"Soft" and "Refreshing" --boy-- options AshleyJuliette Jul/24/2015 43 Ellis
If you had to choose one of these (boy): Lalage Jul/24/2015 33 Daniel
V names JustAsIExpected Jul/24/2015 38 Viola
T names JustAsIExpected Jul/24/2015 37 Even
out of the sibset pick your favourites MicRan7 Jul/24/2015 24 Daliya
Middle Names Jacqui Jul/24/2015 25 Anders Nicholas John
Wdyto "Devyn Reille" for a girl? arby Jul/24/2015 29 Hate it!
Wdyto "Macie Rochelle" for a girl? arby Jul/24/2015 25 Dislike it!
Which name do you like best? My 1st son's name is Benicio. :) gmilstein Jul/24/2015 40 Mattias
Elvira Madelon Wordsmith Jul/23/2015 26 I hate it!
Which name with Elizabeth? Lumiereslove Jul/23/2015 30 Elizabeth Rose
Do you like Delores? Emily Amy Jul/23/2015 27 no
"Softer" Boy names AshleyJuliette Jul/23/2015 37 Drew
"Softer" Boy Names AshleyJuliette Jul/23/2015 36 Even
Best Cheerleader name... Kiki9821 Jul/23/2015 37 Kelsie
"Feminine" nicknames for male names Wordsmith Jul/23/2015 34 Cass (Caspar, Casimir, Cassander, Cassian, Cassius)
Which of these three? Lumiereslove Jul/23/2015 30 Sophie Lillian
Which is better? Both are after my father Lumiereslove Jul/23/2015 31 Owen Philip
Combos made from my grandfathers' names: TheArtemisMoon Jul/23/2015 25 James Castiel (khas-tee-el or cass-tee-el)
Combos made from my grandmothers' names TheArtemisMoon Jul/23/2015 28 Katherine Pearl
Combos made from my friends' names: TheArtemisMoon Jul/23/2015 27 um, what?
Which do you like? TheArtemisMoon Jul/23/2015 32 Alexandria Claire
Yvo Benedict Wordsmith Jul/23/2015 26 I hate it!
Does the eldest child of the family look most like his/her father? caille Jul/23/2015 23 No
Berit Lavinia Wordsmith Jul/23/2015 20 I dislike it.
(For a possible story) What should Alondra Martelli's middle name be? (She is of European ancestry) Kinola Jul/23/2015 25 Maria
Girl's Name + nickname robinsegg Jul/23/2015 35 Sonora (Sunny)
How would you pronounce Aleida? whim Jul/23/2015 34 ah-LAY-dah
Demelza BBH Jul/23/2015 28 Dislike.
Which middle name? naomism Jul/23/2015 39 Even