Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 73 zissouz Apr/15/2015 28 Vicente & Leona
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 72 zissouz Apr/15/2015 27 Maxim & Alena
Which one for a a baby boy with middle name Robert jdlaw Apr/15/2015 47 Miles
Some family names. girls / 3 maladies Apr/15/2015 41 Caroline Eleanor
Some family names. girls / 4 maladies Apr/15/2015 39 Even
Some family names. Boys / 2 maladies Apr/15/2015 32 Louis Francois
Some family names. boys / 1 maladies Apr/15/2015 39 James Anthony
Which of these spellings/usages of the name Gwenevere do you like? arockster Apr/15/2015 42 Guinevere (Arthurian Legend)
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 70 Zissou Apr/15/2015 23 Duke & Edith
Boy + girl sibset. Pick your favourites / PART 71 Zissou Apr/15/2015 28 Harry & Clarissa
Which do you prefer? Wordsmith Apr/15/2015 37 Verena
Which do you prefer? Lalage Apr/15/2015 30 Max Evander
Danish Royalty sondheimist Apr/15/2015 33 Nikolai William Alexander Frederik ♂
Swedish Royalty sondheimist Apr/15/2015 35 Madeleine Thérèse Amelie Josephine ♀
Middle name for Evangeline naomism Apr/15/2015 29 Evangeline Margot
Current name that we are working with is "Ada". But I thought it would be fun to see how all our name choices would rate against each other! None of these have been ruled out. *Note: Mona is surname PJR Apr/15/2015 35 Ada Genevieve Mona
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Apr/15/2015 38 Arthur
Name for a film director / for a story. Zissou Apr/15/2015 39 Monica
Name for human rights activist. / for a story Zissou Apr/15/2015 37 Caroline
Name for an owner of fashion brand. Zissou Apr/15/2015 37 Caroline
Unusual girls names. Choose your favourites Charlize Apr/15/2015 26 Carya / Caria
How would you pronounce "Adalee"? PJR Apr/15/2015 34 add-uh-lee
which name is more Resemblance to Andre ? (for Marriage) elsalove012 Apr/15/2015 20 Sabrina
Which? BBH Apr/15/2015 43 Thea
Girls combos - pick all you like pearlie Apr/15/2015 37 Edith Cecilia
Names from 2010 British period-drama tv series: Downton Abbey Felie Apr/15/2015 31 William
Clayton Combos EmmeCullen Apr/15/2015 19 Clayton August Cullen
Gavin Combos EmmeCullen Apr/15/2015 21 Gavin Leo Cullen
Which combination would be best? (first/middle) aquamarinerock Apr/14/2015 30 Percy Howard
Lydia, Helena, or Harriet? Pick all you like (Jane is middle name, ignore nicknames). chankie Apr/14/2015 41 Lydia