Interactive Polls

Sibling Sets Leaf_Soto Jan/12/2015 33 Not a fan of any
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Jan/12/2015 41 Josie
Riki as a given name or nickname KaNugget Jan/12/2015 28 Erika "Riki" (Nickname)
SIL due in 2.5 weeks glizandglammom Jan/12/2015 39 Oliver-nn Olly
Rita BBH Jan/12/2015 29 2
Javan, Levi and .....? EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs Jan/12/2015 33 Talia
Alex as a male or female name? Eloise Jan/12/2015 34 male
Which female Spanish names Eloise Jan/12/2015 38 Cecilia
Random Girl Combos AshleyJuliette Jan/12/2015 27 Margaret Ophelia
Which girls name? stlove Jan/12/2015 32 Victoria
Rosalie or Rosemary? dreadfulxsorry Jan/12/2015 33 Rosalie
Choose 1 Per Symbol Girls Part 3 AshleyJuliette Jan/12/2015 34 -- Jacqueline
Choose 1 Per Symbol Boys Part 3 AshleyJuliette Jan/12/2015 30 .... Merrick
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jan/12/2015 54 Leah
Lennox and.... Gwynbow Jan/12/2015 27 Lennox and Isla
Scottish place names / rivers as first or middle name for a girl? Bear Jan/12/2015 44 Iona ("eye-O-nuh")
Albert or Alfred Ali Hassan Jan/12/2015 33 Alfred
Names from Georgette Heyer novels Constant Jan/12/2015 30 Elizabeth
Do you like "Steven/Stephen"? Ali Hassan Jan/12/2015 29 It's Okay
English place names / rivers as first or middle name for a girl? Bear Jan/12/2015 41 Clare
Irish place names / rivers as a first or middle name for a girl? Bear Jan/12/2015 39 Clare
Middle name for Abigail (pick all you like) always_lily Jan/12/2015 29 Abigail Charlotte
Which girls' name(s)? naomism Jan/12/2015 34 Georgia Miller
Valeria vs Valentina mirfak Jan/12/2015 32 Valentina
How do you pronounce Valeria mirfak Jan/12/2015 35 like va-LEHR-ya / va-LAY-ree-uh etc
Help me name my baby girl! mlong1985 Jan/12/2015 36 Harlow Isabella
Female names I am using in several things: Thymemintore Jan/12/2015 38 Willow
Female first Japanese names I Love! Thymemintore Jan/12/2015 29 Sakura
Best name for my baby male tundra dragon ( (he is fluffly) Thymemintore Jan/12/2015 22 Alistair
Random Female (first mid last) combo pick all you like! Thymemintore Jan/12/2015 17 Even