Interactive Polls

Which name for a baby girl? lucky3teen Oct/7/2014 34 Nicola
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Oct/7/2014 31 Julian Rhys
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Oct/7/2014 33 Marie Elisabeth
Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Oct/7/2014 31 Lawrence / Laurence √Čamonn ("AY-mun")
best name (boys) celtic77 Oct/7/2014 23 Alistair Lachlan
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Oct/7/2014 29 Even
best name (girls) celtic77 Oct/7/2014 19 Orla Isolde
Favourite European Royalty Names (girls) always_lily Oct/7/2014 35 Elizabeth/Elisabeth
Names ending in Belle/Bella always_lily Oct/7/2014 27 Isabelle
Which Middle Name would you choose for Ezekiel? Cthomas31 Oct/7/2014 21 Owen
Which name do you like best? (For a middle name) EmmaLeigh Oct/7/2014 21 Faye
Mark or Thomas Ali Hassan Oct/7/2014 25 Thomas
Elle, Ella, or Ellie? EmmaLeigh Oct/7/2014 24 Ella
(For a book series) Names of boys from Mrs. Scar's fourth grade class; choose all you like! Kinola Oct/7/2014 19 Alex Wade
What middle name with "Berenice"? Kinola Oct/7/2014 18 Isolde
Best Boy Name, LN McDonald Maggie2318 Oct/7/2014 22 Nicholas
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Oct/7/2014 26 James Alexander
Which name(s) to honor a Joseph? Piccadilly Oct/6/2014 29 Josephine / Josefine
Isaac Edmund or Isaac Nero? K.G Valentina Oct/6/2014 23 Isaac Edmund
A poll of random boy names, part 4. Choose the one you like the most. Kinola Oct/6/2014 40 Christopher
Which Rose combo? Pick no more than three, please. lepetitviolet Oct/6/2014 32 Rose Eleanor
Which middle name with Vanessa? Lumiereslove Oct/6/2014 25 Vanessa Katherine / Catherine
Anna, Noelle, Rachel, or Sarah (first name): Which do you like best? bexbex Oct/6/2014 29 Anna
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Oct/6/2014 42 Gabriel
Rachel Hannah vs. Rachel Noelle vs. Rachel Tabitha (pick only one per symbol) bexbex Oct/6/2014 28 #: Rachel Hannah
Favourite Game of Thrones female? Mirrorland Oct/6/2014 27 Arya Stark
Double Barrel Girl Names (Castle is middle name) igoesrawrOMG Oct/6/2014 17 Fiona Gaye Castle
Hannah Rebecca vs. Rachel Tabitha (Which do you like best?) bexbex Oct/6/2014 23 Rachel Tabitha
Annalise Noelle? bexbex Oct/6/2014 22 Neutral
Which is your favorite masculine name? hkols Oct/6/2014 33 Erik