beautiful. A very strong beautiful name. 
JAEL   f   
JAKE   m  It's a nice nick-name.....I cant really tell you why I like it.........Oh well............ 
JANE   f  When I think of the name Jane, I see a small girl with blonde hair and bright blue eyes..... 
JASON   m  All the guys I have met with the name are awesome so I like the name ALOT! 
JASPER   m  jasper is one-a thoes names thats never used, but is Very handsome, and looks good on everyone!!!!!! 
JEREMY   m  My African baby boys is going to have this name 
JOEL   m  Joel is a masculine, fun guy name. I guess thats why I like it! 
JORDAN   m & f  Jordan! Nice on boys and girls alike... 
JOSIAH   m  I just like melt when I hear this name....part cause of who this guy was in the bible....IT ROCKS!!! 
JOY   f   
JUSTICE   m & f  Justice Is my favorite name for a Boy. One of my childrens name's will be justice. 
KENT   m  OH, MY, GOD 
KEVIN   m  Kevins a sexy name. Jk!!!!!!! I think this name is smart and handsome! 
LAUREN   f  I like it, but its been used to muvh 
LELAND   m  This name ROCKs, i like it better spelled Leeland 
LIBERTY   f  Liberty Jane 
LORITA   f  It just sounds spacific reason 
LUKE   m  I just like how it sounds....the L-U-K, sounds awesome. (i sure do like to say awesome!) 
MACKENZIE   f & m   
MADDIE   f  This nam just awesome... 
MADISON   f & m   
MAGGIE   f  Maggie mag pie! 
MILDRED   f  What an awesome name 
MILLY   f  Milly's a very sweet cuite, beautiful name!!! 
MIRA (2)   f  It's just cool 
MORGAN (1)   m & f  "morgans a sexy name." -some lady on some movie I cant remember. 
NOAH (1)   m  Noahs a soft masculine name.... 
PAUL   m  I LOVE THE NAME PAUL! It's a very handsome name, without sounding to masculine!(i like thoughs 2!) 
PERRY   m  I love this name! For guys, to be sure. Its a very diffrent sounding handsome name, i LOVE IT!!!!!!! 
PETER   m  I love the name peter bacause its a strong name......and I like peter in the Bible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
PHOEBE   f  Gosh I love this name 
REMIEL   m   
ROLAND   m  David Roland Cook...haha david Means beloved and Roland means FAME! HAHA LOL FUNNY 
RUTH (1)   f  I also think RUTH is a beautiful, strong, feminine name, without being used to much!! !!!!! 
RYLAN   m  It sounds old and handsome 
SAUL   m  I just like the name soul.............dont know why, I just do. 
SETH (1)   m  I like the name seth. Its cuite when the guy is young, and handsome when hes older. a good name 
SHAY (1)   m  I LOVE the name Jeremy Shay 
SLOAN   f   
SLOANE   f   
SOLOMON   m  Awesome name. It's one of thoes names that when u met somebody, your like solomon looks good on you! 
SPENCER   m  I love this name...I think of a 20-somthin' year old with dark hair and glasses...thanks to JULIE! 
TEDDY   m  Teddy is a cuite guys nick-name, but I wouldnt have it as an Full name....weird. its cuite thou