Interactive Polls

Girls names I like from Power Rangers (part 1) Lumiereslove Jan/10/2015 20 Katrina (instead of Trini)
My Favorite Girl Names Ali Hassan Jan/10/2015 47 3. Alexandra
My All-Time Favorite Boy's Name (Re-done) Ali Hassan Jan/10/2015 39 3. Thomas
Camille or Corinne? BBH Jan/10/2015 33 Camille
We are looking for a longer given name for the nn "Lucy". Irene is a family name and we are set on it as a mn. Want something that is pretty but not frilly, unusual but not weird/difficult. dbwjlo220 Jan/10/2015 40 Lucia Irene O.
Which Zinnia combo(s) do you like? whim Jan/10/2015 25 Zinnia Margot
Name for a black haired, blue eyed teenage boy? Winter Roisin Jan/10/2015 25 Damien
Are Kaatje (KAHT-ya) and Doroteja (do-ro-TEH-ya) usable in the United States? AnandaWren Jan/10/2015 22 Even
Which combos do you like? AnandaWren Jan/10/2015 30 I don't like any of them
Which Jules combo(s) do you like? whim Jan/10/2015 21 Jules Everett
Which gender do you prefer for each of these names? AnandaWren Jan/10/2015 40 Jude = boy
girls celtic77 Jan/9/2015 25 Maeve Greta
Which one? (The Malfoy family) Gwynbow Jan/9/2015 22 Scorpius, Celestia, Lyra
Final 5 glizandglammom Jan/9/2015 41 Even
James or Gabriel Ali Hassan Jan/9/2015 31 Gabriel
Please Choose 1 for each symbol. Girl Names AshleyJuliette Jan/9/2015 41 "" Lorelai
Declan as a girl's name super_nova Jan/9/2015 47 Ugh, no.
How do you pronounce "Samuel"? Ali Hassan Jan/9/2015 41 SAM-yəl
Combos with Astrid Erme Ioainna Jan/9/2015 25 Astrid Freja
Names that end in an "ee" sound, which do you like? Emily Amy Jan/9/2015 35 Sophie
Hêro? [F] IsabelArcher79 Jan/8/2015 32 Meh
MN for October (brother to Oberon Calixtus - fictional characters!) AnandaWren Jan/8/2015 21 October Raine
My favorite girl names. Pick the good ones. Thojoe Smithinway Jan/8/2015 44 Linnéa
My Favorite boy names. Pick the good ones. Thojoe Smithinway Jan/8/2015 40 Matthias
Can Annie work as a nickname for Tiana? SugarSwiirlz Jan/8/2015 30 No
6 Names - what do you like? [F] IsabelArcher79 Jan/8/2015 31 Isadora
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jan/8/2015 50 Even
Which name for a middle name? EmmaLeigh Jan/8/2015 14 Emmaleigh
Random Names Felie Jan/8/2015 26 Even
Sibset: Thea, Felix, Luke & Clara ishild Jan/8/2015 26 Love it.