Jasper, Luke, Peter, or Samuel? BBH Jul/19/2015 42 Jasper
Lucy, Irene, Rose, or Cecily? BBH Jul/19/2015 47 Rose
Henry, Isaac, James, or Oliver? BBH Jul/19/2015 43 Henry
Sibyl, Anne, Esther, or Grace? BBH Jul/19/2015 46 Esther
Our baby girl was born premature and passed away. Brianna is my sister and Taylor is our daughters godmother. Thanks Raynegillis Jul/19/2015 31 Haven Brianna Taylor
Do you think the initials F.E.T. are ok to have? Sadie-Janae Jul/19/2015 29 Yes - totally fine
Biggest Comebacks for Girls (2014 census) Clytemnestra1992 Jul/18/2015 49 Even
Fastest-Rising Popular Names for Girls (2014 census) Clytemnestra1992 Jul/18/2015 47 Nora
I want to be an athletic trainer when I grow up and I want to get my nose pierced. I only want to wear a small clear diamond stud so would that be allowed for my job? sprinter007 Jul/18/2015 20 Yes, that should be fine
J names JustAsIExpected Jul/18/2015 43 Even
I names JustAsIExpected Jul/18/2015 41 Isaac
Which one? Lumiereslove Jul/18/2015 33 Miranda June
Alice Lourdes or Florence Mercy? Francesca Jul/18/2015 26 Alice Lourdes
Hettie Letitia or Meta Salome? Francesca Jul/18/2015 23 Meta Salome
Sigurd Leif or Oden Matthias? Francesca Jul/18/2015 20 Oden Matthias
More Place names for Girls :) AshleyJuliette Jul/18/2015 34 Helena
Rolf Algernon or Linus Wesley? Francesca Jul/18/2015 22 Linus Wesley
Amos Harvey or Benedict Ike? Francesca Jul/18/2015 26 Amos Harvey
Which with Miranda? Lumiereslove Jul/18/2015 33 Miranda June
Boy names that start with "G". Which do you like best? PJR Jul/18/2015 30 Grayson
2 middle names? Which do you like best? JLDewhurst Jul/18/2015 21 Phinneas James
Combo's that are the final per first name LV51sfan91 Jul/18/2015 26 Even
Madelyn or Madeline (Mad-uh-line) LV51sfan91 Jul/18/2015 22 Claire Madeline Langer
Pick all you like. itsnotmykitchen Jul/18/2015 60 Elias
Jaclyn (please choose from first and middle name combos) LV51sfan91 Jul/18/2015 22 Claire Jacqueline Langer (bright, famous, clear, supplanter)
Questions LV51sfan91 Jul/18/2015 24 No, two different name. Two different meanings.
Which with Jennifer? Lumiereslove Jul/18/2015 24 Jennifer Clare / Claire
Character name for a conniving, vindictive, loose yet beautiful woman Constant Jul/18/2015 29 Even
I don't like my name and I want to be called something else without legally changing my name because that is really complicated and annoying. Should I go by my initials or my middle name? sprinter007 Jul/18/2015 26 Yulan (my middle name; it means "orchids" in Chinese)
Italian names of Saints and Blesseds - July 18th Felie Jul/18/2015 16 Maria Consolata (f MARIA + kohn-soh-LAH-tah CONSUELO)