Lynx or Nyx(ie) or Solstice BookStorm Jun/24/2016 21 Solstice
Two names only one choice! Please choose which one. . . BookStorm Jun/24/2016 22 Andromeda Starlette Killian-Lovejoy
WHICH NAME??????? (Yes I know they're kind of odd) BookStorm Jun/24/2016 27 Larissa, called Lara/Lacy/Lisa
WHICH NAME??????? (Yes I know they're kind of odd) BookStorm Jun/24/2016 24 Larissa, called Lara/Lacy/Lisa
Do you think Clover is a good or bad name? MazzyieRose Jun/24/2016 26 In-between
Cristián or Cristiano Gregory Woodrow Jun/24/2016 17 Cristián
Bertilla Sophie Wordsmith Jun/24/2016 13 I dislike it.
Leonato Arthur Wordsmith Jun/24/2016 13 It's okay.
nickname for Serenity BookStorm Jun/24/2016 21 Ren
Which? BBH Jun/24/2016 28 Celestine
Rate Max lilolaf Jun/24/2016 20 Even
What Catalan name do you like? lilolaf Jun/24/2016 22 Caterina
Pick all the names that you like! (25) lilolaf Jun/24/2016 24 Lilia
Vicki or Cristiano lilolaf Jun/24/2016 14 Cristiano
Boy name Aicila717 Jun/24/2016 17 Dane
Rate Nathan lilolaf Jun/24/2016 19 5 (I like it)
Boys Only AshleyJuliette Jun/24/2016 19 Matteo
Boy LV51sfan91 Jun/24/2016 17 David
Idella vs. Odile BBH Jun/24/2016 17 Odile
Choose one. BBH Jun/24/2016 24 Amos Henry
Choose one. BBH Jun/24/2016 22 Della Josephine
Deshawn vs. Cannon vs. Junior ShyGuy Jun/24/2016 17 Cannon
just for fun whats your fave disney hero name acemc Jun/24/2016 20 milo (atlantis)
just for fun which disney heroine name is your fave acemc Jun/24/2016 20 melody (the littke mermaid 2)
Which do you prefer? Wordsmith Jun/24/2016 21 Nerissa
just for fun which baby name that is also a car name is best acemc Jun/24/2016 20 mercedes
Which name for a boy? Georgief20 Jun/24/2016 21 Ezra
Zara pronunciation? ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/24/2016 22 zAHRah
Rolf as nickname for Rudolf? ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/24/2016 14 Yes
Nicknamed Melody, but her real name is... ThatOneAuthorGirl Jun/24/2016 14 Melissa de Luca