Frida and Ferdinand nn Fern as a sibset glaucous Sep/28/2015 20 They're both too old-fashioned/boring
How do you Pronounce Marasiah? Arkham Bear Sep/28/2015 20 (mare-ah-sy-ah)
WDYTO Marasiah as a name Arkham Bear Sep/28/2015 26 I dislike it
WDYTO Roan as a name Arkham Bear Sep/28/2015 25 Neutral
Combos for Girls AshleyJuliette Sep/28/2015 28 Beatrice Ivy
OP boys BellBell Sep/28/2015 28 Oliver
Tiamat (f) sydneyeris Sep/28/2015 29 Hate it
First and middle names for our first baby!?!?! tweedledee Sep/28/2015 35 Lucinda Collette
boy/girl twins? MaraMrvica Sep/28/2015 30 Valentin & Johanna
Tage vladislava Sep/28/2015 24 Not my favorite but whatever you like
Names from tv series: The Royals Felie Sep/28/2015 25 Alistair
girl & boy combinations celtic77 Sep/28/2015 24 Even
What name for a girl who is shy, aloof, and is a mystery and mischief maker? Gwynbow Sep/28/2015 22 Millie 'Amelia'
Italian Surnames Felie Sep/28/2015 16 Viola
Italian Names Felie Sep/28/2015 20 Valentina
Some Surnames Felie Sep/28/2015 18 Finlay
Some Names Felie Sep/28/2015 25 Francesca
Which of these are too close for boy sibsets? Rigatoni Sep/28/2015 30 Oliver and Ivor
Which of these girls names do you like? Rigatoni Sep/28/2015 38 Even
Girl Names _-_my favorites_-_ Which do you like? AshleyJuliette Sep/28/2015 35 Even
Pick the best brother set Eruchalu2015 Sep/28/2015 22 Gideon & Theodore (Theo)
Iris vs. Ivy - Which Is The Better Middle Name? AnonymousUser Sep/28/2015 36 Iris
Vivienne? Vela Sep/28/2015 26 Vivienne Iris
Vivien? Vela Sep/28/2015 27 Vivien Iris
Arabella? Vela Sep/27/2015 21 Arabella Grace
Aria? Vela Sep/27/2015 21 Aria Calliope
Arianwen? Vela Sep/27/2015 21 Even
Charlotte or Christine? Arkham Bear Sep/27/2015 30 Charlotte
Which middle name? BBH Sep/27/2015 23 Coletta June
WDYTO Thomas Patrick Arkham Bear Sep/27/2015 25 I love it