Father of Mäz̧inä? (Pt. 2) highexpectasians Oct/16/2016 11 Iskändär
Which girls' names do you like? naomism Oct/16/2016 32 Eve Miller
Favourite name from Ancient Roman nomina? (Female, FINAL) KylieLocke Oct/16/2016 30 Aurelia
Talitha Rosemary Wordsmith Oct/16/2016 21 I love it!
Velia Marguerite Wordsmith Oct/16/2016 19 It's okay.
Favourite names that were popular during the Italian Renaissance? (Female, FINAL) KylieLocke Oct/16/2016 31 Caterina
Which names do you think would age well? CompanyofWolves Oct/16/2016 25 Katherine
Favourite names featured in plays by William Shakespeare? (Female, FINAL) KylieLocke Oct/16/2016 29 Katharine/Katherine (Henry V, Love's Labour's Lost, Henry VIII)
Favourite girls names from names of Italian cities? KylieLocke Oct/16/2016 28 Vittoria
Finn vs. Caden weekendman Oct/16/2016 20 Finn Michael
Ruby LV51sfan91 Oct/15/2016 26 Yes
Does Chloette Work As The Name Of Clarinda's Sister? lakin5 Oct/15/2016 22 No!
Which One? lakin5 Oct/15/2016 17 Chloette
Cato Bertram Wordsmith Oct/15/2016 20 I dislike it.
Which Combo? lakin5 Oct/15/2016 23 Celia Caprice
What names do you like? CompanyofWolves Oct/15/2016 32 Catherine
Which Last Name For Clarinda? lakin5 Oct/15/2016 17 Even
Sean vs. Shane erb816 Oct/15/2016 28 Sean (this spelling)
Grace (Gracie) vs. Claire LV51sfan91 Oct/15/2016 32 Even
David vs Daniel Feorsteorra Oct/15/2016 34 I like both equally
Which Sullivan combo? brimariiee Oct/15/2016 16 Sullivan Marshall
Which Ryden combo? brimariiee Oct/15/2016 13 Ryden Ellis
Edla Georgine Wordsmith Oct/15/2016 18 It's okay.
Marion Letitia Wordsmith Oct/15/2016 25 It's okay.
Would you rather... AmyChlad Oct/15/2016 18 read a story set in Washington state
Karim or Rafi Mirza? highexpectasians Oct/15/2016 18 Rafi Mirza
Debate Civics topic jaspen3 Oct/15/2016 17 Body cameras should be worn on police
Top 6 sister is Lillian NN Lilly LV51sfan91 Oct/15/2016 41 Claire
Only son taught to be ruthless and guarded by an arrogant, and equally ruthless father LN Kyriacopoulos Eruchalu2015 Oct/15/2016 21 Demetrius Alexandros
Marian or Marianne? Hylocichla Oct/15/2016 31 Marianne Elizabeth