Which girls name? - matches Ivy Tabitha Grace (future names for future kids) Gwynbow May/5/2015 36 Matilda Rosemary Pearl
Friend's baby if it is a girl: Peyton Addair GibsonGirl May/5/2015 41 1- awful
Friend's baby if it is a girl: Peyton Harper GibsonGirl May/5/2015 40 1- awful
Friend's baby if its a girl: Avery Harper GibsonGirl May/5/2015 44 1- awful
This or That? Mirrorland May/5/2015 44 Odette
This, That or the Other? Mirrorland May/5/2015 38 Paula
This, That the Other? Mirrorland May/5/2015 43 Francesca
Boys names I dislike - Pick all your LEAST favourites Mirrorland May/5/2015 59 Chuck
Middle Name For Roxanne quigav18 May/5/2015 25 Shea (pron. Shaye)
Girls names I dislike - Pick all your LEAST favourites Mirrorland May/5/2015 63 Lindsay
which nickname? essie May/5/2015 41 Kitty
which do you prefer? Lalage May/5/2015 41 Max
Deirdre Combos erb816 May/5/2015 30 Deirdre Lucille
Morgana Combos erb816 May/5/2015 33 Morgana Faye
Names from 2013 American period drama tv series: Reign Felie May/5/2015 31 Olivia
Lillian combos LV51sfan91 May/5/2015 31 Lillian Dawn
To honor Colleen LV51sfan91 May/5/2015 37 Bridget Colleen
Which? BBH May/5/2015 53 Arthur
Which? BBH May/5/2015 46 Hester
Maxine LV51sfan91 May/4/2015 33 Olivia Maxine
Some more ideas AshleyJuliette May/4/2015 29 Damaris Gabrielle
cuRRent favoRites foR b0ys AshleyJuliette May/4/2015 49 Alexander
Please vote only if you think the name works with her surname! If not please skip! LV51sfan91 May/4/2015 33 Bridget Langer (Lane-ger)
Boy Names With a "V" sarelyn May/4/2015 60 Oliver
Girl Names Ending With "elle" sarelyn May/4/2015 51 Isabelle
Baby Boy Name MiguelPhoenix May/4/2015 32 Gustav Manuel
Female Protagonist in a Work of Animal Fiction (She is a Mouse) Maeva Wintercress May/4/2015 39 Edelweiss
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka May/4/2015 61 Lyra
What middle name for Charlotte? Lumiereslove May/4/2015 46 Charlotte Elise
Charlotte? Lumiereslove May/4/2015 53 yes