Interactive Polls

Portugese name(s) for a girl -- like any? Bear May/6/2014 45 Rosalia
Best nickname for Elizabeth Jason Malcolm May/6/2014 48 Even
Yiddish name(s) for a girl -- like any? Bear May/6/2014 48 Zelda (from Selig)
Irish name(s) for a girl -- Like any? Bear May/6/2014 48 Maeve
Which set do you like best? (All girls) xnutmegx56 May/6/2014 45 Ainsley, Bonnie, Darcy, Lydia & Gemma
Russian name(s) / nickname(s) for a girl -- like any? Bear May/6/2014 46 Anya
African name(s) for a girl -- like any? Bear May/6/2014 41 Aina ("EYE-nuh")
Which boy name?? calicocactuar May/6/2014 41 Owen
Are June and Joanna too similar/matchy for sisters? Bitey May/6/2014 41 Yes
A middle name for June Bitey May/6/2014 37 June Isabel
Maggie is short for... Ramblepedia May/6/2014 46 Margaret
Could an Elizabeth go by the full name or does it need a nickname? Anna21 May/6/2014 39 It doesn't need a nickname
Girl Names ~ PLEASE VOTE ~ Choose as many as you want! Baby Name Pro May/6/2014 31 Leira
Choose my bearded dragon's name ! celest1 May/6/2014 33 Mushu
My favorite girls' names (A, part 2) Erme Ioainna May/6/2014 41 Even
My favorite girls' names (A, part 1) Erme Ioainna May/6/2014 41 Even
Which one Glasz May/6/2014 32 Even
Should any of these names ever make a comeback? Anna21 May/6/2014 42 Angela
which do you prefer? Lalage May/6/2014 30 Even
If you had to use one of these combo's: Lalage May/6/2014 33 Lucia Gabrielle
Orly (girl name): Lalage May/6/2014 34 no
which name? prayforpeace May/5/2014 33 Audrey
Which Spelling? Amor de Nombres May/5/2014 32 Lucian
Which middle for Darcy? xnutmegx56 May/5/2014 33 Even
Which middle for Ainsley? xnutmegx56 May/5/2014 32 Ainsley Elizabeth
Which Feminization? Amor de Nombres May/5/2014 35 Justine
Which middle for Isaac? xnutmegx56 May/5/2014 30 Isaac James
Which middle for Asher? xnutmegx56 May/5/2014 31 Asher Gabriel
A first name for Blythe Bitey May/5/2014 32 Lara Blythe
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka May/5/2014 43 Eleonora