Which spelling? (girl name #2) name_nerd8393 Jul/3/2015 37 Anneliese
Which spelling? (girl name) name_nerd8393 Jul/3/2015 35 Liesel
John or Mark? Arkham Bear Jul/3/2015 34 Even
WDYTO Thomas Patrick Allen Thorsen (My name) Thinking about name change? Arkham Bear Jul/3/2015 26 I like it
WDYTO Toby Alexander? Thojoe Smithinway Jul/3/2015 29 Neutral
WDYTO Noah Gabriel? Thojoe Smithinway Jul/3/2015 30 I like it
WDYTO Catherine Claire? Thojoe Smithinway Jul/3/2015 32 I like it
WDYTO Sophie Marguerite? Thojoe Smithinway Jul/3/2015 31 Neutral
Girl names - V combos AshleyJuliette Jul/3/2015 26 Victoria Celeste
Favorite form of Clara? Ryder Jul/3/2015 41 Clara
which first name with last name Fox? crybaby Jul/3/2015 30 Even
Which middle name for Eleanor? lepetitviolet Jul/3/2015 35 Eleanor Sophia
(For a story) Ms. Ethelinda Ellis' 2nd-grade class; pick all the names you like! Kinola Jul/3/2015 29 Daniel "Dan" Tolliver
Pick your favourite FN with MN Tracey (girls) Sadie-Janae Jul/3/2015 28 Emilia Tracey
Brigitte or Bernadette? BBH Jul/3/2015 32 Brigitte
Does Cressida Tracey flow well? Sadie-Janae Jul/3/2015 27 No, these two names do not work well together
Please Vote for Your Favorite Girl Names (Regardless of Popularity) anwilliams3386 Jul/3/2015 46 Emma Williams
Best name for medieval princess--tall, thin, blonde, pretty, rebellious, quiet, strong...? storybloomer Jul/3/2015 31 Lisette
Which name(s) do you prefer for a character who is: a geeky, enthusiastic, intelligent, warm-hearted, motherly, kind of unattractive scientist whose disappearance is tied into a terrible mystery? grimscribe Jul/3/2015 31 Enid
Which surname suits Roland, a nerdy, bookish, klutzy, odd, kind-hearted failed med-student who stumbles on a terrible secret? (pick all you think work) grimscribe Jul/3/2015 23 Roland Hart
Brigitte or Simone? BBH Jul/3/2015 29 Brigitte
Which surname suits Nikolai,the former shadow of a brilliant scientist, a broken man who created a monster who now lives in a house full of butterflies, mourning and hiding? (pick all you think work) grimscribe Jul/3/2015 22 Nikolai Dimitrov
Which surname suits Ignatius, a brilliant, eccentric, often mentally-unstable, physically fragile "scientist" and philosopher with a sinister past? (pick all you think work) grimscribe Jul/3/2015 22 Ignatius Morrow
Which surname suits Astrid, a cynical, bitter, morbid, awkward, unpretty, red-headed failed journalist who writes obituaries? (pick all you think work) grimscribe Jul/3/2015 24 Astrid Silverberg
Deciding a name for a character. Which is better? Kissinger_Hollings45 Jul/3/2015 21 Dagney
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Which nickname for Emilia? Cristi-es Jul/2/2015 32 Emmie
Lance Marius or Kurt Arthur? Francesca Jul/2/2015 17 Kurt Arthur
Quentin Werner or Bertrand Brice? Francesca Jul/2/2015 14 Quentin Werner
Carole Vernice or Colette Germaine? Francesca Jul/2/2015 19 Colette Germaine