Interactive Polls

Amaryllis Octavia? Mirrorland Dec/13/2014 31 Dislike it
Princess Gabriella Thérèse Marie & Hereditary Prince Jacques Honoré Rainier of Monaco: do you like their names? Felie Dec/13/2014 23 Yes
Do you like Bethany? Ali Hassan Dec/13/2014 33 No
Italian Name: Saverio (M sah-VEH-reeoh) Felie Dec/13/2014 17 strong
Italian Name: Caterina (F kah-teh-REE-nah) Felie Dec/13/2014 18 Good Sound
baby boys celtic77 Dec/13/2014 30 Even
baby girls celtic77 Dec/13/2014 31 Astrid Maeve
Girls' Names with a Last Name Waters Maeva Wintercress Dec/13/2014 30 Hannah Grace
Which is better? Ali Hassan Dec/13/2014 26 Miles Hassan
Judith BBH Dec/13/2014 30 5 -- love
Which first and middles do you like for boys? lizwashere72 Dec/13/2014 29 Even
Which of these girl names do you like? (first and middle) lizwashere72 Dec/13/2014 35 Catherine Isabel.
Which middle name is best? Esmè pronounced the french version (ez-may) Isabella_ Dec/13/2014 24 Esmè Katherine
Mixed African American and Arabic detective coming from a half Muslim half Christian family. Also telepathic. Last name Brigit. What is his name? sweetiehearts44 Dec/13/2014 26 Alim
Which is better? Boys round 3 SofiaSweden Dec/13/2014 25 Arthur David
Which is better? Girls round 3 SofiaSweden Dec/13/2014 25 Matilda Jane
Eleanor Sarah BBH Dec/13/2014 22 4
Sibling Names (& means twins) xPrincess27x Dec/13/2014 28 Rudolph, Frederick and Leopold
Interesting and unusual names from my graduation (Male part 2) Melissa. Dec/13/2014 20 Dieter
Interesting and unusual names from my graduation (Male part 1) Melissa. Dec/13/2014 20 Emrys
Interesting and unusual names from my graduation (Female part 2) Melissa. Dec/13/2014 21 Aria
Interesting and unusual names from my graduation Melissa. Dec/13/2014 22 Xanthe
Best Nickname for Josephine Kissinger_Hollings45 Dec/13/2014 26 Josie
Best Name Combo...Brynley / Brinleigh Skyehawk Dec/12/2014 18 Even
Best Name Combo...Ellison (nn: Elli) Skyehawk Dec/12/2014 15 Ellison Kate
Winter Inspired Names (part 3) anwilliams3386 Dec/12/2014 27 Geneva
Winter Inspired Names (part 2) anwilliams3386 Dec/12/2014 28 Aspen
Best Name Combo...Delaney Skyehawk Dec/12/2014 19 Even
Winter Inspired Names (part 1) anwilliams3386 Dec/12/2014 29 Even
Best Name Combo...Wylie (for a girl) Skyehawk Dec/12/2014 15 Wylie Meredith