Interactive Polls

Gwenaëlle (Pronounced: Gwen-AYE-ell) Maeva Wintercress Feb/28/2015 4 Like it
Malcolm essie Feb/28/2015 6 Malcolm Elias
Best of these girl names: Lalage Feb/28/2015 15 Juliet
We like the name Flora for a little girl but want to call her Florie! So we are deciding on a bigger full name for her. Her middle name will definitely be Sue, after her grandmother. Please Help!!! PJR Feb/28/2015 11 Floraline Sue (Florie) *pronounced like Coraline
which do you like best? Lalage Feb/28/2015 13 Even
Which name goes best with brother Graham? PVEJGR Feb/28/2015 13 Nathan Roger Patrick
Do you prefer Ellen or Elena? yasmine Feb/28/2015 17 Ellen
Is Leo 'trendy' ? Lalage Feb/28/2015 15 No
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Feb/28/2015 12 Marina
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Feb/27/2015 33 Aurora
Best name for classy and bit snooty couple? Charlize Feb/27/2015 18 Caroline & Peter
This or that? (boys) maladies Feb/27/2015 16 Edward
Choose most British names / Girls maladies Feb/27/2015 19 Even
Male Names III – 15 of 15 – arockster Feb/27/2015 19 William
Male Names III – 14 of 15 – arockster Feb/27/2015 22 Thomas
Male Names III – 13 of 15 – arockster Feb/27/2015 24 Sebastian
Male Names III – 12 of 15 – arockster Feb/27/2015 21 Rowan
Male Names III – 11 of 15 – arockster Feb/27/2015 22 Oliver
Nickame for Dolores? Kissinger_Hollings45 Feb/27/2015 20 Lola
Which spelling is better? Kissinger_Hollings45 Feb/27/2015 21 Dolores
Is "Katherine/Catherine" far too overused to be given to a baby girl any more? Ali Hassan Feb/27/2015 30 No
Which one(s)? (2) ElectricDreams Feb/27/2015 30 Genevieve
Which one(s)? ElectricDreams Feb/27/2015 31 Aurora
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Feb/27/2015 27 Elias
Which Name to Honor Robert? LMS Feb/27/2015 25 Robin
Which Combo? LMS Feb/27/2015 26 Josephine Louisa
Which Combo? LMS Feb/27/2015 23 Nathaniel Robert
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Feb/26/2015 37 Eleanor
Which Tabitha combo? lepetitviolet Feb/26/2015 26 Tabitha Wren
Evelina? twlightblack11 Feb/26/2015 32 Like it