Which? BBH Apr/14/2015 43 Dorothea
Which name for an ancient, corrupt, rich cruel king, set in Britain. please message with any more suggestions. lusia Apr/14/2015 28 Oswald
Lucy narrowed down LV51sfan91 Apr/13/2015 33 Lucy Claire Langer (light, bright)
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Apr/13/2015 68 Clara
Check all that you like for a girl (nicknames in quotes) chankie Apr/13/2015 41 Lydia Jane
Which name is better for a girl winter65995 Apr/13/2015 48 Saoirse (seer-sha)
which spelling? (female) Person11 Apr/13/2015 33 Sailor
Ancient Germanic Girls Names Maeva Wintercress Apr/13/2015 49 Amalia
James Mikko Thorsen ? Nickname Jim or Jimikko. Thojoe Smithinway Apr/13/2015 20 Yes
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 64 zissouz Apr/13/2015 23 Marc & Adele
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 63 zissouz Apr/13/2015 25 Jon & Maia
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 62 zissouz Apr/13/2015 20 Lucian & Azalea
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 61 zissouz Apr/13/2015 19 Neil & Cara
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 60 zissouz Apr/13/2015 22 Matthias & Erika
which name for a very petite, tan girl with long dark hair and big brown eyes essie Apr/13/2015 30 Marina
Italian Names from current polls Felie Apr/13/2015 31 Lucia (loo-CHEE-ah - LUCY)
which one? essie Apr/13/2015 29 Desmond
How old are You? Felie Apr/13/2015 39 21-25 years old
Which spelling do you prefer? Barrantt Apr/13/2015 29 Robin
Which of these sibsets do you like? Barrantt Apr/13/2015 36 Lucy and Charlotte
First name to go with middle name Owen? Barrantt Apr/13/2015 30 James Owen
sister/brother pairs celtic77 Apr/13/2015 30 Lillian and Arthur
Tilly esh232 Apr/13/2015 19 Tilly Eleanor
sister/brother pairs (2) celtic77 Apr/13/2015 31 Astrid and Duncan
brother pairs celtic77 Apr/13/2015 27 Arthur and Magnus
sister pairs celtic77 Apr/13/2015 27 Lillian and Cecilia
New Combinations AshleyJuliette Apr/13/2015 22 Jessamine Cordelia
Would Beatrice and Elizabeth be too close for sisters? Likeyeahwhatev Apr/13/2015 32 No
Beatrix Raphaela Posy whim Apr/13/2015 31 Like it.
Old fashioned girl names schlink Apr/13/2015 46 Evelyn