Which do you prefer? Mirrorland Jul/26/2015 29 Ada
Which name for a battle-loving female character? Mirrorland Jul/26/2015 23 Deimos
Ezra Julian &... lepetitviolet Jul/26/2015 32 Lucy Imogen
Favourite Hetalia Name? (1 girl & 1 boy) Silverstarswept Jul/26/2015 28 Natalia (girl)
Favourite Fullmetal Alchemist Names? (1 girl & boy) Silverstarswept Jul/26/2015 22 Maria (girl)
Annie BBH Jul/26/2015 33 Yes.
Which names sound the most wholesome & trustworthy/least sinister & cruel? Feorsteorra Jul/26/2015 33 Daniel
Which girl name goes with the name Brock? oishe Jul/26/2015 28 Christa
Writing a story name most fitting for: Male Nurse Unknown123 Jul/26/2015 27 Even
Aodhan BBH Jul/26/2015 24 No.
Which of these do you prefer? (big brother is named Arden Theodore) Nanuq Jul/26/2015 30 Lydia Harper
Favourite Attack on Titan Name? (1 girl & 1 boy) Silverstarswept Jul/26/2015 27 Levi (boy)
Best Sibling Names? Silverstarswept Jul/26/2015 28 Eve & Hope
Please vote for any and all you like esh232 Jul/26/2015 31 Alice Pearl
Favourite Names? Silverstarswept Jul/26/2015 30 Holly Katharine
Please choose your favorite spelling variations (boy names) AshleyJuliette Jul/26/2015 34 Aidan
What boy name goes with the name Olivia? oishe Jul/26/2015 33 Caleb
What is the best name for a girl with red hair? oishe Jul/26/2015 30 Megan
Jesse LV51sfan91 Jul/26/2015 21 Jesse Aaron Langer (gift, mountain, enlightened)
Samuel LV51sfan91 Jul/26/2015 23 Samuel Henry Langer (God has heard, Home Ruler)
Henry LV51sfan91 Jul/26/2015 21 Henry David Langer (home ruler, beloved)
David LV51sfan91 Jul/26/2015 20 Even
What is the best name for a boy with red hair? oishe Jul/26/2015 28 Owen
Pick all your favorites! LadyEleanor Jul/26/2015 27 Hugo
Edytha Earnestine Francesca Jul/26/2015 20 Hate
Edythe Baptistine Francesca Jul/26/2015 22 Even
Which is your favorite female counterpart/equivalent for Andrew? ItsJustMeAgain. Jul/26/2015 29 Andrea
Gemstone, Crystal, Stone Names for Girls AshleyJuliette Jul/26/2015 31 Pearl
M/F Set Angelsembrace Jul/26/2015 26 Ava and Nico
Middle Names Jacqui Jul/26/2015 24 Anders Benedict John