Rosmerta Vivienne Wordsmith 11/4/2018 29 It's okay.
Name for Last name Kalipay Swankypotato 11/4/2018 20 Zimri
Girl names for character Iluvsnapple21 11/4/2018 41 Alessia
Which is best? Hummingbird Brook 11/4/2018 38 Eric
Lachlan Argyll celtic77 11/4/2018 32 good
Riona Brigid celtic77 11/4/2018 31 fair
Which for a 13-year-old girl? She has olive skin, light brown eyes and curly dark brown hair cdawg 11/4/2018 42 Iliana
Edelmira Lucy Wordsmith 11/4/2018 37 I dislike it.
Paul or Eric Gregory Woodrow 11/4/2018 49 Eric
Which of these boys names do you prefer? Rigatoni 11/4/2018 51 Casper
William or Jonathan Gregory Woodrow 11/4/2018 50 William
Baby names Harry and Meghan might use on their first child - Which one do you see as most likely? EliceBerlynn 11/4/2018 38 Royal name (like the ones mentioned above)
Which ones would make great names for cats? Female15 Chaka 11/4/2018 29 Minnie
Which ones would make great names for cats? Female14 Chaka 11/4/2018 29 Millie
Which ones would make great names for cats? Female13 Chaka 11/4/2018 29 Luna
Which ones would make great names for cats? Female12 Chaka 11/4/2018 27 Lavender
Which ones would make great names for cats? Female11 Chaka 11/4/2018 26 Katinka
Are Andreas & Adrian too similar/ match-ey for a brothers set? EscalusEmex 11/4/2018 44 Yes, they sound too rhyme-y & match-ey
Which name sounds more mysterious) bad boy-ish to you? EscalusEmex 11/4/2018 42 Elias
Name these twins (Boy has golden eyes, caramel skin, black curly hair & dimples, Girl has tawny hair, olive skin, green eyes & dimples) LNs are Salvado - Mendes EscalusEmex 11/4/2018 38 Adrian
Verdandi Heidrun glaucous 11/4/2018 35 Nope.
Girl names I used in Steph's Create-a-School; choose your favorites! (Part 3) [note: an asterisk indicates a teacher] Kinola 11/3/2018 41 Elsa
Enid Helena Wordsmith 11/3/2018 50 I dislike it.
Names I find ugly-pick the ugliest(boys) part 23 kayisforkeen 11/3/2018 34 Plutarch
Nolan Kowalkabear 11/3/2018 44 Like it
Names I find ugly-pick the ugliest(girls)part 23 kayisforkeen 11/3/2018 37 Scholastique
This or that? Rigatoni 11/3/2018 50 Linnaea
Which combo is best? Emma_Katherine 11/3/2018 41 Emma Grace
just out of interest what region are you from Zina 11/3/2018 48 North America
Which of these name do you like? (book borrowers) Emily Amy 11/3/2018 35 Zachary