Dora Lalage Wordsmith Jul/22/2015 22 I hate it!
Enid Esmeralda Wordsmith Jul/22/2015 22 I dislike it.
A sister for Crystal and Martha kayfi Jul/22/2015 31 Naomi
Do you like any of the names belonging to the Knights of the Round Table? Constant Jul/22/2015 36 Tristan
Which Shakespearean name for girls? naomism Jul/22/2015 45 Emilia
Names from Medieval Literature and History Constant Jul/22/2015 36 Thomas
Cybele Diana Wordsmith Jul/22/2015 27 It's okay.
BOYS NAMES kaileyb Jul/22/2015 40 Rowan
GIRLS NAMES kaileyb Jul/22/2015 40 Hazel
Which boys name? Lumiereslove Jul/22/2015 40 Owen
Which one for a girl? part 2 Lumiereslove Jul/22/2015 33 Elizabeth
Which girl name? part 1 Lumiereslove Jul/22/2015 37 Even
Which lush name for a girl? naomism Jul/22/2015 36 Laurel
Girl name for dying book character? Unknown123 Jul/22/2015 36 Caterina Amira Thomson
P names JustAsIExpected Jul/21/2015 49 Patrick
O names JustAsIExpected Jul/21/2015 41 Oliver
Full House cast names: TheArtemisMoon Jul/21/2015 36 Even
Names from the Full House cast: real names TheArtemisMoon Jul/21/2015 32 Daniel
Sibsets cactusgram Jul/21/2015 39 Theodore Axel and Daisy Adelaide
Underrated, Unique, & Refreshing Boy Names AshleyJuliette Jul/21/2015 52 Caspian
Vote for the names you would never name a child. Arkham Bear Jul/21/2015 52 Jordy
Linus: protagonist or antagonist? BBH Jul/21/2015 31 Protagonist.
Underrated, Unique, & Refreshing Girl Names (final) AshleyJuliette Jul/21/2015 47 Even
Underrated, Unique, Refreshing Girl Names AshleyJuliette Jul/21/2015 48 Irena / Irina
best sister for Elliott & Oscar ElleMichelle Jul/21/2015 43 Margot
best brother for Elliott & Oscar ElleMichelle Jul/21/2015 40 Sebastian
Alina or Aline SH2237 Jul/21/2015 38 Alina
Unique, Underrated, and Refreshing Girl Names AshleyJuliette Jul/21/2015 49 Calla
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