Interactive Polls

Best Girls Name EMMARIE Jul/16/2014 40 Audrey
Best Boys Name EMMARIE Jul/16/2014 37 August
Various Thelma combinations Wordsmith Jul/16/2014 23 Even
What do you think of the name Greta? lizwashere72 Jul/16/2014 37 Like.
Which of these BOY names do you like? lizwashere72 Jul/16/2014 35 Finnian Luca (Finn-ee-in).
Rate the boy name Lowen (pronounced Low-in/like Owen with an L). lizwashere72 Jul/16/2014 28 1 TERRIBLE
Cassidy for a girl? Lumiereslove Jul/16/2014 36 no
Is Hercule (not Hercules) a usable middle name? Ottilie Jul/16/2014 27 Yes, but I don't like it.
Which one for a boy? Lumiereslove Jul/16/2014 32 Oliver Jonah or Oliver with a different middle name
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Jul/16/2014 41 Greta
Which Beatles inspired middle name for TABITHA do you prefer? JoReia Jul/16/2014 30 Even
Which Helen combos do you like? maude Jul/16/2014 30 Helen Beatrice
Which Marianne combos do you like? maude Jul/16/2014 30 Marianne Hazel
Which Alice combos do you like? Part 2 maude Jul/16/2014 26 Alice Coralie
Which Alice combos do you like? Part 1 maude Jul/16/2014 26 Even
_______ Chloe Wordsmith Jul/16/2014 31 Even
Favorite female Hungarian name? Kinola Jul/16/2014 34 Mónika
Which sibset do you prefer? maladies Jul/16/2014 32 Frederick Richard & Eleonora Caroline
Rose: Pick all you like smukkesandy Jul/16/2014 45 Rose
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Jul/16/2014 30 Emma Charlotte
Last name for Somayeh; A teenage Iranian-American girl who is a drummer for a garage band Ali Hassan Jul/15/2014 29 Khorsandi
Malia or Vivian? Lumiereslove Jul/15/2014 36 Vivian
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/15/2014 50 Cecily
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/15/2014 48 Joseph
Which? Laura W Jul/15/2014 27 Allegra Leona M.
Various Jerusha combinations Wordsmith Jul/15/2014 23 Jerusha Violet
names for a baby boy celtic77 Jul/15/2014 29 Finn Magnus
names for a baby girl celtic77 Jul/15/2014 29 Isla Liesl
If you loved a name but hated one of the common nicknames, what would you do? lizwashere72 Jul/15/2014 37 Use it, and FORCE people to call him/her by the full name or a nickname you did like.
Which of these unusual J girl names do you like? lizwashere72 Jul/15/2014 43 Juniper (said June-ih-per)