Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Apr/12/2015 35 Leander
Pick your top 4! Raynegillis Apr/12/2015 49 Sophia
Which? BBH Apr/12/2015 40 Ava Catherine
Top Boys Names 3 Cooloness Apr/12/2015 40 Jacob
Top Boys Names 2 Cooloness Apr/12/2015 38 Edward
Top Boys Names 1 Cooloness Apr/12/2015 36 John/Johnny
for a girly middleline____ Apr/11/2015 28 sloane
Rate this sibset - Jonah Silvius and Beatrice Mary Likeyeahwhatev Apr/11/2015 29 3
Which of these would you use as a full first name? (Girls) Barrantt Apr/11/2015 42 Eve
Which of these names would you use as a full first name? (Boys) Barrantt Apr/11/2015 36 Milo
Characters of mine. Vote for the Worst ones. Don't vote for the best. Thojoe Smithinway Apr/11/2015 24 Chabooga Pookly "Chaw-Boog-ah"
Under The Radar & Uncommon Girl Names AshleyJuliette Apr/11/2015 48 Cleo
Which Rose combos do you like? lepetitviolet Apr/11/2015 31 Rose Eleanor
um.... which one (g) middleline____ Apr/11/2015 32 sloane
Hallie Names LV51sfan91 Apr/11/2015 16 Hallie Grace Langer (home ruler, God's grace)
A sister to Lillian (Lillian is her Nana's name) LV51sfan91 Apr/11/2015 33 Lillian & Audrey
More favorite names with my last name. Thojoe Smithinway Apr/11/2015 26 Charlotte Thorsen
Which of these "-ana" names do you like? Barrantt Apr/11/2015 38 Liliana
Which middle name for Lydia? schlink Apr/11/2015 28 Lydia Jane
Macsen or Madoc? essie Apr/11/2015 17 Macsen
Which name should we keep on our list? LV51sfan91 Apr/11/2015 28 Audrey Caroline
Tadhg or Taliesin? essie Apr/11/2015 21 Taliesin (tal-ee-ES-in)
Mara or Maria? Thojoe Smithinway Apr/11/2015 33 Maria
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Apr/11/2015 46 Iris
Which Maria nickname(s) do you like? whim Apr/11/2015 26 Maisie
Various Perle (pronounced like Perla) combinations) Wordsmith Apr/11/2015 19 Perle Roxanne
Various Yetta combinations Wordsmith Apr/11/2015 15 Yetta Ruth
Do you like any? Lalage Apr/11/2015 21 Max Roman
Pick your top 5! Raynegillis Apr/11/2015 43 Scarlett
Italian Names Felie Apr/11/2015 31 Luca (LOO-kah - LUKE)