Interactive Polls

Combos for Consideration BBH Sep/16/2014 31 Even
German Names Felie Sep/16/2014 29 Even
Which is best? Ali Hassan Sep/16/2014 19 Eli Qasim (kah-sim)
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Sep/16/2014 29 Mary, Nicholas, James and Peter
Adrian: Boy or Girl? bigfamilymommy Sep/15/2014 31 Boy
Do you like any of these -ina names? Anna21 Sep/15/2014 42 Marina
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Sep/15/2014 56 Even
... Nathaniel BBH Sep/15/2014 36 James Nathaniel
Katherine or Penelope? Lumiereslove Sep/15/2014 36 Katherine
Penelope after Penelope Garcia on Criminal Minds? Lumiereslove Sep/15/2014 23 yes
Does John Philip and Katherine Elise make a good sibset? Lumiereslove Sep/15/2014 27 yes
This v. that...pick one per symbol for boys? lizwashere72 Sep/15/2014 40 *Isaac.
Which boy name do you prefer? lizwashere72 Sep/15/2014 34 Jeremiah.
Let's name Will and Kate's royal daughter (as many times as you'd like) Bear Sep/15/2014 41 Eleanor Cecily Jane
Let's name Will and Kate's royal son Bear Sep/15/2014 35 James Arthur Frederick
Let's name Will and Kate's royal daughter Bear Sep/15/2014 33 Even
Can Ismael work for a blond guy with blue or green eyes? Skylar_Arianna Sep/15/2014 29 Yes / Maybe
Let's name Will and Kate's royal son Bear Sep/15/2014 34 Arthur Philip Charles
Let's name Will and Kate's royal daughter Bear Sep/15/2014 34 Elizabeth Catherine Diana
Boy Names mnt5589 Sep/15/2014 26 Paul Stephen
Katherine Nicole? Lumiereslove Sep/15/2014 27 yes
Eli or Elijah Ali Hassan Sep/15/2014 31 Eli
Which with Lillian Lumiereslove Sep/15/2014 33 Sarah Lillian
Down to 3....Pick best one (Mae is family name mn) gineeo Sep/15/2014 30 Caitlin Elisabeth Mae
Which name for a teenage boy from Wales (quiet, sweet, a bit of an underdog, dry sense of humour)? Lothlaurien Sep/15/2014 29 Owen
Male Indonesian Names NixieAvUlver Sep/15/2014 26 Iskandar
Female Indonesian Names NixieAvUlver Sep/15/2014 32 Liani (lee-awn-ee)
Evil German surnames Pt. 6! gabbymac94 Sep/14/2014 18 Von Grimmelhausen
Evil Greek Surnames Pt. 5! gabbymac94 Sep/14/2014 16 Stavros
Evil English Surnames Pt. 6! There will be a final 2 gabbymac94 Sep/14/2014 14 Blackbourne