Is Amaryllis Usable? (am-ə-RIL-is; Female) AnonymousUser Nov/8/2015 27 Yes, it's usable.
Girls Place Names Kidwins9 Nov/8/2015 33 Sophia
Which middle name for Josephine (pick three or four only, please) lepetitviolet Nov/8/2015 26 Josephine Amelia
Is Archibald usable? Arkham Bear Nov/8/2015 33 Yes
Best nickname for Veronica besides the usual Ronny\Ronnie FictionPrincess31415 Nov/8/2015 26 ⌂Vera
Philip or Phillip Arkham Bear Nov/8/2015 25 Philip
Cygnus (Latin, "swan") Wordsmith Nov/8/2015 26 I dislike it.
Which name for an often mean, tough, cruel and difficult anti-hero monster-hunter turned monster herself? Which sounds best with the name of her 'enemy forever', an anti-villain monster called Drest? grimscribe Nov/8/2015 26 Drest & Saskia
Romeo as name for a baby boy schandrou Nov/8/2015 30 Its too weird because it reminds me of Romeo + Juliet
My favourites (boys) schandrou Nov/8/2015 30 Elijah
Which One? (m) aaronjaymes Nov/8/2015 35 Zachary
Milena vs Milea schandrou Nov/8/2015 27 Milena
My favourites right now (girls) schandrou Nov/8/2015 35 Sophia
Female Combinations Francesca Nov/8/2015 27 Maria Clare
Male Combinations Francesca Nov/8/2015 21 Xavier Amias
Which FN for girl? MN Hadley, SN McShane prettily_british Nov/8/2015 24 Brynn
Which Of These Boys' -ən Names Do You Like? AnonymousUser Nov/8/2015 26 Sylvan
Theodore or Patrick Gregory Woodrow Nov/8/2015 33 Theodore
Which Of These Girls' Names Do You Like? AnonymousUser Nov/8/2015 38 Iris
Baby boy. Pick all you like Raynegillis Nov/8/2015 35 Gabriel nn gabe
'M' favorites - which do you like? Matisse Nov/8/2015 34 Miriam
Which name do you like better? Krstjump03 Nov/8/2015 22 Benjamin Eric
Poll of the Day: Favorite Texas Name Kidwins9 Nov/8/2015 27 Austin
Adele? Vela Nov/8/2015 24 Adele Sophia
Beatrice? Vela Nov/8/2015 23 Beatrice Isabelle
Lelia? Vela Nov/8/2015 14 Lelia Maeve
Helena? Vela Nov/8/2015 22 Helena Jane
Livia? Vela Nov/8/2015 21 Livia Charlotte
Favorite Boy names right now AshleyJuliette Nov/7/2015 36 Alexander
Boys names beginning with J abster Nov/7/2015 32 Even