Interactive Polls

Which names do you like the most? PeterPan42 Apr/10/2014 39 Even
Which name(s) do you like best for my baby girl? alliemarie Apr/10/2014 41 Sofia Elizabeth Mercado
WDYT of Jamis for a boy? "jay-miss" Anna21 Apr/10/2014 30 I hate it
girl combos essie Apr/10/2014 38 Eva Hazel
could Mack(b) work as a full name? essie Apr/10/2014 30 yes
Which of these names would you consider using? amt8705 Apr/10/2014 27 Nicolas
Which of these names would you consider using? amt8705 Apr/10/2014 31 James
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Apr/10/2014 39 Ava and Max
Please vote on my list! CorrieStone Apr/9/2014 4
How would you pronounce Rohan for a boy? shmeagle Apr/9/2014 34 Ro-han
Formal name(s) for the nn Lily / Lillie Bear Apr/9/2014 42 Lillian
Which with Alexandra? Lumiereslove Apr/9/2014 33 Alexandra Elizabeth
Formal name(s) for nn Nell Bear Apr/9/2014 36 Eleanor / Elinor
Formal name(s) for nn Sadie Bear Apr/9/2014 34 Sarah (traditional)
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Apr/9/2014 62 Olivia
Formal name(s) for nn Mia Bear Apr/9/2014 36 Amelia / Emilia
Formal name(s) for nn Coco Bear Apr/9/2014 29 Colette
Is Claire Annette weird? Lumiereslove Apr/9/2014 25 no
best name for a boy celtic77 Apr/9/2014 29 Rhys Lochlann
best name for a girl celtic77 Apr/9/2014 30 Elspeth Aoife
Recent additions to the database (male) Sofia Apr/9/2014 27 Konstantine
best middle name for a girl? (first name Jannette) kateah20 Apr/9/2014 26 Alexandra
Barrett for a boy? Lumiereslove Apr/9/2014 26 no
Sibsets I know (&=twins) Sofia Apr/9/2014 27 Nina and Eva
Which of these? Lumiereslove Apr/9/2014 33 Emma
are Barrett "Barry" and Robin "Bobby" too close for nickname for brothers? essie Apr/9/2014 23 only if they go by their nicknames all the time
Willow xPrincess27x Apr/9/2014 29 Willow Tabitha
Isabella Selene Thalia Apr/9/2014 29 Like it
brother to Daniel "Danny", Calvin "Cal", Eric "Ricky" & Sidney "Sid" essie Apr/9/2014 28 Robin no nickname or "Bobby"
If you had to name your child on of these, what would you pick? Thalia Apr/9/2014 43 Alessandra