Jessie or Jessica for the first name of the last name Huang Emy_06 6/10/2018 30 Jessica Huang
which spelling do you like best (pronounced rose-uh-leen) dahliaflower 6/10/2018 34 Rosaline (but people might say rose-uh-line but who cares)
Please help me rationalize! Are any of my concerns with Henry legitimate? mv1029 6/10/2018 34 I would still be very happy to meet a little Henry!
Which 'a' name do you prefer? mv1029 6/10/2018 29 Augustine
Caroline - which pronunciation? Meadow 6/10/2018 32 care-o-line
Favorite 1 syllable girl name? dahliaflower 6/10/2018 37 Rose
Which for an athletic girl with blond hair and blue eyes? princessleia28 6/10/2018 29 Emily
Mitsuna Ishiyo (f) tniai 6/10/2018 25 Even
? Martin LV51sfan91 6/10/2018 30 Jesse Martin
Miraculous Ladybug(girls) Kitandkat 6/10/2018 36 Rose
Which of these boy names do you like? (A-F) Constant 6/10/2018 44 Desmond
George & sister ..? Belphoebe 6/10/2018 41 George & Ellen
What do you think of the name George? Belphoebe 6/10/2018 45 So so
Pick your favorites princessleia28 6/10/2018 40 Michael Ronan
Pick your favorites princessleia28 6/10/2018 40 Leo Thomas
Pick your favorites princessleia28 6/10/2018 31 Even
Pick your favorites princessleia28 6/10/2018 40 Edith Penelope
This or that? Rigatoni 6/10/2018 39 Ariadne
My List | Boys H-K Little Blue Bird 6/10/2018 50 James
Which unusual name for a male literary character with the surname Waite? Lynxosophy 6/10/2018 36 Linden
Which of these is the most suitable for eleven-year-old blonde girl? (which one do you like the most? :D) omnis.somnium 6/10/2018 40 Laura
Helene Margrete. mairinn 6/10/2018 38 Like.
Which name looks and sounds the best to you? tniai 6/10/2018 27 Mitsuna
My List | Boys E-G Little Blue Bird 6/10/2018 48 Felix
My List | Boys A-D Little Blue Bird 6/10/2018 47 Arthur
Which of these names do you perceive as most cheerful and happy? EliceBerlynn 6/10/2018 39 Joy
Feminine Names from My List | V – Z KylieLocke 6/9/2018 47 Vera
Not sure? tniai 6/9/2018 23 Mitsuji Ishiyo
Which combo do you prefer? sambchop 6/9/2018 37 Geneviève Florence Claire
Which middle name is best/most interesting for Hugo? (KIS-te-NEEN) (ho-RAY-shyo) (jahn-KAHR-lo) (mah-DEST) Ire 6/9/2018 33 Lisandro