Italian Names Felie Aug/17/2015 26 Camilla (f kah-MEEL-lah "a youth employed in religious services")
GGB triplets Raynegillis Aug/17/2015 31 Elliot Reid
Italian Names Felie Aug/17/2015 24 Luca (m LOO-kah LUKE)
Theron, Theon or Therron? Eruchalu2015 Aug/17/2015 27 Theron
Ann Eleanor or Judith Raphaela? Francesca Aug/17/2015 21 Ann Eleanor
Beulah Susannah or Margaret Dido? Francesca Aug/17/2015 19 Margaret Dido
Magdalen Ivana or Lydia Elisha? Francesca Aug/17/2015 21 Magdalen Ivana
Jeremy Tobias or Jacques Levi? Francesca Aug/17/2015 21 Jeremy Tobias
Garrick Charlton or Jasper Tiernan? Francesca Aug/16/2015 20 Jasper Tiernan
Looking for the best name to name my female rescued german shepherd (tan&black). 5y, very mellow and loving. PM me for better suggestions. Her rescue name is Juniper but doesnt listen to it. Thanks Chaka Aug/16/2015 26 Kira
Best nicknames for Alexandra? hk00468 Aug/16/2015 27 Ally
Is the name Tigerlily OK to give your daughter? sydneyeris Aug/16/2015 29 No
Names From:2p!HETALIA(2) ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/16/2015 23 Henry
Which names do you dislike? langsto Aug/16/2015 33 Solomon
Which names do you dislike? langsto Aug/16/2015 37 Honora
Names From:2p!HETALIA ItsJustMeAgain. Aug/16/2015 26 Oliver
GGB triplets Raynegillis Aug/16/2015 31 Elliot Reid
Just for fun. Which of these 2 brother names? (Partially Russian Inspired) FictionPrincess31415 Aug/16/2015 26 Dmitri Aleksandr Jordan "Jordan"
Which surname for this family? Calvin, Sarah, Morgan & Phoebe FictionPrincess31415 Aug/16/2015 29 Driscoll
Which name goes best with older brother Liam Michael? cal8184 Aug/16/2015 27 Ethan James
Please choose a favorite(s) out of these, Thanks. AshleyJuliette Aug/16/2015 41 Lucinda
Jenna or Jemma? Skygray15 Aug/16/2015 33 Jenna
Declan James Lalage Aug/16/2015 30 yes
Which first name for a boy is the best choice? (PART 4) CaraJane Aug/16/2015 41 Oliver
Jacinth Claudia Wordsmith Aug/16/2015 30 I dislike it.
Which first name for a boy is the best choice? (PART 3) CaraJane Aug/16/2015 41 Nathaniel
Which first name for a boy is the best choice? (PART 2) CaraJane Aug/16/2015 43 Gabriel
Which first name for a boy is the best choice? (PART 1) CaraJane Aug/16/2015 44 Elias
Middle Names for Girls and Boys (g) & (b) AshleyJuliette Aug/16/2015 31 Juniper (g)
Which One? (f) aaronjaymes Aug/16/2015 43 Ava