Interactive Polls

Ready-made combination(s) for a boy Bear Nov/4/2014 33 Thomas Ronan
Ready-made combination(s) for a girl Bear Nov/4/2014 36 Carys Adele
Jasper Ezekiel BBH Nov/4/2014 31 Yes.
Leslie and Kelsey mirfak Nov/4/2014 25 Kelsey is very feminine
Donna mirfak Nov/4/2014 28 it's ok
Jennifer or Jocelyn Ali Hassan Nov/4/2014 31 Jocelyn
The best surname for fictional sisters, Alice & Lucy narrowed down ThatMazerunnerfan Nov/4/2014 34 Wakefield
Do you like the name Lucian Lucifer? MeAmoRusia Nov/4/2014 32 No
Which middle name goes best with Cynthia? MeAmoRusia Nov/4/2014 25 Cynthia Caroline
Which middle name goes best with Nikolina (Nina)? MeAmoRusia Nov/4/2014 20 Nikolina (Nina) Natasha
Lotus or Aveline or Padma Katie Wellman lucylui1 Nov/4/2014 33 Aveline Katherine Wellman
Ethel BBH Nov/4/2014 35 Ethel Josephine
Jack, Jacob, Jasper, or Jethro? BBH Nov/4/2014 44 Jasper
Nat is... Ruta Graveolens Nov/4/2014 29 only a nickname
Nat as a standalone name? Ruta Graveolens Nov/4/2014 31 No, it has to be short for something.
Names I have come across. Like any? xPrincess27x Nov/3/2014 34 Jack Alexander
Need a name for our Princess! Amie Nov/3/2014 35 Callie
Movie names (f) Lumiereslove Nov/3/2014 36 Rose (Titanic and from TV show Doctor Who)
Which Josephine combo? Pick only three, please lepetitviolet Nov/3/2014 31 Even
Tobias Arthur or Caspian Arthur? lepetitviolet Nov/3/2014 36 Caspian Arthur
Adam or Edward Ali Hassan Nov/3/2014 34 Adam
Name for a Female character similar to Darth Vader. (for a story) Thojoe Smithinway Nov/3/2014 23 Cressida
Sister for Jude sage-femme Nov/3/2014 34 Even
Name for a character similar to Darth Vader. (for a story) Thojoe Smithinway Nov/3/2014 22 Varick
Middle name for Eleanor kalonw Nov/3/2014 29 Eleanor Sophia
Middle name for Charlie kalonw Nov/3/2014 28 Charles Alexander
Surname for sisters Alice & Lucy. please choose the best ones (: ThatMazerunnerfan Nov/3/2014 28 Wakefield
Johanna or Jocelyn Ali Hassan Nov/3/2014 32 Johanna
Which spelling? Joiya Nov/3/2014 25 Dashiell
Which name for a red haired green eyed baby? Child is part vampire/ part werewolf/ part witch MeAmoRusia Nov/3/2014 23 Nessa