flamestar's Personal Name List


Gender: Feminine

Usage: Welsh

Means "bird" in Welsh. This is a modern Welsh name.


Gender: Feminine

Usage: Irish

Pronounced: ASH-ling

Means "dream" or "vision" in Irish Gaelic. This name was created in the 20th century.


Gender: Feminine

Usage: English

Pronounced: ro-EE-nə

Meaning uncertain, possibly a Latinized form of a Germanic name derived from the elements hrod "fame" and wunn "joy, bliss". According to the 12th-century chronicler Geoffrey of Monmouth, this was the name of a daughter of the Saxon chief Hengist. It was popularized by Sir Walter Scott, who used it for a character in his novel 'Ivanhoe' (1819).


Gender: Feminine & Masculine

Usage: English (Modern)

Pronounced: SAYJ

From the English word sage, which denotes either a type of spice or else a wise person.


Gender: Masculine

Usage: English, Greek, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek

Other Scripts: Σιλας (Greek)

Pronounced: SIE-ləs (English)

Probably a short form of SILVANUS. This is the name of a companion of Saint Paul in the New Testament. Paul refers to him as Silvanus in his epistles, though it is possible that Silas was in fact a Greek form of the Hebrew name SAUL (via Aramaic).

As an English name it was not used until after the Protestant Reformation. It was utilized by George Eliot for the title character in her novel 'Silas Marner' (1861).

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