Do you like any of these for a girl? Babochka Mar/7/2015 48 Vivian
Lana? twlightblack11 Mar/7/2015 22 It's ok
Garrett twlightblack11 Mar/7/2015 24 Even
Michelle? twlightblack11 Mar/7/2015 22 It's ok
Stefan? twlightblack11 Mar/7/2015 26 Like it
Which girls name? Laura W Mar/7/2015 33 Eloise
Which girl/boy combo? Gwynbow Mar/7/2015 27 Gwyneth and Tristan
Favourite Full Names Freyaxox Mar/7/2015 27 Freya Leach
Best names for twin girls Freyaxox Mar/7/2015 34 Arianna and Celena
Which one Raynegillis Mar/7/2015 16 Daxton
Which for Elise's sister? eacrog1 Mar/7/2015 27 Caroline
What do you think of the name Gabriel? AbigailC Mar/7/2015 35 Even
my husband and i are having our first child and its going to be a baby girl.. our last name is vitale. most commonly pronounced veye-taly. he is italian and i am irish. help us out guys :) mattsonelist Mar/7/2015 39 leah
Paul or George Ali Hassan Mar/7/2015 28 Paul
Thoughts for a girl? Raynegillis Mar/7/2015 33 Dislike!
Which spelling? Ali Hassan Mar/7/2015 25 Gwendolyn
Name to a french girl, olivenskin, brown eyes, dark brown hair schandrou Mar/7/2015 26 Even
Twin Girls MollyLee1995 Mar/7/2015 33 Athena - Penelope
Twin Boys MollyLee1995 Mar/7/2015 22 Camden - Brandon
Names I've come across Erme Ioainna Mar/7/2015 28 Luna
Jane Olivia or Olivia Margaret? BBH Mar/7/2015 32 Even
Ezra Paul BBH Mar/7/2015 23 Yes.
Thanks for helping with my girls shortlist. Surname starts with 'Ro..' Blackforest Mar/7/2015 29 Genevieve
What do you think about the boyname Lysander? schandrou Mar/7/2015 30 Like it
Nickname(s) for Josephine Ali Hassan Mar/7/2015 25 Josie
how do YOU pronounce Bridgette Lalage Mar/7/2015 26 Rhymes with midget, fidget etc
Which 2013 top 10 girls name is your favorite? Likeyeahwhatev Mar/7/2015 40 Elizabeth
(For a story) What name would best suit a wild and outgoing Finnish princess? Kinola Mar/7/2015 23 Even
(For a story) What name would best suit a proper and polite Finnish princess? Kinola Mar/7/2015 26 Seija ("serene")
Brother's name to go with Graham PVEJGR Mar/7/2015 28 Everett