Malcolm? Vela Sep/22/2015 21 Malcolm Lane
Mac? Vela Sep/22/2015 19 Mac Hudson
Magnus? Vela Sep/22/2015 19 Magnus Graham
Gus? Vela Sep/22/2015 19 Gus Oliver
Angus? Vela Sep/22/2015 17 Angus Donovan
Y boys BellBell Sep/22/2015 15 Ylias
Current Favorite P names for girls: pick all you like Emily Amy Sep/22/2015 26 Petra
Y girls BellBell Sep/22/2015 12 Ysobel
Esmina BBH Sep/22/2015 20 Dislike.
Hester Chrysanthe Wordsmith Sep/22/2015 25 I dislike it.
Ruth Marguerite Wordsmith Sep/22/2015 26 I hate it!
Elisheba Roxane Wordsmith Sep/22/2015 19 I dislike it.
An American Black Bear named Chabooga Pookly. For a Fantasy character. (NOT FOR A BABY) Arkham Bear Sep/22/2015 19 I DISLIKE IT
Princess Christadette or Lucius of Zallinair. For a Fantasy Story(NOT FOR A BABY) Which one should i keep? Arkham Bear Sep/22/2015 20 Lucius of Zallinair
Sasha or Sascha? whim Sep/22/2015 24 Sasha
Satchel Manzee(male) or Lokta Froies(female) For a fantasy story(NOT FOR A BABY). Which one should i keep? Arkham Bear Sep/22/2015 14 Satchel Manzee (named after Satchel Paige)
WDYTO Stuart John Arkham Bear Sep/22/2015 25 i dislike it
WDYTO Alexandrine Maria Arkham Bear Sep/22/2015 21 I dislike it
WDYTO Jezelyn Frances Thojoe Smithinway Sep/22/2015 23 i hate it
WDYTO Clyde Jeremy Thojoe Smithinway Sep/22/2015 22 i hate it
WDYTO Eyan William Thojoe Smithinway Sep/22/2015 22 i dislike it
WDYTO James Louis Thojoe Smithinway Sep/22/2015 23 neutral
WDYTO Anthony Peter Thojoe Smithinway Sep/22/2015 22 neutral
Best middle name for Taya emaemiliya Sep/22/2015 21 Taya Genevieve
Which twin girl name set is better? emaemiliya Sep/22/2015 28 Veronica and Vanessa
Which boys' names do you like? AshleyJuliette Sep/22/2015 34 Leo Sebastian
Unusual name of the day: Avlona TheArtemisMoon Sep/22/2015 22 2
Alice Bear Sep/22/2015 35 Love it
Carmel Bear Sep/22/2015 31 I prefer Carmen
Freda Bear Sep/22/2015 30 Like it as a full name (as Freda, Frieda or Frida)