Do you think the name Harushi is common in Japan? Sorato 8/7/2017 9 Possibly
Dai or Tai, which one is better? Sorato 8/7/2017 12 Tai
which of these Japanese boy names do you like? Sorato 8/7/2017 10 Yoji
Which of these names fit a obnoxious, popular Japanese-American boy? Sorato 8/7/2017 10 Kenji
Which is your favorite? Likeyeahwhatev 8/6/2017 39 Nathaniel
My Eric combos Fictionprincess 8/6/2017 27 Eric Thomas
My Everett combos Fictionprincess 8/6/2017 23 Elias Daniel
Italian masculine names I like – choose all you like (part 2) Emilie Arouet 8/6/2017 32 Even
Italian masculine names I like – choose all you like (part 1) Emilie Arouet 8/6/2017 28 Alessandro
Nickname for Lourdes ToniV 8/6/2017 22 Lola
Which of these sibling sets do you like? (3 girls, Italian) Emilie Arouet 8/6/2017 40 Clara, Rosa, and Anna
Rosamel Glory Elletra RosieMac 8/6/2017 33 Even
My Everett combo Fictionprincess 8/6/2017 22 Everett Miles
My Ethan combos Fictionprincess 8/6/2017 27 Ethan Alexander
My Donovan combos Fictionprincess 8/6/2017 21 Donovan Sawyer
Favorite feminine Limburgish name? Kinola 8/6/2017 27 Mina
Favorite masculine Limburgish name? Kinola 8/6/2017 23 Klaos
Female Biblical Names aussiechic04 8/6/2017 38 Miriam
Sibling of Kiyora lilolaf 8/6/2017 13 Hisae
Kai, Kaito, Kaiki, Kaisei, Kairu, Kaishi, Kairi, Kaichi, Kaio, Kaiji, Kaimu, Kaita, Kaisuke, Kaiya, Kaizou, Kaima, Kaine, Kaiko, Kaina or Kaimi lilolaf 8/6/2017 15 Kaito
What name suits this person: Japanese, 42 years old, Male, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, is athletic, is learning how to speak Chinese and works at a cafe in Kyoto, Japan. lilolaf 8/6/2017 10 Kazu
Rate Hayao (hah-yah-o) lilolaf 8/6/2017 14 5 (I like it)
Which Japanese Names Do You Like? (46) cutenose 8/6/2017 12 Kasumi
Rate Maharo (mah-hah-ṙo) lilolaf 8/6/2017 15 5 (I like it)
Who will be the twin sister of Emari? cutenose 8/6/2017 13 Ikumi
Which Name Suits A Outgoing, Hard-Working Person? cutenose 8/6/2017 12 Even
Name this person, Japanese, male, 12 years old, likes to be around his dad, is very shy, likes to be hugged and is very cute cutenose 8/6/2017 9 Haku
The parents names are Ritsuki and Eriko, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 8/6/2017 11 Matsuri
Rate this sibling set: Thomas and James Emilie Arouet 8/6/2017 26 5. Great
Best sister for June? schlink 8/6/2017 32 Hazel