Interactive Polls

Names my dad likes. Which do you like? Thank You for Voting. AshleyJuliette Feb/12/2015 40 Alexander
Italian Names Felie Feb/12/2015 30 Alessandro
Random American Names Felie Feb/12/2015 23 Emmaline Hensley
Names from American tv series: Grimm Felie Feb/12/2015 24 Henry
Which boys names? Gwynbow Feb/12/2015 36 Tristan
Which girls name? Gwynbow Feb/12/2015 35 Hazel
Which spelling? (Round 12)(for a girl) Emily Amy Feb/11/2015 27 Kerry
Sci- Fi character: Name for a tall, muscular, 34-year old general with short, dirty-blonde hair. He was raised on a war-torn planet as a child soldier (Part 3) Ali Hassan Feb/11/2015 26 Christian Falkland
All Girl SibSets AshleyJuliette Feb/11/2015 38 Even
Anastasia or Annabelle/Annabel Ali Hassan Feb/11/2015 30 Anastasia
Sibyl Theresa Wordsmith Feb/11/2015 24 ~ I prefer Sibyl Veronica.
Hester Claudia Wordsmith Feb/11/2015 23 I like it.
Dido Vanessa Wordsmith Feb/11/2015 18 I dislike it.
Do you like "Adelaide"? Ali Hassan Feb/11/2015 35 Yes
Jonah or Jonas Ali Hassan Feb/11/2015 32 Jonah
girl name: Bree plus Alice? Brealice AshleyJuliette Feb/11/2015 34 I'm not a fan.
Combos with Casimir Erme Ioainna Feb/11/2015 25 Casimir Felix
Which one? DaughterofGrace Feb/11/2015 36 Florence Eve
Q names for boys essie Feb/11/2015 38 Quentin
Name of the day: Elle Kade GibsonGirl Feb/10/2015 26 dislike it
Do you like the name Audra? quigav18 Feb/10/2015 34 yes
Round two! Which one complements and flows with the last name Dean best? bdeanz776 Feb/10/2015 34 Isla Dean (pronounced eye-luh)
Boy Names my mom likes AshleyJuliette Feb/10/2015 45 Alexander
Eric or Evan Ali Hassan Feb/10/2015 32 Evan
Florence Aurelia or Florence Amelia? lepetitviolet Feb/10/2015 33 Florence Amelia
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Feb/10/2015 72 Alexandra
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Feb/10/2015 66 Leo
Elena or Rose? yasmine Feb/10/2015 40 Rose
sibling name for saffie ? chloesaffie Feb/10/2015 26 Autumn
Girl Names my mom likes: Which you You like? AshleyJuliette Feb/10/2015 43 Ariadne