Interactive Polls

Which Max??? Holmes333 Mar/3/2014 32 Maximilian
Name your daughter 3-3-14 Holmes333 Mar/3/2014 47 Florence
Name your son 3-3-14 Holmes333 Mar/3/2014 37 Greyson
Which do you like the best? itsnotmykitchen Mar/3/2014 62 Sophie
names for a baby boy celtic77 Mar/3/2014 32 Ronan Rhys
names for a baby girl celtic77 Mar/3/2014 31 Even
Which Middle for Felicity HarderToBreathe Mar/3/2014 28 Felicity Maria
Which middle name for Mary? Anna21 Mar/3/2014 29 Mary Alexandra
Which middle for Natalia? HarderToBreathe Mar/3/2014 29 Natalia Clare
Does Natalia remind you of Nutella? HarderToBreathe Mar/3/2014 39 No, it doesn't remind me of Nutella
Freya xPrincess27x Mar/3/2014 33 Freya Evelyn [EVE-lin]
What do you think of the girls name Toula / Tula? Anna21 Mar/3/2014 30 Even
Best name for a prudent but cowardly boy destined to become a great ruler? millie13 Mar/3/2014 32 Evander (good man)
Best name for a sweet girl, who has healing powers and is destined to become a great queen? (meaning in parentheses) millie13 Mar/3/2014 39 Melia (honey)
Best name for a moody goth girl, who becomes a great warrior? (meaning in parentheses) millie13 Mar/3/2014 36 Leandra (lion man, feminized)
100 Name Challenge (Girls) Pt 9 avaname Mar/3/2014 47 Even
Favourite middle name for Marianne? always_lily Mar/3/2014 31 Marianne Rose
Icelandic female name caried1 Mar/3/2014 39 Even
Which form of John Lee Augustus Mar/3/2014 43 Ian (Scottish)
Various Ila (EE-lah) combinations Wordsmith Mar/3/2014 26 Even
Finn Crisses - variations (1 per symbol) Dahlis Mar/3/2014 25 % Finnegan Paul Crisses nn "Finn"
Favourite sibset (NOT for a story, these are sibling names, I came across in real life) Christine1999 Mar/3/2014 38 Peter & Katherine
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Mar/2/2014 40 Henry Allen
Sibling names (&=twins) xPrincess27x Mar/2/2014 36 James and Alexander
Which One? lakin5 Mar/2/2014 46 Vanessa Penelope
Which One? lakin5 Mar/2/2014 35 Robin Hazel
Which name? EUPHOORIA Mar/2/2014 37 Valentina Rhiannon
Girl combos prayforpeace Mar/2/2014 42 Georgia Grace
Which Names do you like=mix of boy and girls prayforpeace Mar/2/2014 39 Ronan