Interactive Polls

Which middle name(s) do you like (or hate least) for October (g)? SakiHeart Apr/12/2014 44 October Morwen
(For a book series) Which names for Jimmy Callahan's four sisters? (Part 3) (includes number of votes from last 2 rounds for each name) Kinola Apr/12/2014 26 Margaret (9, 13)
Anna combos Sofia Apr/12/2014 32 Anna Josephine
Which middle name(s) do you like (or hate least) for Danny? SakiHeart Apr/12/2014 34 Danny Leo
Recent additions to the database (male) Sofia Apr/12/2014 27 don't like any of them
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Apr/12/2014 37 James Thomas
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Apr/12/2014 32 Marius and Charlotte
Which name? essie Apr/12/2014 35 Jared
Favorite Sib Set (out my my cousins' names) mnt5589 Apr/12/2014 31 Zachary, Alyssa, Molly, Ryan, and Samantha
PLEASE HELP Carseller Apr/12/2014 38 James Arthur Frost, III
Which of these combinations for Clive do you like? derhistoriker Apr/12/2014 29 Clive Alastair
A sister for Cicely Wordsmith Apr/12/2014 31 Cicely & Odette
What should I name my protagonist? itslilyc Apr/12/2014 41 Savannah
Which name related to Catherine? Lumiereslove Apr/12/2014 30 Caitlin
which name for my little miracle baby? dfleming4408 Apr/12/2014 32 Maggie Elise
Family names - Which do you like? Lumiereslove Apr/12/2014 42 Elizabeth / Elisabeth
Italian Names - M Felie Apr/12/2014 34 Luca (LOO-kah - LUKE)
If you had to name your childe one of these, what could you pick? Thalia Apr/12/2014 39 Aeliana
Which versions of Violet do you like? yasmine Apr/11/2014 41 Violet
Lisa Celeste? Lumiereslove Apr/11/2014 27 no
Which of these? Lumiereslove Apr/11/2014 35 Natalia
10 year old daughter of 19th century plantation owners. Does anything to appease cruel father, mother, and older sibs, follows in nicer twin brother's shadow, very quiet and shy. Last name=Cornay R10 gabbymac94 Apr/11/2014 18 Margaret
13 year old daughter of 19th century plantation owners. Believes in equality, wants to become a nurse, does anything to appease cruel father. Last name is Cornay. Round 10 gabbymac94 Apr/11/2014 19 Sarah
Best of these girl names? kalonw Apr/11/2014 42 Rowena
which out of six? prayforpeace Apr/11/2014 37 Even
Which combo do you like? prayforpeace Apr/11/2014 37 Willow Rose
which flower/nature name? prayforpeace Apr/11/2014 42 Rose
which out of six? prayforpeace Apr/11/2014 35 Geneva
which out of these six would you use? prayforpeace Apr/11/2014 29 Even
Erica? Lumiereslove Apr/11/2014 27 yes