Choose. Eleni 217 Mar/17/2015 41 Tessa
Choose your FaVoRiTeS (girls) AshleyJuliette Mar/17/2015 39 Audrey
Which fem. single syllable name do you like? Eleni 217 Mar/17/2015 40 Jane
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Mar/17/2015 60 Clara
Floriane or Florianne? PJR Mar/17/2015 29 Florianne
what nickname for Victoria is best? mizzougirl126 Mar/17/2015 43 Tori
CHRISTOPHER is... Felie Mar/17/2015 27 Brown Eyes
Do you like the name Jamie better for a boy or a girl? Person11 Mar/17/2015 34 boy
Would you rather use: Lalage Mar/17/2015 38 A popular, currently trending name that you Love
CHRISTOPHER is... Felie Mar/17/2015 25 Normal
Names from the World - M Felie Mar/17/2015 30 Gabriel (Biblical)
Please Choose your FaVoRiTeS AshleyJuliette Mar/17/2015 34 Melody
Josephine and Gwendolyn Ali Hassan Mar/17/2015 43 Even
Boy First Names? kazmen17 Mar/17/2015 46 Matthias
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Mar/17/2015 38 Even
Girl Names kazmen17 Mar/17/2015 39 Cora/Kora/Korra
Which female name do you prefer? 2angelgoats Mar/17/2015 57 Evelyn
Which female name do you prefer? 2angelgoats Mar/16/2015 64 Even
Down to two names... Motogurl102 Mar/16/2015 48 Declan John
So hard to decide! Please make choices on poll and/or private-message us with any extra input!!! PJR Mar/16/2015 38 Florianne (flor-ee-ANN)
Which Name Is Best (Part 2)? CJMusic Mar/16/2015 23 Alyssa Lorelai Faith
Which Name Is Best (Part 1)? CJMusic Mar/16/2015 21 Alyssa Gabrielle Faith
For our little princess Raynegillis Mar/16/2015 37 Kayla
Floraline Sue Mona (flor-ah-LINE) is our current choice for baby girl. The meaning of Flora is "flower". Middle name is sentimental. Nicknames are Flora and Florie! Please give final input:) PJR Mar/16/2015 34 Don't like any of it
Are Ginny and Jonah too close for siblings? Likeyeahwhatev Mar/16/2015 31 Yes
Welsh Girl's Names Maeva Wintercress Mar/16/2015 46 Anwen
Which? BBH Mar/16/2015 48 Louise
Are the names Alyssa nn Lyssa and Stella too similar for siblings? Person11 Mar/16/2015 35 No
Which one for a girl?? Raynegillis Mar/16/2015 32 Chloe
Which set is best for twin girls? 90% of the time use their nicknames. Person11 Mar/16/2015 41 Elizabeth & Annabelle nn's Liza & Anna