Sibling of Miu lilolaf Aug/30/2016 1 Sakurako
Madoka or Mayuko lilolaf Aug/30/2016 2 Mayuko
Rate Masuyo lilolaf Aug/30/2016 2 Even
Josephine, Joanna or Johanna. Which one's do you like? KatieS Aug/30/2016 0 Even
If you wanted twins, which gender set would you most prefer? My preference in order would be: Girls. Boys. Girl & Boy FictionPrincess31415 Aug/30/2016 8 Girl Twins
Which name for a quiet, intelligent English boy? ThatOneAuthorGirl Aug/30/2016 8 Carlisle Burnham
Which name (ends in a) goes best with Johanna and Arabella lusia Aug/30/2016 10 Emilia
Julia too close to Emilia as sisters? Kesces9 Aug/30/2016 9 No
Which way around this combo? FictionPrincess31415 Aug/30/2016 10 Lydia Caroline Alice
Even more names of girls to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: feedthechildren.org) Kinola Aug/30/2016 4 Even
Even more names of boys to sponsor; choose your favorite! (source: feedthechildren.org) Kinola Aug/30/2016 6 Jonathan
What are your surnames for a cruel jockey? Sarah Star Aug/30/2016 6 Randoll Baines
Trump or Clinton? RandomUser Aug/30/2016 6 Even
Which One? One Per Symbol! lakin5 Aug/30/2016 14 Even
Ethnicity for an outgoing, tomboyish 18-year-old girl? (Part 2) highexpectasians Aug/30/2016 7 Even
Ronan combinations celtic77 Aug/30/2016 8 Ronan Kai
Winifred combinations celtic77 Aug/30/2016 6 Even
Which Husband & Wife set? They have 2 grown sons: Jeremiah Evan Kramer & Jordan Zachariah Kramer FictionPrincess31415 Aug/30/2016 7 Augustus & Romilda Kramer "Milly. Milda."
Names with fifteen letters-- pick your favorite! shoshannah Aug/30/2016 9 Oluwakanyinsola (m & f)
Lorelei Charlotte BBH Aug/30/2016 14 Love!
Josefina Elisabeth BBH Aug/30/2016 9 Like.
Which One? lakin5 Aug/30/2016 10 Marcia "Marcy" Williams
Arlette Miriam Wordsmith Aug/30/2016 8 It's okay.
Armelle Winifred Wordsmith Aug/30/2016 8 I dislike it.
Irma Tatienne Wordsmith Aug/30/2016 8 It's okay.
Girl name combos - choose all you like! AmyChlad Aug/30/2016 14 Eve (nn Evie) Cordelia
Kieran, Kerran, Keeran Sarah Star Aug/30/2016 8 Kieran
What is the best name for a princess? Sarah Star Aug/30/2016 13 Princess Katrina
Which one? AmyChlad Aug/30/2016 9 Holly
Rosalia BBH Aug/30/2016 11 Like.