Interactive Polls

Favorite Nicknames For Anastasia/Anastacia? lakin5 Dec/10/2013 28 Anya
Which female sibset? BBH Dec/10/2013 39 Susannah, Alice, Charlotte, Mary
Which malde sibset? BBH Dec/10/2013 25 Asa, Benjamin, Silas, Ezra
Name combos prayforpeace Dec/10/2013 24 Jacob Matthew
Me and my boyfriend are gonna walk along a few streets to see decked out Christmas lights in a neighborhood. Which outfit should I wear? gotnomojo101 Dec/10/2013 12 Dusty rose knit sweater, Christmas printed leggings, & folded down Chestnut UGG boots (more casual)
which girl name ending in a would you use? prayforpeace Dec/10/2013 37 Lilia
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Dec/9/2013 36 Shannon
Cara: Any combinations you like? Tiggs Dec/9/2013 24 Cara Vivienne
Bonnie: Any combinations you like? Tiggs Dec/9/2013 24 Bonnie Adelaide
Girl and Boy combos prayforpeace Dec/9/2013 27 Cordelia Rose
Bethan "BETH-an": Any combinations you like? Tiggs Dec/9/2013 28 Bethan Rosemary
Which is best Masculine form or feminine Kimbo_anna Dec/9/2013 37 Anatoly (M)
Unisex names biy or girl? Kimbo_anna Dec/9/2013 37 Joey (Boy)
Aidan combos Sofia Dec/9/2013 25 Aidan Samuel
Like any? (male) Sofia Dec/9/2013 25 Arad
Like any? (male) Sofia Dec/9/2013 31 Micah
Adam combos Sofia Dec/9/2013 25 Adam Gabriel
Which version of each Name do you prefer (Male) Kimbo_anna Dec/9/2013 40 Jacob
Which version of each Name do you prefer (Female) Kimbo_anna Dec/9/2013 47 Sophia
Karsten xPrincess27x Dec/9/2013 22 Karsten Matteus
Which Combo Using Alphonse? Erebella Dec/9/2013 23 Gabriel Alphonse
Virtue names (girls) Andromeda___ Dec/9/2013 44 Grace
♂ C names - vote for any and all you like. viedelarose Dec/9/2013 34 Even
Which name do you prefer? eleonora Dec/9/2013 35 Daniel
Which name flows better with Lyra? MusicBelle Dec/9/2013 25 Amara
Sibling names amt8705 Dec/9/2013 28 Anna and Catherine
Do you like any of these? amt8705 Dec/9/2013 30 Even
Which One? Erebella Dec/9/2013 25 Adelaide Francesca
Benjamin Alphonse? Erebella Dec/9/2013 23 Even
What's the best name for a male character? Jordybird Dec/9/2013 30 James