Girl names starting with L, your favourites? Happycat Aug/18/2015 46 Lucy / Lucie
Girl names D-H, your favourites? Happycat Aug/18/2015 44 Freya
Girl names A-C, your favourites? Happycat Aug/18/2015 43 Clara
What kind of names do you prefer in stories set in fictional worlds? arockster Aug/18/2015 33 Even
Lucas combos Sadie-Janae Aug/18/2015 27 Lucas Benjamin
Which Daisy combo? bigfamilymommy Aug/18/2015 30 Daisy Luna
Which? BBH Aug/18/2015 43 Anna
Middle Name for Anneliese. Last name is Lowery nlowery Aug/18/2015 33 Anneliese Claire
Middle Name for Anneliese nlowery Aug/18/2015 24 Anneliese Claire
Female names from Karen Miller's "The Falcon Throne"; choose all your favorites. Kinola Aug/18/2015 28 Molly
Which middle name sounds best with Ethan as the first name? cal8184 Aug/18/2015 37 Ethan James
Male names from Karen Miller's "The Falcon Throne"; choose all your favorites. (Part 2) Kinola Aug/18/2015 26 Liam
Male names from Karen Miller's "The Falcon Throne"; choose all your favorites. (Part 1) Kinola Aug/18/2015 26 Even
Which first and middle name combo is the best sounding? Anna_7207 Aug/18/2015 40 Even
Favourite Girls Names JayKay27 Aug/18/2015 51 Scarlet
Favourite Boys Names JayKay27 Aug/18/2015 42 Asher
Names from 2014 American adventure film: Black Sea Felie Aug/18/2015 31 Liam (m)
Middle names for Lydia. This or that? maladies Aug/18/2015 35 Lydia Eleonora [e-le-o-NO-rah]
unfamiliar Adelaide alternatives mirfak Aug/18/2015 26 Adelaida ah-deh-LIE-da
Klaus Percival or Yvon Hesekiel? Francesca Aug/18/2015 29 Klaus Percival
Timeus Jukka or Jukka Timeus? Francesca Aug/18/2015 22 Timeus Jukka
Delta Gilbertine or Zelda Hannele? Francesca Aug/18/2015 28 Zelda Hannele
Edna Lourdes or Marie Odalis? Francesca Aug/18/2015 26 Even
Hilda Sébastienne or Sébastienne Hilda? Francesca Aug/18/2015 24 Hilda Sébastienne
Top 11 for our German Shepherd Chaka Aug/17/2015 36 Echo
Boy Names - more Classics AshleyJuliette Aug/17/2015 44 Even
Boy Names - The Classics AshleyJuliette Aug/17/2015 46 Nicholas
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Isabelle or Isabella always_lily Aug/17/2015 37 Isabelle