What Finnish masculine name do you like? lilolaf Jul/18/2016 22 Oliver
Who will be the twin sister of Jóhanna? cutenose Jul/18/2016 27 Eva
Do you think the name Camille is better for a male, female or both genders? cutenose Jul/18/2016 28 Female
Do you think the name Kilyan is usable? cutenose Jul/18/2016 24 Even
Rate the combination Anna Sadowski (Sadowski is the last name) lilolaf Jul/18/2016 20 3
Dominika or Zlata lilolaf Jul/18/2016 21 Dominika
Rate Gloria lilolaf Jul/18/2016 22 Even
Describe: Cristiana Iris Mikaelsson Aledis Jul/18/2016 11 §feminine
Describe: Simge Albeni Earl Aledis Jul/18/2016 11 Even
Strange Names I Have Come Across 13 x_Chaser of Dreams_x Jul/18/2016 21 Even
The last batch of names Uniqueness16 Jul/18/2016 20 Lucie Adelle
Some other name/names Uniqueness16 Jul/18/2016 19 Ida Grace
Which name/names? Uniqueness16 Jul/18/2016 23 Elsie May
What do you think of the male name Nathaniel? Socrates Jul/18/2016 25 Great
First name for middle name Roxanne JustAsIExpected Jul/18/2016 22 Even
First name for middle name Juniper JustAsIExpected Jul/18/2016 20 Freya Juniper
Describe Kai Summerfield (1 per symbol, please) ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/18/2016 14 @ Popular
Which one for a girl? naomism Jul/18/2016 29 Louisa Miller
Irish Surname for Kiara ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/18/2016 20 Kiara O'Hannigan
Nefertari mirfak Jul/18/2016 20 I don't like it at all.
O'Brien or O'Brian ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/18/2016 18 O'Brien
Katherine Leah, Katherine Leigh or Katherine Lee? KatieS Jul/18/2016 21 Katherine Leigh
Molly Leah, Molly Leigh or Molly Lee? KatieS Jul/18/2016 20 Even
This or That NoMo519 Jul/18/2016 24 Bennett Thomas Moor (boy)
Surname for Delphine (nn Delphi) ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/18/2016 13 Delphine Bellamy ("beautiful friend")
Surname for Rafe ThatOneAuthorGirl Jul/18/2016 12 Rafe Stendahl
Which name combination do you like? (First name + middle name) zany_vegas Jul/18/2016 21 Beth Rhiannon
which mn is best? last name is Codinski (1 per fn) ***male*** donatella Jul/17/2016 20 Kai Aleksander
Emma or Olivia FictionPrincess31415 Jul/17/2016 26 Emma
Tobias or Theodore Gregory Woodrow Jul/17/2016 29 Theodore