Interactive Polls

James or Samuel Ali Hassan Nov/7/2014 33 James
Which first name for a 42 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Von Grimmelhausen. (von grim-mul-how-zin) Round 6 gabbymac94 Nov/7/2014 20 Helga
Which first name for a 44 year-old nun in a 1920's American asylum? Surname is Corcran. Round 6 gabbymac94 Nov/7/2014 17 Eileen
Beckett Matthew K.G Valentina Nov/7/2014 23 I like it
Edmund Theodore BBH Nov/7/2014 27 5 -- awesome
Wilbur James BBH Nov/7/2014 25 1
Agnes Matilda BBH Nov/7/2014 27 5 -- awesome
On my Howrse game, my mare Arika is having a colt. What Aboriginal name should I give him? Kinola Nov/7/2014 21 Berrigan ("emu bush")
Jasper Nathaniel BBH Nov/7/2014 30 4
Matilda Catherine BBH Nov/7/2014 25 5 -- awesome
Which is better? Ali Hassan Nov/7/2014 22 Jason Qasim
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Nov/7/2014 28 Charlotte Eleanor
Sheppard on a girl Hola123 Nov/6/2014 27 No
What is the best girl's name for someone with lightning powers? oishe Nov/6/2014 32 Tesia
Name Face Off #2 (girl name) hmn1287 Nov/6/2014 33 Ember
Name Face Off #2 (boy name) hmn1287 Nov/6/2014 33 Liam
How do you pronounce "Caroline"? Ali Hassan Nov/6/2014 31 KER-ə-lien
Mary Elise? Lumiereslove Nov/6/2014 27 yes
What would be a good sister name for Leah Lumiereslove Nov/6/2014 31 Rachel
Best name combo for a blonde haried blue eyed teenage boy MeAmoRusia Nov/6/2014 24 Lucian Leo
Sibling combinations, pick your favorites! sage-femme Nov/6/2014 31 Jude, Thea, Margot
Emma or Emily? Anna21 Nov/6/2014 34 Emma
Carol Ivy MaggieHamFan Nov/6/2014 29 3 - Neutral
Sibling names xPrincess27x Nov/6/2014 36 Eleanor and Adelaide
Are Henry,Cynthia, and Nikolina (Nina) good names for a set of triplets? MeAmoRusia Nov/6/2014 25 No
Is Nessa to close to the name Nessie (nickname of Renesmee) from twilight?) MeAmoRusia Nov/6/2014 23 No
which spelling? Lalage Nov/6/2014 27 Electra
Random Surnames Felie Nov/6/2014 23 Walsh
Genevieve Scarlett Lalage Nov/6/2014 23 yes
Juliet Electra Lalage Nov/6/2014 24 yes