Women's names from 1900s-50s SilverHobgoblin 3/8/2018 47 Daisy
Feminine 'bad-ass' bad girl name Crusaddy 3/8/2018 46 Even
Are you on any of these websites? (You don't have to tell me who you are on each site, I was just curious.) Kinola 3/8/2018 28 Youtube
Can Night be a feminine name? leoBeyene2002 3/8/2018 36 Yes
Natasha or Natalia? miacassa 3/8/2018 43 Natalia
My favorite feminine names; pick your favorites! TheGreatCornholio 3/7/2018 50 Olympia
Which surname for Lavinia, Casper & Annora? Lady_Skywalker 3/7/2018 32 Thorne
Feminine names of Germanic origin (from my list) | Choose all you like KylieLocke 3/7/2018 42 Even
Feminine names of Hebrew origin (from my list) | Choose all you like KylieLocke 3/7/2018 43 Even
Month Names for Boys ltbugaf 3/7/2018 42 August
Surname for an adventurous protagonist? llehsaes 3/7/2018 29 Rowan Clancy
Month names for girls ltbugaf 3/7/2018 43 May
Which type of name is best for a female protagonist? girlintheberet 3/7/2018 29 Mystical sounding names like Hestia, Lilith
Best Boy's Name For a Girl? llehsaes 3/7/2018 40 Even
Which traits does the name "Julia" make you think of? girlintheberet 3/7/2018 34 Pretty
Mordred glaucous 3/7/2018 31 2 - Dislike it.
Peregrine Bernard Wordsmith 3/7/2018 33 I hate it!
Cosimo Henry Wordsmith 3/7/2018 28 I dislike it.
Which name sounds the most intelligent? llehsaes 3/7/2018 37 William
Valentino Emilie Arouet 3/7/2018 29 Strongly associated with "Valentine" (i.e. Valentine's Day, Saint Valentine)
Is Edna a bad name for a child? llehsaes 3/7/2018 44 No, I think it sounds nice
Which middle name for Willa? lepetitviolet 3/7/2018 36 Willa Beatrice
Iulia Marguerite (YOO-lee-a) Wordsmith 3/7/2018 30 I dislike it.
Honoria Mathilde Wordsmith 3/7/2018 34 It's okay.
Jacomina Pearl Wordsmith 3/7/2018 30 I dislike it.
Feminine first and middle name combinations (Part 1) Emilie Arouet 3/7/2018 38 Eleonora Rose
Malcolm Scott? ljw57 3/7/2018 28 Yes
A few more options for our baby boy. Siblings are Savannah and Lilah. Favorite? beccam29 3/7/2018 35 Julian
Rate this sibling set: Ofelia and Serafina "Fina" Emilie Arouet 3/7/2018 34 Use the English spellings (Ophelia and Seraphina)
Which Portuguese feminine name? ThatOneAuthorGirl 3/7/2018 38 Serafina (seraphim- "fiery one")