Ganymede George Wordsmith Jul/9/2016 14 I dislike it.
Emilia or Chica lilolaf Jul/9/2016 23 Emilia
Rate Dorothea lilolaf Jul/9/2016 19 2
Janice Matilda Wordsmith Jul/9/2016 17 I dislike it.
which mn is best? last name is Codinski (max. 2 per fn) ***male*** donatella Jul/9/2016 16 Travis Ryan
Which Husband & Wife set? Average height , 'large built' Thick but not fat, (more muscle). Has short red hair with reddish\blonde facial hair. decent guy FictionPrincess31415 Jul/9/2016 18 Melanie & Robert Canning
Which middle? surname Barnett (BAR-net) FictionPrincess31415 Jul/9/2016 16 Adner Thomas
Choose all of the Girl names you like. AshleyJuliette Jul/9/2016 36 Elizabeth / Elisabeth
...°...Choose your favorite Boy names...°... AshleyJuliette Jul/9/2016 33 Henry
Lelia Prudence Wordsmith Jul/9/2016 19 I dislike it.
Ila Proserpine Wordsmith Jul/9/2016 17 I dislike it.
Ivo Berengar Wordsmith Jul/9/2016 14 It's okay.
Name this character: Male, blue eyes, shaggy brown hair, eternal 5 o'clock shadow, schizophrenic, lonely ithinkitstime Jul/9/2016 25 Sam (Samuel)
Favorite Spellings? lakin5 Jul/9/2016 25 Luca
-:-Pick your Favorite Girl names-:- AshleyJuliette Jul/9/2016 35 Even
Random girl names from RandomLists.com; choose your favorites! (Part 2) Kinola Jul/9/2016 28 Clara
Random boy names from RandomLists.com; choose your favorites! (Part 2) Kinola Jul/9/2016 26 Even
Isabel Maria or Elisabeth Juliana? Hylocichla Jul/9/2016 24 Isabel Maria
Luisa Caroline or Leonor Carolina? Hylocichla Jul/9/2016 24 Leonor Carolina
Anton Alexander or Rafael Sebastian? Hylocichla Jul/9/2016 24 Rafael Sebastian
Xiomara Catherine or Demitra Constance? Hylocichla Jul/9/2016 21 Xiomara Catherine
Emilia Charlotte or Emmeline Sophia? Hylocichla Jul/9/2016 27 Emilia Charlotte
Rate Chica Emilia cutenose Jul/9/2016 20 1 (terrible)
Which Name Suits A Company? cutenose Jul/9/2016 21 Blandus
Swarna or Pran? cutenose Jul/9/2016 10 Swarna
Rate The Name Miro cutenose Jul/9/2016 21 4
The Parents Names Are Henri and Magdelena, What Will There Son's Nams Be? cutenose Jul/9/2016 19 Camilla
Combos with Imogen Erme Ioainna Jul/9/2016 18 Even
Which is your favorite "E" name for a girl? KimberlyA Jul/8/2016 38 Emilia
River Samuel: yay or nay? K.G Valentina Jul/8/2016 24 Even