Jewish middle name for Karolina [kah-ro-LEE-nah] maladies May/28/2015 1 Karolina Esther [means: star]
First name for sister to Katana Fawn and Micah Damien Katana_fawn May/28/2015 10 Xenia
Clovis on a girl? New_Chloe May/28/2015 10 Nah
Isabel or Olivia? BBH May/28/2015 14 Olivia
Sarah or Rose? BBH May/28/2015 14 Rose
Laura or Harriet? BBH May/28/2015 14 Harriet
Georgia or Melina? BBH May/28/2015 14 Georgia
Helena or Lila? BBH May/28/2015 12 Even
Patrick or Allen? Thojoe Smithinway May/28/2015 13 Patrick
Emilia or Amalia Cristi-es May/28/2015 12 Emilia
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 2 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic May/28/2015 14 Alyssa Odette Aimee
Which Middle Names Are Best (Part 1 - Multiple choice)? CJMusic May/28/2015 12 Alyssa Juliet Aimee
Lily Elizabeth? Lumiereslove May/28/2015 13 no
Opinions on name Dorian lusia May/28/2015 16 Love it
Naomi LV51sfan91 May/27/2015 23 Nay-O-Me
pick one per number. Thanks Barrantt May/27/2015 27 6 Anna
Which? mirfak May/27/2015 25 grrrrr ... hate hate hate them both
Name Combinations In The Same Area Of Meaning Emma Rose May/27/2015 23 Artemis Luna
Elizabeth or Isabella? Thojoe Smithinway May/27/2015 23 Elizabeth
Francis for a Boy or Frances for a Girl? Thojoe Smithinway May/27/2015 22 Francis ♂
Is Tero a Usable name? Thojoe Smithinway May/27/2015 15 Yes
Is Emily a usable name? Thojoe Smithinway May/27/2015 18 Yes
Various Carlotta combinations Wordsmith May/27/2015 21 Carlotta Beatrice
Cariss LV51sfan91 May/27/2015 13 NN Cara (care-uh)
Names of Me and My Friends: Vote For the Ones You Like! Emma Rose May/27/2015 30 Emma Rose
Which Name Is Best? Emma Rose May/27/2015 24 Rose Alana
Is the spelling of Jessieca okay? Emma Rose May/27/2015 25 No
NAME TOURNAMENT: 320 American Female Names (FINAL ROUND, Abigail - Stella) [WINNER DETERMINED 5/29/15 10:00 PM ET] Icycoldhot May/27/2015 27 Juliet
Which name? LV51sfan91 May/27/2015 21 Natalie (Nattie, Ally)
Would you name your daughter Zelda? Katana_fawn May/27/2015 26 Even