Which name do you prefer? mv1029 4/12/2018 42 Cecily
Do you think either of these are too common/popular? mv1029 4/12/2018 39 No, they're fine
Which male name out of these is the best? thezenithofnadir 4/12/2018 43 Even
Female G names I like teaandbooks 4/12/2018 44 Gwendolyn
What do you think of Janessa? Emily Amy 4/12/2018 39 1
If you had to change your name, what would you change it to? (m) averyleddy 4/12/2018 41 August
How do you pronounce Evelyn? KathosAnnora 4/12/2018 44 EV-ə-lin
Cecily mv1029 4/12/2018 34 Like
Would you expect someone who names their son Ephraim to be very religious? mv1029 4/12/2018 39 Yes
Does the name Evangeline remind you of evangelism/evangelists? mv1029 4/12/2018 40 I don't think you have to be very religious to use this name
Thoughts on Lavinia Violet_Rose 4/12/2018 38 No
What first name would you give to a "Professor Haxley"? I'm struggling to come up with a given name. Amedee Lupien 4/12/2018 39 Iris
Which gender do you prefer these names on? Fictionprincess 4/12/2018 42 London: Girl
Which spelling/version? Likeyeahwhatev 4/12/2018 42 Susannah
Pick the list that's in order from your most favorite to least favorite Violet_Rose 4/12/2018 37 No, too close
What would you call a shy, brow-beaten housewife who always aspired to be a domestic goddess until the world ended and she found she was a force to be reckoned with armed with a baseball bat? cassilda in carcosa 4/12/2018 31 Ruth
What would you call a feisty auburn-haired much-tattooed metal-head mother of two who was very much the kicking arse and taking names kinda gal…thirty years ago? cassilda in carcosa 4/12/2018 31 Deana
How would you pronounce Fireye? Theodora D. Phoenix 4/12/2018 20 fye- RYE
Pick the list that's in the order from your favorite of the names, to least favorite Violet_Rose 4/12/2018 35 Yes
Which full name sounds best? Higuma Kanora 4/12/2018 33 Silas "Nico" Nicomedes Pardo
Favorite 'alternatives' for popular names? skinnyminnie 4/12/2018 55 Ophelia for Olivia
Worst name meaning? skinnyminnie 4/12/2018 43 Amadi "seemed destined to die at birth"
Lillian vs. Lilian (f) cdawg 4/12/2018 36 Lillian
WDYT of Leighton and Lauren for my fraternal twins? OneLove 4/12/2018 37 Dislike it
Which name for someone born in 2240 (future names) DILWORTH2000 4/12/2018 40 Athena
Posy??? Gwynbow 4/12/2018 39 No way
Pick one per number - boys names. Rigatoni 4/12/2018 52 6. Jude
Pick one per number - girls names. Rigatoni 4/12/2018 53 2. Briony
Rosemary Taylor Datisverygood9 4/12/2018 35 Bad
Which randomly generated male names based on Celtic mythology do you like? (1st and middle) dithers 4/12/2018 27 Cian Parthalán