Interactive Polls

Victoria must be Vikosha Jul/9/2014 29 brunette
Manuel or Emanuel? essie Jul/9/2014 27 Emanuel
Which middle name combo (First name: Mary) Hussien Jul/9/2014 26 Aminah Yasmin
Girl name? Last name Adams. jadeelle Jul/9/2014 47 Stella
I am looking for a name for my new kitten that goes with Kaitlyn (Kate), Louis (Louie), James (Jimmy), and Abigail (Abby). He's small and all grey with white feet. Riat519 Jul/9/2014 29 Tobias (Toby)
Help naming baby #2! pamelak Jul/9/2014 47 Nadia
Choose all that you like amt8705 Jul/9/2014 32 Elizabeth
Which names do like best for a girl jadeelle Jul/9/2014 36 Ava
Which Katherine combo? Lumiereslove Jul/9/2014 35 Katherine Elizabeth
Katherine or Kendra? Lumiereslove Jul/9/2014 34 Katherine
Which middle name do you love best to go with the first name Aliyana (alley-yah-nuh)? alliemarie Jul/9/2014 24 Aliyana Noelle
To the parents with more than one child... pamelak Jul/9/2014 17 My children have names that start with different letters
Rose + Mary forms BBH Jul/9/2014 32 Rosemary
Rate "Johannes" Ali Hassan Jul/9/2014 27 10 fantastic
Combos I BBH Jul/9/2014 26 Esme Guinevere
Combos II BBH Jul/9/2014 24 Josephine Esme
Narrowing down middle names smukkesandy Jul/9/2014 41 Isadora Jane
Are Johan/Johann and Johannes usable in America as first names? essie Jul/9/2014 27 yes
Ansel or Anselm? essie Jul/9/2014 23 Ansel
Which combo? To go with big sister Adrianna. Last name Prince. haileyrose Jul/8/2014 32 Emmeline
Baby girl names? jess12 Jul/8/2014 45 Emilia
Name For A Story! Kaitlyn94Marie Jul/8/2014 29 Elise
Final 3 Girl Combos - Please Vote! ghoulina25 Jul/8/2014 34 Lenora Katherine Frances
Scarlett or Evangeline (Evie)? shayn64 Jul/8/2014 36 Evangeline (Evie)
Do you like any of these unisex names for BOYS? lizwashere72 Jul/8/2014 46 Rory.
which boy name: Lalage Jul/8/2014 39 Leo
Fay (F - Middle English "fairy") Felie Jul/8/2014 32 good sound
Esme BBH Jul/8/2014 39 Even
Baby girl names Skyehawk Jul/8/2014 49 Even
Rate "Camila" Ali Hassan Jul/8/2014 33 10 fantastic