Megumi, Ai, Mana, Itoshi, Chikashi, Yoshi or Haato lilolaf 6/13/2017 14 Megumi
Which Japanese M Name's Do You Like? lilolaf 6/13/2017 18 Mayumi
What's your reaction towards the name Taisei cutenose 6/13/2017 12 Very Japanese Looking
Who will be the twin sister of Misora? cutenose 6/13/2017 15 Nanaha
Sibling of Hiroe lilolaf 6/13/2017 10 Hasumi
Which Name Suits A Clever, Logical Person? cutenose 6/13/2017 11 Sanami
Name this person, Japanese, male, 27 years old, likes to dance, likes to go fishing with his family, is good at cooking and is a good and playful person cutenose 6/13/2017 12 Iori
What name suits this person: Japanese, 29 years old, Male, Black hair, Dark Brown eyes, is a professional baseball player, likes to act cute, is proud to be Japanese and is obsessed with Tsum Tsums. lilolaf 6/13/2017 9 Kenji
The parents names are Fuuya and Harua, what will be there daughter's name? cutenose 6/13/2017 8 Tsuya
Which boy name? Lumiereslove 6/13/2017 21 Even
Rate Takuya (tah-kuu-yah) lilolaf 6/13/2017 11 5 (Great)
Wallis (as a girls' name) glaucous 6/13/2017 24 1 - Hate it!
Jericho, nicknamed Joe glaucous 6/13/2017 22 3 - It's usable.
Hephzibah Clare "Zibby" Wordsmith 6/13/2017 27 I dislike it.
Leonora Magdalene Wordsmith 6/13/2017 23 I like it.
Middle name for Felicity; Last name Alba ccatherinemyers 6/13/2017 20 Felicity Violet
Middle name for Sebastian; Last name Alba ccatherinemyers 6/13/2017 18 Sebastian Matteo
WHICH? Band name for a 4 member girl group. They are electronic rock. thezenithofnadir 6/13/2017 15 Warped Quartz
What name sounds best for a 21 year old Hungarian singer? She has light blonde short hair and dark blue eyes.. She's white. Last name Orosz. thezenithofnadir 6/13/2017 12 Mariska
What name sounds best for a 24 year old Serbian singer? She has dark red long hair and green eyes. She's white. Last name Pavlovic. thezenithofnadir 6/13/2017 14 Katarina
What name sounds best for a 22 year old Nepali singer? She has dark brown medium hair and a blue (left) & brown (right) eye. She's light olive. Last name Chaudhary. thezenithofnadir 6/13/2017 14 Anjali
What name sounds best for a 23 year old Azerbaijani singer? She has black long hair and brown eyes. She's tan. Last name Alfarsi. thezenithofnadir 6/13/2017 12 Leyla
Help me name my female rat? Cade 6/13/2017 20 Minerva
Help me name my male rat? Cade 6/13/2017 18 Bastian
Which flower names do you like? WriterQueen 6/13/2017 31 Rose
"C" names for girls - any you like Paula Puddephatt 6/13/2017 32 Clara
Zephyrine Paula Puddephatt 6/13/2017 22 Not a fan
Zephyr Paula Puddephatt 6/13/2017 22 Even
David Paula Puddephatt 6/13/2017 21 Love it
Tristian Paula Puddephatt 6/13/2017 19 Not a fan