Interactive Polls

Some Italian Names Felie Dec/9/2014 22 Silvia
Sibling Name for Sapphire chloesaffie Dec/8/2014 20 Demetrius
Emma Rosalie or Eva Beatrice? lepetitviolet Dec/8/2014 33 Emma Rosalie
Random female combinations Wordsmith Dec/8/2014 24 Even
Which Biggest Jumpers of the Top 1000 of 2013 Do You Like? (Girls) Final 2 x_Chaser of Dreams_x Dec/8/2014 32 Alice
Do you like Ruth Ali Hassan Dec/8/2014 35 Yes
Eleonora BBH Dec/8/2014 36 5 -- love; would use
WDYTO The Notorious B.I.G.'s real name: Christopher George Latore Wallace Ali Hassan Dec/8/2014 27 3 - Okay/Neutral
WDYTO Eminem's real name: Marshall Bruce Mathers III Ali Hassan Dec/8/2014 23 Even
WDYTO Bono's real name: Paul David Hewson Ali Hassan Dec/8/2014 24 3 - Okay/Neutral
Random Names Felie Dec/8/2014 39 Sky
Random Names Felie Dec/8/2014 39 Even
Which name do you prefer for a baby girl? Marge1231 Dec/8/2014 42 Aria
Which Russian girls name (English spellings)? Lumiereslove Dec/8/2014 47 Lara (for Larissa / Larisa)
Eleanor Margot BBH Dec/8/2014 31 Yes.
Best name for a strong young woman? 2 millie13 Dec/8/2014 31 Iris
Haitian Creole Submitted Names Felie Dec/8/2014 18 Mirlande (F)
Favorite boys name ending with "ley" jonio Dec/8/2014 32 Riley
Which first name for a 44 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Corcran. Round 13 gabbymac94 Dec/7/2014 29 Eileen
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/7/2014 47 Rose
What would you name her? Blonde, blue eyes, medium height/ Intelligent, friendly, charming, but judgemental / Cosmopolitan spirit maladies Dec/7/2014 30 Clarissa
What would you name him? Brown hair, green eyes, tall, skinny/ wise, reliable and kind, conformist/ Valedictorian maladies Dec/7/2014 25 James
Various Olympia combinations Wordsmith Dec/7/2014 19 Olympia Catherine
What is the best first name? glizandglammom Dec/7/2014 43 Leo
Middle name for Nancy? Mirrorland Dec/7/2014 27 Even
Middle name for Ivy? Mirrorland Dec/7/2014 35 Margaret
_____ Waters Maeva Wintercress Dec/7/2014 23 James Daniel Waters
_______ Jacqueline Wordsmith Dec/7/2014 22 Ida Jacqueline
Name combos found in my local newspaper: part 3 GibsonGirl Dec/7/2014 27 Catherine Eileen
Name combos found in my local newspaper: part 2 GibsonGirl Dec/7/2014 24 Elizabeth Grace