which is your favorite first and middle name? Girl Names MazzyieRose May/14/2015 43 Rebecca Faith
help name a character! 28-year-old journalist, and her name is... Melusine May/14/2015 37 Even
Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka May/14/2015 57 no, I don't like any of them
What would you name your daughter (if you had to) ? Charlize May/14/2015 44 Avalane
Names from British tv series: Downton Abbey Felie May/14/2015 32 Even
Italian Names Felie May/14/2015 37 Caterina (CATHERINE)
Italian Names Felie May/14/2015 32 Rosa (ROSE)
Lillian's sister LV51sfan91 May/14/2015 44 Claire
Sophie/Sophia LV51sfan91 May/14/2015 31 Sophie-feels more youthful, less antique, but still classy.
which is better mommabear91 May/14/2015 32 Kingston Benjamin Harley Rivera
Kingston v.s. Princeton mommabear91 May/14/2015 23 kingston
Clyde or Clive? essie May/14/2015 35 Clive
Priscilla, Virginia, or Acacia? BBH May/14/2015 51 Virginia
Names from British tv series: Downton Abbey Felie May/14/2015 30 Rose
Names from British tv series: Downton Abbey Felie May/14/2015 28 Rose
Clyde essie May/14/2015 31 Nay
Which of these girls names ending in "A" do you like? Barrantt May/13/2015 58 Freya
Unusual Boy Names -:: ThankYou for voting ::- AshleyJuliette May/13/2015 47 Willis
What do you think of the girls name Yudit? Barrantt May/13/2015 35 Dislike
Pick one for each number. Thanks! Barrantt May/13/2015 52 1. Justin
Which ones? miakendall1075 May/13/2015 54 Elena
Morgana combos, part 2 erb816 May/13/2015 41 Morgana Rose
Reagan / Regan - what do you prefer? (as a girl name) mirfak May/13/2015 45 Even
Which name sounds best? Kayy Von May/13/2015 55 Julia
Name for our baby girl? Have son named Jasper Jmom May/13/2015 65 Lucy
Girl Names that End in an S sound AshleyJuliette May/13/2015 40 Carys (CARE-iss)
Unusual Names for Girls-:-Please vote-:-ThankYou AshleyJuliette May/13/2015 47 Maelys / Maylis / Malys (MAY-liss)
Nora Jane or Leah Jane? lmvalentino May/13/2015 46 Nora Jane
Julia Marie for Julie Andrews and her character Maria? Lumiereslove May/12/2015 24 yes
favorite male names part 5 GreenBinderGirl May/12/2015 48 Dominic