Girls Part 1/5 eve87 May/15/2016 35 Beatrice
Which Names Top In United States Do You Like? cutenose May/15/2016 37 Benjamin
Rate Sandy lilolaf May/15/2016 31 1 (No way I don't like it!)
What name do you think is cute for a Pomeranian. lilolaf May/15/2016 32 Even
May? Vela May/14/2016 21 Even
Maya? Vela May/14/2016 22 Maya Eve
Mila? Vela May/14/2016 21 Mila Astrid
Nika? Vela May/14/2016 17 Nika Snow
Suri? Vela May/14/2016 17 Suri Violet
Father & Daughter: Reuben 'Benny' & Ruby? FictionPrincess31415 May/14/2016 24 Not too similar. Ruby is very honoring.
Google search boy names Lumiereslove May/14/2016 24 Even
Names I loved as a child Katarina.L May/14/2016 39 Claire
Iris combos - pick your favorites erb816 May/14/2016 23 Iris Madeleine
All Boy triplets AshleyJuliette May/14/2016 35 Christopher, Nathaniel, & Jonathan
Eulalie Ernestine Wordsmith May/14/2016 29 I dislike it.
Cicero Leonard Wordsmith May/14/2016 21 It's okay.
Maddy or "V" nicknames for two names I'm considering! LV51sfan91 May/14/2016 19 Maddy
What name of the players from the football/Soccer team Arsenal F.C. do you like? cutenose May/14/2016 26 Jack
Which Basque Name Do You Like? cutenose May/14/2016 30 Kattalin
Which Name Is Better? Ásta or Elfa cutenose May/14/2016 28 Ásta
Which Names Top Names In Portugal Do You Like? cutenose May/14/2016 33 Cristiano
Iris Combinations (Pander is the last name) lilolaf May/14/2016 33 Iris Antonia Pander
Sibling of Benedita lilolaf May/14/2016 32 Cristiano
What would Esmeralda look like? (pick one for each symbol) Zina May/14/2016 23 #Wavy hair
Esme Opaline KathosAnnora May/14/2016 28 HATE it
Which W Name's Do You Like? lilolaf May/14/2016 38 Wren
Is it weird to call your teachers by their first name? (at my school i do) Zina May/14/2016 25 No
How do you pronounce Darius? Zina May/14/2016 29 Even
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