Berenice Adela Wordsmith Jul/6/2015 0 Even
Marguerite Lucilla Wordsmith Jul/6/2015 0 Even
Sib sets, all girls. Find your Favorite(s). AshleyJuliette Jul/6/2015 2 Even
Please pick One per Symbol thanks!! :) (Girl names) AshleyJuliette Jul/6/2015 2 Even
Choose one per symbol, Boys names, Thanks!! AshleyJuliette Jul/6/2015 2 Even
Combos with Elene as a Greek name. mairinn Jul/6/2015 3 Even
Combos with Elene as a georgian name. mairinn Jul/6/2015 4 Elene Irina
Clemence Combos Part 8 SofiaSweden Jul/6/2015 12 Clemence Ivy
Italian Names Felie Jul/6/2015 11 Ariana (f)
Part 3. Polish feminine names with name days in July. Which do you like? mairinn Jul/6/2015 11 Marta (MAR-tah, Martha)
Italian Names Felie Jul/6/2015 12 Even
Part 2. Polish feminine names with name days in July. Which do you lke? mairinn Jul/6/2015 17 Stella (STEHl-lah)
Italian Names Felie Jul/6/2015 9 Even
Virginia Shirley or Wilda Sheree? Francesca Jul/5/2015 14 Virginia Shirley
Beryl Georgiana or Meadow Laverne? Francesca Jul/5/2015 12 Meadow Laverne
Bertha Rosamond or Hilda Celeste? Francesca Jul/5/2015 12 Hilda Celeste
India Bernadine or Zina Geraldine? Francesca Jul/5/2015 11 Zina Geraldine
Grace Alberta or Lydia Rolanda? Francesca Jul/5/2015 12 Lydia Rolanda
Valentina JuliaF Jul/5/2015 14 I like it and I think it's usable
Which one? bdeanz776 Jul/5/2015 15 Vivian Isla Dean
Little Brother for Kaden- Help!!! vanessayermian Jul/5/2015 10 August Perrin
Would it be strange for DD #1 (who shares deceased Nana's name) to have a sibling with name that was Nana's BF LV51sfan91 Jul/5/2015 14 No
Roslyn vs Roslin;which spelling? FictionPrincess31415 Jul/5/2015 17 Roslyn
Which name best suits a 29-year-old small-town Florida receptionist who works at a funeral home, lives with her elderly mother, and begins to have psychic visions of other people's final moments? Gelsomina Jul/5/2015 19 Even
Rate this sibset: Aurora Cheyenne, John David, Peyton Addair TheArtemisMoon Jul/5/2015 17 2
What comes to mind first with the name Homer? robinsegg Jul/5/2015 25 The Simpsons
Thoughts on Naming a Car? igoesrawrOMG Jul/5/2015 20 Do it!!!
Margarida Blythe Wordsmith Jul/5/2015 22 I hate it!
Berenice Lydia Wordsmith Jul/5/2015 21 It's okay.
Polish feminine names with name days in July. Which do you like. mairinn Jul/5/2015 28 Even