Caroline? Vela Mar/17/2016 24 Caroline Pearl
Beatrix? Vela Mar/17/2016 19 Beatrix Pearl
Eliane? Vela Mar/17/2016 22 Eliane Genevieve
Click all that you like for a brother name to Peter Michael and Klaus Leonardo: autumnconq Mar/17/2016 20 Thomas Edmund
Which boys name do you like best? Kyza Mar/17/2016 22 Flynn
What do you think of the girls name Ashlyn? Kyza Mar/17/2016 23 Dislike it
What do you think of the boys name Jace Mitchel? Kyza Mar/17/2016 34 Love it
What do you think of the girls name Sienna Grace? Kyza Mar/17/2016 32 Love it
Elmira Daisy Wordsmith Mar/17/2016 20 I dislike it.
Rosabel Edith Wordsmith Mar/17/2016 22 It's okay.
Vyvyan (male) Wordsmith Mar/17/2016 25 I hate it!
Peter Michael and Klaus Leonardo for brothers (not twins)? autumnconq Mar/17/2016 19 Dislike it
What Would Be a Good Middle Name With Sushila? lilolaf Mar/17/2016 18 Anika
What Macedonian Name Do You Like? lilolaf Mar/17/2016 27 Mira
Roseanna ? name_nerd8393 Mar/17/2016 25 Dislike it
Boys Names Skyehawk Mar/17/2016 17 Henry Jackson-Richard
Girls Names Skyehawk Mar/17/2016 26 Sofia
Girls Names Skyehawk Mar/17/2016 31 Even
Who? Half-Blood Princess Mar/17/2016 23 Bernie Sanders
Middle name for Vera Bear Mar/17/2016 27 Even
Middle name for Vera Bear Mar/17/2016 26 Catherine / Katharine / Kathryn
Middle name for Vera Bear Mar/17/2016 27 Even
Jake and Bailey? Half-Blood Princess Mar/17/2016 25 Jake=boy, Bailey=girl
Thursday's names --Boys-- AshleyJuliette Mar/17/2016 30 Graham
Thursday's names -Girls- AshleyJuliette Mar/17/2016 28 Margot
Teagan as a name? kazmen17 Mar/17/2016 23 Only as a girls name.
Edwina Rachel (WIN-uh, not WEEN-uh) Wordsmith Mar/17/2016 21 I dislike it.
Callisto Eva Wordsmith Mar/17/2016 22 I like it.
What do you think of the male name Jerome? Socrates Mar/17/2016 25 Okay
girl names Dr5 Mar/17/2016 23 Star