Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Sep/27/2016 5 Matias
Pick the name(s) you like: Mark, Matthew, Michael strengthcartel Sep/27/2016 5 Matthew
Pick the name(s) you like: Aaron, Adam, Alexander, Andrew and Anthony strengthcartel Sep/27/2016 3 Alexander
Which name for fantasy creature pet, nicknamed Bella? Melle-Maria Sep/27/2016 2 Belladonna
Italian M, heads a powerful crime family & also an expert archer (LN. Michelangelo ) NN is Malo (Wicked) Eruchalu2015 Sep/26/2016 4 Even
Vachel Etienne Wordsmith Sep/26/2016 3 I like it.
Favorite variation of Elizabeth? peacedancer Sep/26/2016 9 Elspeth (Scottish)
Lucrezia Rosemary Wordsmith Sep/26/2016 5 Even
Ludovica Esther Wordsmith Sep/26/2016 5 I like it.
Which name? ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/26/2016 16 Nora
Victorian girls names what ones would you choose? Goldcrown Sep/26/2016 19 Lucinda
One per symbol ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Sep/26/2016 16 $ Calvin Thorsen
Snoke Thorsen or Sigvard Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Sep/26/2016 11 Sigvard Thorsen
Mara Thorsen or Jaina Thorsen (For Star Wars) ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Sep/26/2016 10 Mara Thorsen
Brendan Bryte vs Taylor Bryte HelpfulMcHelperson Sep/26/2016 11 Brendan Bryte
Elijah Thorsen vs Zachary Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Sep/26/2016 10 Elijah Thorsen
Lewis Thorsen vs Shannon Thorsen ThojoeSmithinway2.0 Sep/26/2016 12 Lewis Thorsen
How Many Siblings For Paul Hernandez? lakin5 Sep/26/2016 13 Even
How Many Siblings For Nina Javier? lakin5 Sep/26/2016 10 Two!
How do you pronounce Andrea? ThatOneAuthorGirl Sep/26/2016 18 ANN-dree-uh
Saran or Talin (for a girl)? highexpectasians Sep/26/2016 17 Talin
Favorite Names LV51sfan91 Sep/26/2016 23 Even
Misaki or Yukiko lilolaf Sep/26/2016 19 Misaki
Is Baxter Trendy Sounding? lakin5 Sep/26/2016 18 Yes!
Which of these two names do you like the best? KatieS Sep/26/2016 21 Molly Sullivan
Which is your favorite for a girl? Sammieray511 Sep/26/2016 33 Eleanor
Lavinia Mary BBH Sep/26/2016 30 Like.
BOYS NAMES. Ranking. Choose your favourites. 2/2 maladies Sep/26/2016 36 Benjamin
BOYS NAMES. Ranking. Choose your favourites. 1/2 maladies Sep/26/2016 34 Edward
GIRLS NAMES. Ranking. Choose your favourites. 3/3 maladies Sep/26/2016 32 Aurora