How would you pronounce Leonora? bisclavret 3/20/2017 24 lee-ah-NOR-ah
Which? Ann is after my mom. Lumiereslove 3/20/2017 19 Aurora
This or that boys' names - please pick one per number bisclavret 3/20/2017 26 6. Nicodemus
Which of these for a boy? *Bruce is after my dad* Lumiereslove 3/20/2017 21 Caleb Bruce
Check any you like. (feminine combos) glaucous 3/20/2017 20 Isidora Fern
Which middle name for Andrew? hylo 3/20/2017 18 Even
Brooklyn Ruth vs. Brooke Addison LV51sfan91 3/20/2017 19 Brooke Addison
Middle name for Hadrian Rigatoni 3/20/2017 18 Hadrian Matthias
Unusual Girls Name Rigatoni 3/20/2017 33 Cressida
Which do you prefer? glaucous 3/20/2017 28 Celeste
Which do you prefer: Aurelius or Aurélien? bisclavret 3/20/2017 23 Aurélien
Favourite Nicknames For Barbara / Barbra? lakin5 3/20/2017 23 No nicknames just Barbara / Barbra
Unusual nicknames for Katherine - no more kath or Kate! tidalwaveengineer 3/20/2017 28 Kat
Unusual nicknames for Christopher - no more Chris! tidalwaveengineer 3/20/2017 29 Kitt
What do you think of the name Jordan for a male? Socrates 3/20/2017 24 Okay
Character names for an abused redneck teenage girl. Which is best? MarianneDeMorangias 3/20/2017 24 Ruby Coleman
Final poll..twin to Theodore Edmund Fee taylorjack6711 3/20/2017 27 Alice Evangeline Fee
(For a story) What should the biological mother of Sylviana "Silver" Cunningham be named? Kinola 3/20/2017 21 Cressida
Toby Paula Puddephatt 3/20/2017 27 Neutral
Hubert Paula Puddephatt 3/20/2017 27 Not a fan
Jessica Paula Puddephatt 3/20/2017 26 Not a fan
Sadie Paula Puddephatt 3/20/2017 28 Like it
The girl name combos I got from Prokerala; choose all your favorites! (Part 1) Kinola 3/20/2017 13 Even
Pick HaySkyNat 3/20/2017 25 Xanthe (zan-thee) Greek name meaning golden/blonde haired
Laura, Lauren or Laurel Paula Puddephatt 3/20/2017 32 Laurel
What Gender For The Name Joa? lakin5 3/20/2017 18 Male
Which is the best spelling & pronunciation? bisclavret 3/20/2017 25 Frederica (fred-ə-REE-kə)
What's your reaction towards the name Takashi? cutenose 3/19/2017 18 Very Japanese Looking
Who will be the twin sister of Sayumi? cutenose 3/19/2017 16 Masaki
Which Name Suits A Sneaky, Evil Criminal? cutenose 3/19/2017 15 Ercanbald