Favorite Names Of My Characters? lakin5 Nov/27/2016 23 Even
Which boy name sounds most appealing to you? Quinnteller Nov/27/2016 22 Connor Talbot
Guy names that were found on Vimeo; choose all your favorites! (Part 2) Kinola Nov/27/2016 21 Victor
Would you rather ... AmyChlad Nov/27/2016 20 read a story set in Canada.
Siblings Lucy and brother. From modern day California lusia Nov/27/2016 24 Even
Margaret Athene hylo Nov/27/2016 21 like
Babies Recently Born to Friends SecondStar Nov/27/2016 27 Amelia Grace
Which Name For A Demon-God? lakin5 Nov/26/2016 19 Xeranthos
How are these names? QueenLizzy101 Nov/26/2016 40 Iris Paige
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Which Name Ewrz3359 Nov/26/2016 28 Even
Which middle name for Rocky Lumiereslove Nov/26/2016 20 Rocky James
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Which? Lumiereslove Nov/26/2016 22 Elizabeth Caroline
How do YOU pronounce Jacqueline? CherylTunt Nov/26/2016 31 JACK-a-lin
Helga Rosamund Wordsmith Nov/26/2016 22 I dislike it.
Piers Octavio Wordsmith Nov/26/2016 19 I dislike it.
Melisende Eulalie Wordsmith Nov/26/2016 23 I dislike it.
Lucrezia Margery Wordsmith Nov/26/2016 25 I dislike it.
Diletta Beatrice (from dilecta, Latin for "cherished") Wordsmith Nov/26/2016 20 I dislike it.
Favorite French female name? ars musica Nov/26/2016 33 Rose
First impression - twins named Drew and Devan? prettily_british Nov/26/2016 29 Both are boys
Peter 'PJ' Julian? brimariiee Nov/26/2016 22 3 (It's okay)
Kiara Melody? brimariiee Nov/26/2016 23 3 (It's okay)
Narrowing down my PNL. Which spelling for girls? BuckeyedPeach86 Nov/26/2016 28 Riley
Favorite Polish girl name? DundiculutNicholas Nov/26/2016 33 Anastazja
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Olivia or Alivia? BuckeyedPeach86 Nov/26/2016 33 Olivia
Which spelling of Caitlin? BuckeyedPeach86 Nov/26/2016 27 Caitlin
Which Names For A Goddess And Demon-God? lakin5 Nov/26/2016 17 Luxemia and Xeranthos