Which Spelling (This Is A Girls Name) Little_Miss_Adelaide Apr/25/2016 34 I Hate The Name, However It's Spelled
Amadeo Juda Isidore glaucous Apr/25/2016 21 Dislike it
Which Henrik Combo? ikfly Apr/25/2016 27 Even
Character type - Tomboyish diamond-in-the-rough, somewhat intense but secretly kinda-girly kazmen17 Apr/25/2016 26 Even
I am expecting my first child this June. If it’s a girl i would like the middle name to be Norma. Please vote which name combo works best. jpuhals33 Apr/25/2016 31 Elizabeth Norma
Girls and Boys Names #2 JKW Apr/25/2016 28 Even
Is Ravenna usable? KathosAnnora Apr/25/2016 30 Yes, not my style
the grandfather of a killer woman named Laramie Graz Apr/25/2016 15 Theowolf
Round 3: Girls Names eve87 Apr/24/2016 35 Freya
Round 3: Boys Names eve87 Apr/24/2016 35 Jude
Nimue (pronounced Nim-way) glaucous Apr/24/2016 26 Hate it
What Name Suits This Person: Maori, 18 Years Old, Female, Black Hair, Brown Eyes, Loves singing, Loves salads and loves Chinese culture. lilolaf Apr/24/2016 25 Kiri
Name This Person: 17 years old, French, Female, enjoys learning new things, is very cheerful, likes dogs and enjoys playing chess with family. cutenose Apr/24/2016 24 Émilienne
Rate Miquel lilolaf Apr/24/2016 18 3
Dana or Naomi cutenose Apr/24/2016 27 Naomi
What middle name goes good with the name Rayen? cutenose Apr/24/2016 17 Roxana
Which Maori Name Has The Best Meaning? cutenose Apr/24/2016 22 Aroha (meaning love)
What Russian Name Do You Like? lilolaf Apr/24/2016 26 Iona
Which African Name Do You Like? cutenose Apr/24/2016 26 Adjoa
Alexavier better as a first or middle name? ( Al-ex-av-er, Al-ex-a-vi-er) & Do you like any of these combos? FictionPrincess31415 Apr/24/2016 19 Don't use this name at all
Leslie for a girl? Lumiereslove Apr/24/2016 26 Even
My Alexander combos part 1\2 Select the best Fictionprincess Apr/24/2016 16 Alexander Thomas
My Adrian combos part 2\2. Select the best Fictionprincess Apr/24/2016 17 Lucas Adrian
My Adrian combos part 1\2. Select the best Fictionprincess Apr/24/2016 19 Adrian Miles
Leontine Alma Wordsmith Apr/24/2016 19 I dislike it.
Rosamond Regina Clare Wordsmith Apr/24/2016 22 Even
My Adner Combos. Select the best Fictionprincess Apr/24/2016 15 Even
Is Bianca too 80's / 90's? And which combo? Lumiereslove Apr/24/2016 26 not too 80's / 90's
My Abram Combos! Select the best Fictionprincess Apr/24/2016 17 Even
Which Douglas combo earthnut Apr/24/2016 23 Douglas Anthony