Eloisa combinations - any you like Paula Puddephatt 5/20/2017 17 Even
Should a half-French, half-Vietnamese man mamed Romain look more French or more Vietnamese? highexpectasians 5/20/2017 19 More Vietnamese
Conall Oisin celtic77 5/20/2017 11 fair
Aisling Emer celtic77 5/20/2017 10 fair
Do you think the name Kokoro is usable? cutenose 5/20/2017 16 Yes
Who will be the twin sister of Akiho? cutenose 5/20/2017 16 Tomoe
Which Name Suits A Mean, Worthless Person? cutenose 5/20/2017 13 Navdeep
Name this person, Japanese, male, 15 years old, likes to play volleyball, likes the colour red, hates rainy days and gets colds easily cutenose 5/20/2017 16 Yoshihiro
What name suits this person: Japanese, 16 years old, Male, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, has a good sense of humour, is outgoing and has cynophobia. lilolaf 5/20/2017 13 Even
The parents names are Keisuke and Karen, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 5/20/2017 13 Mirei
Sibling of Hitoha lilolaf 5/20/2017 14 Kotomu
What Chinese female name do you like? lilolaf 5/20/2017 20 Na
Akisuke or Akinosuke lilolaf 5/20/2017 13 Akinosuke
Rate Rama (RAH-mah) lilolaf 5/20/2017 14 2
Boy's names ending in S – choose all you like Emilie Arouet 5/20/2017 19 Even
Alexandria, Antonia, Octavia, or Victoria? KylieLocke 5/20/2017 16 Antonia
Classic boy's names – masculine names popular during 1880s – choose all you like Emilie Arouet 5/20/2017 18 James
Alice or Elise? KylieLocke 5/20/2017 20 Alice
Rosaline Judith Wordsmith 5/20/2017 18 I like it.
Blanche Emily Wordsmith 5/20/2017 18 I dislike it.
Which? Pick one for each name, please. Mable Marilla 5/20/2017 19 Lena Dorothy
Feminine "V" names from "100,001+ Best Baby Names: The Complete Book of Baby Names"; pick all the ones you like! Kinola 5/20/2017 18 Victoria
On my Howrse game, my mare Rata is having a colt. What Aboriginal name should I give him? Kinola 5/20/2017 15 Nooree ("noisy")
Nim (as a nickname for Nimue) glaucous 5/20/2017 12 3 - It's usable.
Arthur Noah 3941 5/20/2017 17 like
Eleanor Charlotte vs. Olivia Margaret hylo 5/20/2017 25 Eleanor Charlotte
Benjamin Adam vs. Nathaniel Henry hylo 5/20/2017 25 Benjamin Adam
Matilda Jane vs. Charlotte Sophia hylo 5/20/2017 26 Even
Felix Jude vs. Daniel Noah hylo 5/20/2017 28 Even
Josephine Elisabeth vs. Eloise Mary hylo 5/20/2017 22 Josephine Elisabeth