1 Syllable Names for Boys, Please Vote, ThankYou. AshleyJuliette May/7/2015 63 Even
Trying to decide between these three for my boy! jdlaw May/7/2015 59 Connor
On my Howrse game, my mare Shinju is having a colt. What should I name him? Kinola May/7/2015 25 Daichi
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna May/7/2015 48 Sofia
Which Sophie/Louise combo(s) do you like? schlink May/7/2015 41 Sophia Louise
Which one would you prefer? Emily Amy May/6/2015 40 Joy
which form of Lily? Person11 May/6/2015 61 Lillian
Which middle name do you like for Cara? aut729 May/6/2015 44 Cara Juliet
Which first and middle name do you prefer? aut729 May/6/2015 40 Johanna Catherine
Which do you prefer? Emily Amy May/6/2015 32 I sometimes like nicknames.
Pick mirfak May/6/2015 40 Nick
Unique Boy Names AshleyJuliette May/6/2015 47 Lucan/Luken
Unique Names for Girls AshleyJuliette May/6/2015 47 Arianne (are-ree-yANN)
Names from 2013 American period drama tv series: Reign Felie May/6/2015 38 Claire
My PNL - D Felie May/6/2015 38 Duncan (m "brown warrior" Scottish)
a man named Vivian mirfak May/6/2015 51 not ok
if you had to be named one of these names, which? mirfak May/6/2015 53 Meadow
Which one? naomism May/6/2015 46 Phoebe Isabella Jane
Which of these girls names do you like? (3) Barrantt May/6/2015 63 Autumn
Which of these girls names do you like? (2) Barrantt May/6/2015 59 Lily
Which of these girls names do you like? (1) Barrantt May/6/2015 54 Grace
Thea vs Laurel vs Margot vs Evelyn Kmac.gray May/6/2015 58 Even
Pick all the nicknames you like (Cornelia): Emily Amy May/6/2015 41 Cora
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Your Favorite Name from the NFL Draft erem May/5/2015 43 Even
What spelling (for new kitten not yet born) Boo-Boo2133 May/5/2015 32 Paisley Reign
girls' name spelling preference for Damaris & Jacqueline AshleyJuliette May/5/2015 37 Damaris
Spelling variations (girl) Which spelling looks best/do you prefer? AshleyJuliette May/5/2015 34 Lorelei Damaris
Friend's baby if it is a boy: Wyatt Harper GibsonGirl May/5/2015 42 2