Interactive Polls

Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Oct/11/2014 35 Penelope June
Noelle CELESTE/ELISE? bexbex Oct/11/2014 27 Noelle Celeste
More ready-made combos from history (girls) New_Chloe Oct/11/2014 33 Nora Lilian
Does Helena Anastasia/Anastasia Helena sound good? EUPHOORIA Oct/11/2014 29 Yes
Helena Anastasia or Anastasia Helena? EUPHOORIA Oct/11/2014 28 Anastasia Helena
Jethro Elijah BBH Oct/11/2014 33 Yes.
Abner Micaiah BBH Oct/11/2014 32 No.
Wilbur Nathaniel BBH Oct/11/2014 31 No.
Edwin Josiah BBH Oct/11/2014 35 Yes.
Coletta Jane BBH Oct/11/2014 29 No.
Which one? EUPHOORIA Oct/11/2014 34 Elena
Noelle ELISE/REBECCA? bexbex Oct/10/2014 32 Noelle Elise
Noelle CELESTE/FAITH/REBECCA? bexbex Oct/10/2014 28 Noelle Celeste
Which of these masculine names do you like? hkols Oct/10/2014 55 Daniel
Bella middle names HELLO1008 Oct/10/2014 39 Bella Kate
Potential names of my future daughters Ruta Graveolens Oct/10/2014 44 Beatrice Ruth
Potential names of my future sons Ruta Graveolens Oct/10/2014 33 James Edward
For a Fan Fiction: Hogwarts's student (10) ? Felie Oct/10/2014 29 Even
Oliver Séamus or Séamus Oliver hkols Oct/10/2014 33 Oliver Séamus
Which do you prefer? amt8705 Oct/10/2014 40 Even
Choose all you like amt8705 Oct/10/2014 38 Rose
Helena Eudora? EUPHOORIA Oct/10/2014 27 Bad
Jason or David Ali Hassan Oct/10/2014 35 David
Oliver Peregrine or Peregrine Oliver hkols Oct/10/2014 29 Oliver Peregrine
Ready-made combos from history (girls) New_Chloe Oct/10/2014 34 Rosalind Elsie
Favorite Boy Names Maggie2318 Oct/10/2014 40 Christopher
Favorite Girl Names Maggie2318 Oct/10/2014 44 Elizabeth
Which name for a baby boy? lucky3teen Oct/10/2014 42 Thomas
Which name for a baby boy? lucky3teen Oct/10/2014 39 Connor
Which name for a baby boy? lucky3teen Oct/10/2014 41 Even