Corine, Dorine, Florine, Maureen, Laurine, Orine, or Glorine? trisha_cluskey May/18/2016 24 Corine/Corrine
Which name for a beautiful, creative and successful 30yo woman? schlink May/18/2016 36 Serena
Which one as a better surname with these names? Rosa or Rosamund? LadyVanRaven May/18/2016 21 Pandora Kristen Rosa
What Name Looks Modern? lilolaf May/18/2016 32 Jayden
Rate João lilolaf May/18/2016 21 3
Sibling of Liam lilolaf May/18/2016 33 Sophia
Which Name Has The Best Pronunciation? cutenose May/18/2016 30 Lila (LIE-lə)
Luna or Maria lilolaf May/18/2016 29 Luna
Which spelling for a nickname (female)? Allymcg May/18/2016 26 Ally
Karen, Darren, Taren, Sharon, or Aaron? trisha_cluskey May/18/2016 26 Taren/Taron/Taryn...
Which nickname do you prefer? Allymcg May/18/2016 25 Ally
Which name? Allymcg May/18/2016 31 Alice
Which name? Allymcg May/18/2016 19 Lexi
Kacey, Macey, Lacey, Stacey, Tacey, or Tracey? trisha_cluskey May/18/2016 26 Stacey/Stacie...
Which name? Allymcg May/18/2016 23 Alice
Which spelling of Kasey? trisha_cluskey May/18/2016 19 Casey
Tess, Bess, Wes, Jess, or Les? trisha_cluskey May/18/2016 28 Tess
Antoinette Bear May/18/2016 23 Like it with nn Annie
Apolline Cecilia Wordsmith May/18/2016 21 I dislike it.
Names of kids that have appeared on "Supernanny"; choose all your favorites! (Part 5) Kinola May/18/2016 41 Sienna
Tansy Luella Wordsmith May/18/2016 19 Even
Eugenia Bear May/18/2016 33 Like it
Isolde Bear May/18/2016 34 Like the association with "Tristan and Isolde"
Olympia Bear May/18/2016 25 Like it
Ursula Bear May/18/2016 30 Like that it means "little she-bear"
What do you think about OverWatch Christian115 May/18/2016 6 I wouldn't even play it
All Girl Triplets (final) AshleyJuliette May/18/2016 38 Claire, Alice, & Lilian
What name do you think is cute for a hamster? lilolaf May/18/2016 19 Thiago
Best name for a present-day young female artist, whose fiance is unfaithful, and who falls for her fiance's best friend? erb816 May/18/2016 30 Julia
All Girl Triplets part 2 AshleyJuliette May/18/2016 29 Ada, Iris, & Eve