Which 'El' Name do you Prefer? 2angelgoats Mar/18/2015 42 Eleanor
Which Sibset Do You Like Best? Lufflebunny Mar/18/2015 27 Nia, Siobhan & Rosalie
Middle Names For Atlas? kazmen17 Mar/18/2015 29 Even
Audrey, Julia, or Katherine? Glorianna Mar/18/2015 44 Katherine Adele
Calvin Edward or David Allen? Glorianna Mar/18/2015 37 David Allen
First Names For Boys? kazmen17 Mar/18/2015 41 Soren
First Names For Girls? kazmen17 Mar/18/2015 42 Terra
Are Evy and Ellie too similar for siblings? ValerieK Mar/18/2015 27 Yes.
Gabriel or Daniel Ali Hassan Mar/18/2015 39 Gabriel
Male ending in R allibrooke1223 Mar/18/2015 41 Xavier
Combos with Diane (dee-AHN) Erme Ioainna Mar/18/2015 24 Diane Estelle
names beginning with Au- please vote, Thanks. AshleyJuliette Mar/18/2015 41 August (B)
Which one? Raynegillis Mar/18/2015 31 Kayla Hope
which one ?? TKS zhyhuy Mar/18/2015 32 Benjamin Liu
James or Edmund? essie Mar/18/2015 35 James "Jamie"
Which of these twin combos do you like? 2angelgoats Mar/18/2015 34 Eleanor + Evelyn
Which of these names do you perceive as being the most TRENDY : Lalage Mar/17/2015 32 Willow
Which one? Emily Amy Mar/17/2015 32 Dahlia
Which? BBH Mar/17/2015 35 Eve
Ada or Ava? BBH Mar/17/2015 36 Ada
Choose. Eleni 217 Mar/17/2015 41 Tessa
Choose your FaVoRiTeS (girls) AshleyJuliette Mar/17/2015 39 Audrey
Which fem. single syllable name do you like? Eleni 217 Mar/17/2015 40 Jane
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Mar/17/2015 60 Clara
Floriane or Florianne? PJR Mar/17/2015 29 Florianne
what nickname for Victoria is best? mizzougirl126 Mar/17/2015 43 Tori
CHRISTOPHER is... Felie Mar/17/2015 27 Brown Eyes
Do you like the name Jamie better for a boy or a girl? Person11 Mar/17/2015 34 boy
Would you rather use: Lalage Mar/17/2015 38 A popular, currently trending name that you Love
CHRISTOPHER is... Felie Mar/17/2015 25 Normal